Big Brother: Janelle Pierzina Responds to Kaysar Ridha's Eviction, Disses Nicole Franzel

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Janelle Pierzina may be out of the Big Brother house, and while it sucks, we're getting her unfiltered response to what is happening via social media. 

Pierzina was evicted last week, and her ride-or-die, Kaysar Ridha got evicted by a vote of 10-0 on Thursday's show. 

Ahead of her friend's eviction, Janelle took to Instagram with a black dress for Kaysar's "funeral."

bb 22 split

In true Janelle fashion, she was dressed up, and posing on her kitchen island. 

When it came to the episode, Kaysar mentioned many of his fellow houseguests in his speech, alleging that Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel were running the house, and that they were in a "love triangle" with Dani Briones. 

Janelle: Good Try Cody - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 2

It was ... something. Ian Terry coached Kaysar to cause a lot of commotion on his way out the door. 

Viewers loved all the drama on social media, and Janelle said the following:

“Yesss Kaysar Burn the house down before you leave. Please!”

As for Christmas Abbott, who was on the block next to Kaysar, Janelle was unimpressed with her telling everyone to "vote the HOH way."

Pierzina said the following: 

Kaysar Ridha for Big Brother All Stars

“Christmas “I hope you vote the way the HOH wants” b*tch it’s week four take a damn seat you are boring the fans to tears.”

After throwing Nicole under the bus to the house, Kaysar hugged Nicole as she left, and one fan took a screengrab of Nicole looking visibly annoyed. 

"You can pinpoint the exact moment she disinvites him to her wedding," the fan tweeted alongside the photo, prompting Survivor's Kelley Wentworth to write the following:

"Another 3k lost."

Nicole Franzel on All-Stars - Big Brother

Janelle retweeted the post, and later said that Kaysar went out like a "true all star," adding that he was "not afraid to play or call people out."

"Ratcole and Cody are shook," she claimed. 

Janelle and Nicole were enemies in the house this season, with Nicole uninviting Pierzina to her wedding in her goodbye video following her eviction. 

What do you think of all the drama?

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