The Kominsky Method Loses a Lead Before Its Third and Final Season

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More bad news for good television, but this time, it doesn't appear to be related to the coronavirus response.

When The Kominsky Method returns to Netflix, leading man, Sandy Kominsky, played by Michael Douglas, will be flying solo.

That's right. His trusty wingman and agent, Norman Newlander will be off the grid.

Norman and Sandy Enjoy the Evening

Deadline reported this story, and they indicated that Alan Arkin, who played Norman, made the decision not to return to the series well before the coronavirus hit the fan.

It sure seems strange that Arkin indicated his preference not to go beyond two seasons when you look at the end of The Kominsky Method Season 2, but it is true to life.

Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas on The Kominsky Method

When someone leaves your life, whether by moving or stepping off of this mortal coil, we rarely get an indication before the even takes place.

Of course, it could be a practical decision, too, since at the time season 2 aired, they had no idea if the show would be returning.

That's just the nature of television.

The word is that Norman's absence will be addressed as a part of The Kominsky Method Season 3 storyline.

Jane Seymour as Madelyn

Playing two aging and long-time friends and business associates has been good for both Douglas and Arkin.

They have both been nominated twice for Emmy Awards for their roles on The Kominsky Method.

And it's no wonder, since the chemistry between them worked in tandem with the comedic take on men of their age and the special relationship the characters shared.

When we first met Norman, he was grieving the loss of his wife, but by the end of Season 2, Norman had found a new love in an old friend and had himself fully in the swing of things again.

Paul Reiser and Sarah Baker on The Komisky Method

While he explored that relationship, Sandy got to know his daughter's new boyfriend, played by Paul Reiser.

Their suprising friendship offers a continuation of the male/male friendship dynamic during Season 3 if showrunner and producer, Chuck Lorre, decides to continue on that route.

The Kominsky Method has also featured Sarah Baker as Sandy's daughter and Nancy Travis as his love interest, while Lisa Edelstein played Norman's daughter, and his love interest was played by Jane Seymour.

We don't know when filming will resume on The Kominsky Method, but Season 2 dropped on Netflix in October 2019, and the show was renewed for its third and final season in July of 2020.

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