The 100 Boss Responds to Latest Death

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The body count continues to pile up on The 100. 

The 100 Season 7 Episode 14, which aired Wednesday on The CW, featured another tragic death. 

"A Sort of Homecoming" found Clarke, Gabriel, Madi, and the others arriving on Earth as they tried to find shelter in the bunker. 

Gabriel Plays Music - The 100 Season 7 Episode 14

Unfortunately, Sheidheda arrived, with the aim of taking down Madi. J.R. Bourne's alter ego had one of the suits from Bardo on, so he was invisible. 

While Gabriel taught Madi how to play the piano, he was mortally wounded by Sheidheda. 

He managed to get back up and fight off Sheidheda, providing enough time for Madi to break free and find Gaia and Indra for assistance. 

Unfortunately, it was game over for Chuku Modu's Gabriel, who succumbed to his injuries. 

Chuku Modu - The 100

It was a powerful goodbye, with Gabrielle claiming he was ready to leave his life behind, and given that he's been around for hundreds of years, it was time to move on for him.

Jason Rothenberg, the showrunner of the post-apocalyptic drama, took to Twitter to address the big exit. 

"RIP Gabriel Santiago," his tweet begins.

"Chuku joined our family in Season 6, but feels like he's been with us far longer. Such a good man. Such an exciting career ahead," it continues. 

"He brought charm & nuance to a very difficult role. A man who lived 150+ years but never lost his awe for the universe."

Gabriel Killing It In Bardo - The 100 Season 7 Episode 10

Gabriel's demise comes just one week after original series regular Bob Morley was written out of the show. 

Bellamy was murdered by his best friend Clarke in scenes that were polarizing for fans of the show. 

If you watch The 100 online, you know Bellamy wanted to give the sketchbook over to the Disciples, which would have put Madi in grave danger. 

Clarke reacted by killing Bellamy, and fans were not impressed, with many calling on the show to reverse the decision. 

Gabriel Poses in Bardo - The 100 Season 7 Episode 12

Rothenberg spoke out about the death last week, saying that "we knew Bellamy's death had to go to the heart of what the show is all about: Survival."

"Who you're willing to protect. And who you're willing to sacrifice.

"His loss is devastating, but his life and his endless love for his people will loom large and affect everything that comes after, to the very end of the series finale itself."

With two episodes left, the most recent episode also left many lives on the line as the bunker started to collapse after a bomb was sent from Bardo. 

Gabriel and the Stone - The 100 Season 7 Episode 7

Yep, we're probably going to lose a lot more people. 

What do you think of this big death?

Hit the comments below. 

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