Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4 Review: What Happened Last Night

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We're still slogging through the first few installments of the season.

The cast itself is most interesting or has the potential to partake in an unprecedented season, but Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4, like some the installments that proceeded it, dragged.

We're getting two-full hours of the show with each installment, but the couples haven't progressed much. They just got to their honeymoons in the last half hour!

Married Bros  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

Eight hours into the season, and 90% of it is filler. But we're getting to know these personalities a little bit, so that's something.

Nighties and Biological Baby Blues

The quirkiest couple to ever quirk is still going strong when they're one on one, but their individual lunch dates with each other's families may have contributed to their first bump.

So far, anytime one of them has thrown something out there, they've found the other is on the same page or close to it.

Bennett's Nightgown  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

After Bennett's pleasant night sleeping next to his new wife, while wearing an actual nightgown because of course, that's what Bennet would wear to bed, he had to meet up with her family.

He got along well with them, and they seem to love him and appreciate that he's as odd as Amelia. It was the most casual meal they've shown this season yet.

But then they got into the topic of Amelia relocating for her residency. It's an issue that Bennett and Amelia didn't have the chance to discuss given they had just gotten married 24 hours before.

Bennett appeared hesitant when they brought up relocating, and he danced around the question long enough for it to suggest he's not too keen about it if he has his way.

Bennett Listens - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

On the flip side, Amelia found out that Bennett thinks having biological kids is unethical. It's something else that the families should've refrained from getting into since the odds of the couple talking about these issues so soon were slim.

Bennett is amiable to having biological children if it makes his wife happy, so it reassured Amelia, whereas initially, it threw her off-kilter.

Once again, Bennett came across too amiable about something he feels strongly about, and it's bound to cause issues down the road.

Now that it's out in the open this early, they probably won't make it out of the honeymoon before clashing over this. And that's how the cute weirdos are going to have a reality check.

Lunch with her family  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

Amelia wanted a man who would go with the flow and follow her lead, and Bennett is easygoing, but it'll come at a price.

One thing they do have going for them is that they're starting to look identical. It usually takes years before married couples start looking alike!

Knocking Down Notches

Woody and Amani are such a surprise. Woody is smitten with Amani, and for the most part, she's rolling with him too.

It's already cute that Amani and Karen are forming a close bond since the guys are best friends.

Karen and Amani - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

Woody is on cloud nine. He's responded well to this process, and it's as if he's still hanging onto the shininess and newness of it all.

He's excited that he has a wife, but it also feels like the bubble will burst at some point, too. Amani is still feeling him out, but she's more grounded about this than he is.

After meeting with his family, she had some concerns about his temper. It's something that she's not attracted to, and you could tell when she heard that, it didn't sit right with her.

Meanwhile, Amani's family likes Woody, but he did share with them that he and his ex both cheated on one another, and it gave them pause.

Dancing Couple  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

Who knows if Amani is aware of this or not. Given her history, she's going to feel some type of way about that too.

For now, Amani's attraction is growing.

Without even trying, Woody managed to turn her on, and while she's not ready for sex yet, she's letting him know that she's close to it.

She made it a game by doing that, but he's more than happy to play it.

Woody smitten  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

Henry, Please, SAY SOMETHING!

What is it to say about Christina and Henry?

Christina is taking more initiative than she was before to engage Henry, and she doesn't come across as snobby and annoyed by his presence.

However, Henry has a lot of work to do. He's not the best conversationalist in the world. Talking to him is like pulling teeth.

He's probably quiet by nature, but he doesn't know how to fill those pregnant pauses. He doesn't even try to do that. It comes across that Christina and others are putting more energy into trying to engage with him than he is doing with them.

Oh Henry - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

It also makes it harder to get to know him when he doesn't share. Christina finds out more information about Henry from his family members. And while Henry's father is amusing, doesn't it seem like he pokes fun at his son too much? He should have something to say that makes him sound attractive, jeebus! 

She's a well-traveled person, and she does have a habit of speaking about traveling around the world as if it's a luxury everyone has, but she meant well when she wanted to get Henry out of his comfort zone.

She wants to introduce Henry to different countries and cultures, but he's not giving her the best feedback.

It's still early for these two, and considering how the promos made them look, they're doing better than expected. But Henry and Christina are an odd match, and they're doomed.

Handsome Hubby - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3

Additonal Notes: 

  • Karen and Miles are also doing better than expected. Miles continues to be perfect and endearing.
  • Karen is warming up to Miles, and she is starting to appreciate him the way the viewers do. Of course, she's probably appreciating those foot massages more than anything else.
  • Karen needs a boost or some vitamin B or something, though. Why is she always lacking energy? She's always sleepy and tired. Although, she can eat like nobody's business. 
  • Miles' mother's comments about submission were a doozy, but Karen agreed, so I guess there's no reason to get annoyed with the sexism of it all. 
  • Karen's mother should accept that her daughter decided to be on this show and lay off of Miles. 
  • Brett and Olivia are both shockingly optimistic about their relationship and vibing well. But is it just me, or is Brett still giving off troubling vibes? I'm not convinced.
  • Brett's own brothers don't even recognize this Brett that Olivia is describing. That speaks volumes. \
Brett  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 4

When are we getting more of the Miles and Bennett's newfound friendship?

Over to you, Married at First Sight Fanatics.

Are they dragging the episodes on for too long? Will Henry ever break out of his shell? Do you think Bennett will have a problem with relocating?

Hit the comments below!

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What Happened Last Night Review

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