Emily in Paris Review: A Kiss is Just a Kiss

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Gabriel, what are you doing?

On Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 4 and Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5, he continued to allow himself to get close to Emily, even sharing a kiss with her. 

He was too good to be true, so learning that Camile was his girlfriend was not as surprising as it should have been. 

Waiting for Gabriel - Emily in Paris

Why would someone like Gabriel be single in the city of love? He's probably the biggest catch in Paris, but Emily is playing a dangerous game by hanging out with him after their moment of passion. 

Camile's introduction could have been better, but it served the story well and delivered the sort of twist you would expect from a rom-com. 

Emily Gets Close to Her Neighbor - Emily in Paris

Camile is resourceful and could do a lot of good for Emily's career, but it's hard to imagine her wanting to get close to Emily when she inevitably learns she's been getting close to her man. 

There's no indication why Gabriel is cheating because Camile appears to love him, and there appear to be no issues in their relationship. 

Paul: Smoking is a pleasure, and without pleasure, who are we?
Sylvie: German?

Emily was coerced into becoming a third wheel during their date, even if it was not supposed to be the case. Emily does not strike me as the type of person who can hold secrets. 

She's the type of person to blurt things out when you least expect it. 

Emily and a Chef - Emily in Paris

It's clear Gabriel still loves Camile dearly, and Emily's social media post about the bed, which he liked, suggested he wanted to have a relationship with both women. 

Wouldn't it be a surprise of Camile dropped the bombshell that she knows everything and wants to invite Emily into their relationship?

Emily attracts men with little effort, but I wish she had made Sylvie squirm with the whole Antoine situation. 

Sylvie is typically confident, especially when she's hurling insults, and as I suspected, she's jealous of Emily getting close to Antoine. 

Emily Meets Antoine - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

Still, Emily has a once in a lifetime opportunity, and she should be able to go off on her own path without everyone else trying to steer her life. 

Julien warning her off Antoine was inevitable, but I loved the way Mindy told Emily to choose what she wants to do. Mindy, more than anyone, understands the predicament Emily is in. 

Paul: So you create the disease, then you treat the disease, then you market the treatments of the disease.
Sylvie: Perhaps stop eating.
Paul: There is no money in that.

This is probably thanks to the way Mindy's family cut her off when she opted to go off on her own path. Sometimes in life, it's better to allow people to follow their hearts and make their own mistakes. 

Even so, Emily needs to come clean, or she runs the risk of causing more problems for herself. Telling Sylvie Gabriel sent her the underwear a big mistake because it will come back to haunt her. 

Sylvie in Green - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

Sylvie is merely taking all of the information in to use it to her advantage, and boy, the jealousy continued to show. 

Emily being mistaken for a social media influencer was not surprising. Her followers have been multiplying, and people are eating up everything she's putting online. 

I did Rosetta Stone on the plane, but it hasn’t kicked in yet.


It makes sense when you consider that she has a Masters in Marketing, but her decision to pursue a former client of Savoir was ridiculous. 

Emily went into the scenario with little facts on what really happened, and thought she could turn it into a win and put a smile on the face of her naysayers. 

Meeting a Big Name - Emily in Paris

There's a fire burning in Emily that makes her want to please everyone, but she needs to master the art of picking and choosing her battles. 

The job opportunity from Olivia would have been a great opportunity if Emily really wanted to be an ambassador for a brand, but at least she could revisit it down the line if anything changes. 

Chinese people are mean behind your back. French people, mean to your face.


Let's face it, she's ruffling too many feathers at Savoir to stick around. 

Her win with the hotelier was much-needed, but it only made Antoine appreciate her even more, something that Sylvie could tell. 

Camile Arrives - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

Sylvie playing the other woman for Antoine is starting to wear thin, and she's going to find herself in a precarious situation of her affair comes to light. 

Savoir is a big company that is well-known in the French media and beyond. It would be a huge scandal, and Sylvie would probably find herself out of a job. 

I’d bone appétit him.


For now, all Sylvie can do is hope that she can reel Antoine back in, and bossing Emily around is making her feel somewhat better. 

Emily in Paris continues to be the perfect comfort food for the mind. Many people cannot go on vacation due to COVID-19, and the series offers Paris through a lens that most shows and movies do not have. 

The humor also continues to be present, which is a good thing. Many shows start off in a comical fashion before fizzling out in the episodes that follow. 

A Social Influencer? - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

Emily in Paris is going from strength-to-strength by the episode, and the second half of Emily in Paris Season 1 promises to be a wild ride to the finish line. 

Do you think Emily is making a mistake getting close to Gabriel? What is your take on the way Sylvie is acting?

Hit the comments. 

Emily in Paris Season 1 airs on Netflix.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss Review

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Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Paul: So you create the disease, then you treat the disease, then you market the treatments of the disease.
Sylvie: Perhaps stop eating.
Paul: There is no money in that.

Paul: Smoking is a pleasure, and without pleasure, who are we?
Sylvie: German?

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