Ratched Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Ice Pick

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If you were worried about the hospital becoming a drag, then Ratched Season 1 Episode 2 presented a nice change of pace. 

The deep dive into Gwendolyn was needed, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. She felt a connection with Mildred, and that explains why she urged her to join her on the awe-inspiring trip to Monterey. 

There was a certain look Gwendolyn shot at Mildred on Ratched Season 1 Episode 1 when she told the Governor to move his hand away from her waist. 

Gwendolyn on Ratched

That, coupled with Mildred offering half of her lunch to the Governor's secretary, was seemingly enough for Gwendolyn to think the deranged nurse was coming on to her. 

Indeed, Mildred was trying to build a connection with her, but not the one Gwendolyn expected ... or so we think. 

Gwendolyn Smiles - Ratched Season 1 Episode 2

What has been clear since Mildred's arrival at the hospital, it's that she will go to any lengths necessary to turn the tide in her favor. 

Mildred will probably use Gwendolyn's sexual orientation against her at some point if it benefits her, and it's going to be tough to watch. 

I applaud Ryan Murphy and his creative team for introducing this storyline because Cynthia Nixon played the closeted married woman to perfection. 

There was pain behind those eyes as she was shot down by Mildred, and I'm guessing Gwendolyn could play an integral part in the story moving forward. 

Ratched Pays a Visit Season 1 Episode 2

Mildred's reaction to her advances were par for the course, so it was unsurprising she refused to accept a lift back to the hospital. 

But the bigger question lingering is how Mildred will use this to her advantage. Having someone close to the Governor in her back pocket is not a bad thing. 

The events at the hospital were particularly gruesome, and Dr. Hanover should probably not be trying out all of these procedures if he isn't entirely sure of them. 

Inviting the press and government officials is one thing, but fluffing the procedures for the world to see is another. 

His aim was to get the hospital some recognition, but his actions lead me to believe it's going to be for all the wrong reasons. 

Disgusting Missions - Ratched Season 1 Episode 2

The breakthrough that could help is trying to understand the method to Edmund's madness. Dr. Hanover has a lot of ambition, and if he applies his energy to finding out the truth about Edmund, he could be hailed as one of the best doctors in his field. 

Finn Wittrock delivered a spine-tingling performance as this man who is trying to appear to have a specific condition. 

Mildred should have probably briefed him better, but the biggest hurdle he had to cross was not picking up the knife and slicing the doctor into many pieces. 

The urge was definitely there, and this can be considered some semblance of a breakthrough, even if Edmund didn't want it. 

Mildred is probably right: Something or someone made her brother into a monster. 

The way she said it certainly implied that she knew who was the culprit, and she's either already made them pay, or that will be a storyline for later on Ratched Season 1. 

Nurse Bucket Complains - Ratched Season 1 Episode 2

Saving her brother is the aim of the game for now, but she's starting to ruffle too many feathers in her quest. 

Father Andrews was a lost soul after being the only survivor of the massacre, and I wasn't a fan of the way Mildred weaponized his faith to get the result she needed. 

What did surprise me was that she carried out one of the procedures on him to shut him up for good. It highlighted that people could survive these procedures, but they won't be in a better place. 

If Father Andrews is any indication, a lot more people will meet a similar fate. Knowing that Father Andrews returned in this frame of mind after his trip with Mildred is going to come back to bite the nurse eventually. 

Finn Wittrock as Edmund - Ratched Season 1 Episode 1

Not even that beautiful outfit she donned during her visit with him will be able to disguise her, and before long, the people who oppose her will band together to take her down. 

Nurse Bucket is a piece of work, but she's not a match for Mildred. The way Sarah Paulson and Judy Davis had their characters arguing about a peach was a masterclass in acting. 

Bucket thinks she has the upper hand on Mildred, but she's going to learn the hard way that Mildred will not back down. 

"Ice Pick" balanced drama, horror, and humor much better than Ratched Season 1 Episode 1. 

The episode played with expectations and moved the narrative in a direction that didn't seem to be on the agenda during the series premiere. 

Nurse and Patient - Ratched Season 1 Episode 1

That's all I got, Ratched Fanatics!

What did you think of Gwendolyn's pursuit of Mildred? Did you sense a connection between them? Were you surprised we got the scene with Edmund and Richard so soon?

What will become of Bucket now that she's crossed Mildred again?

Hit the comments below. 

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Ice Pick Review

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