The Family Chantel Season 2 Trailer: Thrilla in Manila!

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The Family Chantel is back with its sophomore season on October. 12, and there is no shortage of drama.

Traditionally, the source of drama and contention for this family has revolved around Chantel and Pedro's marriage. There has always been a mutual distaste between Pedro (and his family) and Chantel and hers.

Try as they met, nothing has ever led to this family meeting on the same page and resolving their issues, and now there's more tension to add into the equation.

The Family Chantel/90 Day Fiance - Pedro and Chantel

Based on the trailer, Pedro and Chantel may be the only ones in the family getting along, and given that their marriage was under some serious strain for a bit, that comes as a surprise.

Her family still has reservations about Pedro and the marriage, and it's evident by the glimpse of a blowout between Chantel and her sister, Winter.

Winter is no stranger to her own relationship issues. Chantel butting into them caused a rift in the sisters' relationship.

The Family Chantel Season 2

But now, the family Chantel has bigger fish to fry, and Chantel herself is leading the charge now that her older brother, Royal, has returned home with a new Filipino wife, Angenette.

It seems Chantel welcomes the reprieve of her family tearing apart her marriage and choice of partner, and now, they collectively come together as a family to direct all of their suspicions and latent xenophobia toward Angenette.

Everyone, from Chantel's parents to Chantel, and even Pedro, are wary of Angenette and her pursuit of Royal.

The Family Chantel - Trailer

In the clip, Royal reveals that Angenette was the one who sought him out and befriended him on social media, and it leads the others to believe she was deliberately seeking out American men for money and/or a green card.

Royal and Angenette are in the States preparing for a marriage ceremony, but Chantel keeps digging into Angenette's life and driving a wedge between the newlyweds.

The family won't be at rest until they understand everything about Angenette, and the best way for them to do that is to travel to the Philippines to visit her family.

TFC trailer 2

Yes, the family Chantel will take on Manila, and from the looks of the trailer, things will get quite explosive.

Chantel's family doesn't have the best track record when it comes to traveling to foreign places and having a modicum of decorum, so if you thought their behavior in the Dominican Republic was bad, then brace yourselves!

Chantel and the others inform Angenette's family that they believe she was fishing for an American man, and at some point, Angenette's family members tell the Americans to go back to their country.

The Family Chantel Trailer - 2

Meanwhile, it's not just Chantel's family who will be jet setting around the world and stirring up trouble, but Pedro's family too.

Pedro's sister has a new American boyfriend, Alejandro, and neither Pedro nor his mother trust nor like the new guy.

Pedro's meeting with Alejandro, with Chantel by his side, doesn't go as planned, and he finds out that his sister is a pathological liar.

Their mother doesn't approve of Alejandro either, and she's not afraid to say as much, especially when Alejandro travels to the Dominican Republic to visit.

TFC- Alejandro

After years of being on the receiving end of an overprotective family coming between his relationship, the tables have turned for Pedro as he's willing to go to bat to keep his sister away from Alejandro.

And Chantel happily appears to deflect attention away from her and Pedro to focus on Royal and Angenette.

Let the drama commence! Check out the full trailer below.

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