Star Trek Day 2020: Star Trek: Lower Decks' Mid-Season Trailer Reveals a HUGE Cameo!

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The newest member of the Star Trek television family, Star Trek: Lower Decks, has made a splash while forging new frontiers as the franchise's first comedic take on the lives of the Starfleet.

For Star Trek Day 2020, Mica Burton moderated a virtual panel of showrunner, Mike McMahan, and stars, Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells, and Eugene Cordero.

From their favorite scenes from the first half of the premiere season to their moment of realization that they were now actually in Star Trek, McMahan and the cast share their take on the craziness of creating a show like this during COVID-19.

To cap off a mostly spoiler-free chat, McMahan presented a trailer that collected some of the most exciting clips from the upcoming final half of the season.

USS Cerritos - Star Trek: Lower Decks

The entire panel is a fast-paced twenty-some minutes, much like an episode of Lower Decks, in fact.

Newsome is incredibly well-versed on Trek which is appropriate as her character, Mariner, is so good at being Starfleet she's able to judge when some rules are just too dumb to follow.

Oh yeah, and she also hosts the official Star Trek podcast, Star Trek: the Pod Directive. So that might be a thing.

Meanwhile, Jack Quaid Boimler-ed out and manages to land the entire cast some homework from McMahan.

McMahan is the biggest kid in a candy shop when he's asked about the final half of the season.

"The back of season one rules," he states,"Every episode is my favorite. I can't choose."

Mirror Mariner

And I gotta admit, there's a lot of process in the trailer.

From Rutherford being attacked by a swarm of Gorn to Tendi "updating" the dog to what might possibly be a Mirror Universe Mariner, it's obvious Star Trek: Lower Decks won't be slowing down any time soon.

The entire panel is fun to watch as McMahan and his crew obviously love what their doing and are riding a high to be making this show.

From the discussion, Newsome plea for Mike and the very talented animators to stop drawing Ransom "so hot" might be the LOL moment for me.

Mariner's Sanity - Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 Episode 5

"It's confusing and strange for me as an adult human in the 3-D world. I don't like it. I don't like the ego trip that it gives Jerry O'Connell. I don't think it's healthy for him or us. So, beautiful job, animators. Please, please dial it back."

For just the trailer, see below.

Hold your squeals for the next-to-final shot and our favorite omnipotent alien meddler.

Star Trek: Lower Decks airs on Thursdays on CBS All Access and remember, reviews are live here at TV Fanatic as soon as we're allowed to post them!

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Star Trek: Lower Decks Quotes

Rutherford: Pears? I hate pears! I'll never eat a pear again!
Tendi: Then you should pass this test. Three sets of twins are lost at sea. Each set shares a parent with the other but no two sets are the same. What is the name of the boat?
Rutherford: Um, The... Salty... Dog?
Tendi: Yes!
Rutherford: Really?
Tendi: No!

Boimler: Romulan whiskey is against regulations!
Mariner: Yeah, because it's awesome.