Bayleigh Dayton Talks Double Standards Inside Big Brother House

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A turbulent week in the Big Brother: All-Stars house resulted in Bayleigh Dayton being evicted in a 9-0 vote against her ride or die, Da'Vonne Rogers. 

While the drama in the house had been somewhat subdued throughout the season, both Dayton and Rogers found themselves in a big bust-up with Christmas Abbott, who put them on the block. 

Rogers left the argument because she was worried felt that if she argued with Christmas, it would look bad on her instead of Christmas. 

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Christmas then went after Bayleigh and put her hands towards her face, despite Bayleigh telling her to keep them away from her. 

Bayleigh explained that she had to keep herself composed because she would have been branded the "ghetto a** Black girl."

With Bayleigh out of the house, she is opening up about her turn on the CBS reality series, and how there is an issue with double standards inside the house. 

Bayleigh Dayton - The Challenge

“So [for] me, as a Black woman, I have to go out of my way to make people feel comfortable because we already don’t have the same backgrounds or the same experiences," Dayton explained to Entertainment Weekly.

"So a lot of the time that is dumbing down my experience or letting other people feel comfortable being their complete self, knowing that I kind of have to play catch-up,” she said.

“If I were to do that, I would be called ghetto. If [Christmas] does it, she’s just, you know, being loud or whatever,” she continued.

Dayton said that she and Christmas had previously talked about this, so it was surprising for her to be put in the situation by someone she considered her friend. 

Bayleigh Evicts Keesha - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 4

The Challenge alum said Black houseguests and other people of color are held to higher standards and everyone knows that. Thus, the double standard is created by the way Christmas acted. 

Bayleigh first appeared on Big Brother 20 and entered the house with a target on her back due to her falling out with fellow returning houseguest Tyler Crispen. 

Earlier this week, it looked like Tyler was going to sacrifice his game for her by asking Christmas to backdoor him. 

It's unclear whether Bayleigh will return to The Challenge, after making it to the final of Total Madness earlier this year as a rookie. 

Bayleigh after Agreement - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 3

However, production is already underway on Season 37. 

What do you think of Dayton's comments?

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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