Ted Lasso Winning The Whole F**king Thing And Other Goals For Season 2

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The saddest part watching Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 10 was knowing there wouldn't be any more new episodes for a while.

However, to follow Ted and Rebecca's example, it's not too early to start thinking about the next season.

Here are a few things that will hopefully happen on Ted Lasso Season 2. 

Ted's Morning Treat with Rebecca - Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 3

AFC Richmond Gets Promoted And Wins The Whole F**king Thing

Hard as it was to watch AFC Richmond lose their final game of the season and face relegation, it was a smart storytelling choice.

Richmond winning would not open many storytelling possibilities and risks the characters becoming stagnant due to not being challenged enough. Richmond losing and needing to claw its way back to the Premier League, on the other hand, nicely sets up the main storyline for Ted Lasson Season 2.

The stakes are much higher now because Richmond can't just squeak by anymore. They need to play to win. This means every match is a life or death situation, and the characters will have to push themselves to the brink.

Coaching Richmond - Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 2

As dramatically satisfying as the above sounds, it will amount to a shaggy dog story if Richmond does not "Win the whole f**king thing." Ending Season 2 on the same note as Season 1 leaves little room for the series to grow and would undermine its themes rather than vindicating them. 

In other words, Ted Lasso, the TV series, needs the win just as badly as Ted Lasso, the character, and his team need to win.  

Rebecca Triumphing Over Rupert

The real villain on Ted Lasso is Rupert Mannion. To put it bluntly, Rebecca's ex-husband and former Richmond owner is a real piece of work. He'll likely continue sabotaging Rebecca and meddling with the team.

Rupert  - Ted Lasso

Satisfying as it is to see Ted thwart him at every turn (seriously, watching Ted outplay him at darts on Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 8 does not get old), Rupert is ultimately Rebecca's dragon to slay.

Rebecca has come a long way in extricating herself from Rupert, but he rattles her cage and influences her behavior to a degree. Rebecca won't truly be free of him until she shuts him down for good, which will be glorious to witness.    

Roy Kent -- We Want Him Here, There, And Everywhere

Season 1 ended with Roy Kent seriously injured and at a crossroads.  Will he be, as the sports commentators predicted, retiring from football?

Roy on the Pitch - Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 3

Seeing Roy navigate his post-football life promises to deliver a storyline containing the patented Ted Lasso blend of comedy, tragedy, and sweetness.

There are many paths Roy could take. He could join the coaching staff, assist Keely with branding, head up an outreach program since he has a soft spot for kids, or perhaps make a comeback.

Regardless of what happens next to Roy, he needs to remain an integral part of the show. 

Ted Keeps Coaching Jamie

Jamie on the Pitch - Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 3

Whether or not Jamie Tartt comes back to play for Richmond, Jaime needs Ted as his coach.

Jamie has come a long way from Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 1, but his character development has a ways to go.

In a way, Jamie is as much at a crossroads with his career as Roy. Or is it more a tug-of-war for his soul since Jaime's dad is pressuring him to be a glory hog instead of a team player.

If Jamie's development is going to stick and progress, Ted needs to be around to curb the elder Tartt's influence.  

Nate Joins Ted On the Pitch - Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 2

The Diamond Dogs Solving More Love Crises 

As much as we love the sports aspect of Ted Lasso, we're here for the relationship drama too. Season 2 has a lot of potential romantic drama to explore.

Ted and Rebecca will likely continue facing the perils of dating. Roy and Keely will probably encounter more bumps in their relationship.

Beard might need help depending on how his relationship with Jane progresses, and it's time for Nate's personal life to advance as much as his professional life has.

Half of The Diamond Dogs - Ted Lasso

Whenever someone has a romantic dilemma, the Diamond Dogs (Ted, Beard, Nate, and Higgins) need to be summoned to sort it out. Also, they should be wearing the jackets Ted promised to get them whenever they conduct official Diamond Dogs business.     

Keeley And Rebecca Stay BFFs 

We're also here for the friendships -- Keeley and Rebecca's especially.

Going forward, Keeley and Rebecca might not need each other as much. Since Rebecca came clean to Ted and mended fences with Higgins, those two might become Rebecca's main confidants. Similarly, Roy might step into the main confidant role for Keeley.  

Keeley & Roy - Ted Lasso

As great as Ted-Rebecca-Higgins and Roy-Keely interactions are, we'll be losing out if Keely-Rebecca interactions don't get their due. 

One, their friendship shows Ted Lasso is as dedicated to telling the women's stories as it is with the men's. Two, the characters make a great onscreen duo. 

Isaac Keeps Punching TVs

When Roy passed the mantle of team captain to Isaac, he told him to keep punching TVs. Isaac needs to honor Roy's wish, and we need to see it happen. 

Isaac - Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso (The TV Series) Gets Creative 

A common criticism levied against Ted Lasso is its plotting is predictable and reminiscent of various sports movies. I don't hold it against the series because premiere seasons should be about mastering the basics and setting the foundation for better things to come in the future.

Since the foundation has been built, Season 2 might be the right time to experiment more with the storytelling.

Shows with shorter episode counts don't have as much opportunity to depart from the formula as network shows, but it has happened and often to great success.

Listening to Higgins - Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 1

GLOW Season 2 Episode 8 was presented as an episode of the show, GLOW, that featured the wrestlers. High Fidelity Season 1 Episode 8 retold the series from the perspective of a supporting character.

Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet Season 1 Episode 5 was about a pair of never before seen (or seen since) characters whose story only had a thematic connection to the main storyline.   

All three of those episodes were high points for their respective series.

Ted Lasso has the talent behind the scenes to come up with something just as daring and unexpected -- a Lasso Special of an episode, if you will. 

Over to you, TV Fanatics!

How excited are you about Ted Lasso Season 2?

What's your season 2 wishlist?

Hit the comments below.

Becca Newton is a staff writer for TV Fanatic.

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