Big Brother Fans Slam Evel Dick for Tweeting He'd be 'Fine' if Nicole Franzel Died

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Nicole Franzel has been one of the most polarizing houseguests throughout Big Brother Season 22. 

Fans have been divided over her actions in the game. 

Dick Donato, who has competed twice on the game, took to Twitter this week to say that he would be 'fine' if Franzel 'died.'

Nicole Franzel on All-Stars - Big Brother

Fans took to social media to voice their concern over the former winner's tweet. 

"Evel Dick doesn’t even know Nicole personally & he feels comfortable tweeting how he won’t care if she dies. There’s something seriously wrong with that old man," said one shocked fan. 

"Idc how annoying or malicious Nicole Franzel is," said another. 

"Evel Dick is dead wrong for wishing death on her. I get that she's done a ton of things that we as fans hate, but that's just crossing the line."


Fans feel like Dick has crossed the line with his latest tweet. 

The tweet has since been removed, but it's unclear whether Dick deleted it himself, or if it was removed by Twitter. 

Franzel was closely aligned with Dick's estranged daughter, Dani Briones during this season of Big Brother. 

Briones was evicted Thursday night at the close of the first-ever triple eviction. 

Dani Donato Picture

Donato first played on Big Brother 8 opposite his daughter, and they managed to make it to the Final 2. 

Donato went on to win the season, and took home the $500,000 grand prize. 

Both Dick and Daniele returned to play on Big Brother 13 in pairs, but Dick made an early exit due to personal reasons. 

Dani stayed in the game and was evicted during a double eviction, but she did meet her now-husband Dominic Briones. 

Dani Talks in Bathroom - Big Brother Season 22 Episode 2

Fans have been divided by the current All-Stars season, which has sparked controversy due to comments and actions from houseguests. 

The series is currently airing Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS. 

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