What to Watch: Soulmates, Devils, nExt, & Supernatural Returns

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Admittedly, there is very little about the 2020 fall schedule that feels "normal."

But, there are still a lot of things that should pique your interest.

Supernatural returns this week, and new shows arrive across the dial including Soulmates on AMC, nExt on FOX, and Devils on The CW. Find out what we know, below.

WTW Oct 4

Saturday, October 3

9/8c Country at Heart (Hallmark)

Not all Hallmark movies hit the right note, but with this cast, we have hope for Country at Heart.

Jessy Schram and Niall Matter top this film about a struggling country singer who meets a Nashville songrwiter in need of inspiration.

The two of them combine their musical talent to write a song for the fall festival, and they're going to find they have a lot more in their future than singing a duet together!

Haven's Lucas Bryant also stars as a country star in need of a song.

Sunday, October 4

9/8c Bob's Burgers (Fox)

The Belchers deal with a pinworm epidemic and all the paranoia that entails!

In the midst of the frenzy, Linda tries to prove her worth as a mother by trying to take the family to the symphony.

8/9c Power Book II: Ghost (Starz)

Even though it feels like the season just started, it's already time for the mid-season finale.

And it's Tariq's 18th birthday!

But there's hardly time to celebrate, with Monet sniffing around. You won't want to miss this action packed installment!

10/9c The Walking Dead: The World Beyond (AMC)

A good concept featuring life as it continues and focusing on a generation born after the start of the apocalypse, unfortunately, falls flat.

If you're like me, you're done with people walking along deserted stretches in their quest for survival and to begin again and would like them to, well, begin again.

On this failure, they have begun again, but we're not going to see it. Instead, these dull kids take to the streets with far less smarts than their predecessors. Booooooriiiiing.

Monday, October 5

9/8c One Day at a Time (CBS)

After the annual census, Penelope struggles with her insecurities, while Elena and Syd put their relationship to the ultimate test.

10/9c Soulmates (AMC)

This six-episode anthology considers what life might look like if science discovered a way to determine your soulmate. Would it change the way you see your current or future relationships?

What if you met your soulmate and there were no sparks? Or what if your partner found their soulmate and left you in the dark?

There are a lot of possibilities here, and some of the roads traveled are quite unexpected. Even so, it's the early episodes that speak the most to love and what we know of the soulmate process, while the later episodes sometimes dive into what we'd expect from a more unconventional look at precognition of love.

Tuesday, October 6

9/8c nExt (FOX)

If you have an Alexa or Google Home, you'll enjoy this new series starring John Slattery.

Slattery plays a Silicon Valley pioneer who created the artificial intelligence behind a device much like those we have today, who pulls the rip cord when he realizes it may have grown of its own accord.

I've seen the first five episodes, and I wasn't let down by any of them. It's not necessarily as philosophical as I would have liked, but it's FOX, so that's to be expected.

It's worth a watch, and we'll review it weekly, too!

Wednesday, October 7

8/7c The Masked Singer (Fox)

Group A is back for the playoffs! Who will be unmasked -- the Giraffe, Popcorn, Snow Owls, or Sun? And what are everybody guesses as to who is under all these masks?

8/7c Devils (The CW)

Patrick Dempsey stars in this Italian-produced conspiracy series.

I've only watched the first episode, but it's going to focus on a global investment bank and the strong personalities in that world of finance. Nothing says thriller like big money and hedge fund speculation, right?

Allesandro Borghi costars, and there isn't any doubt that we've got the eye-candy portion of the series well covered. We'll also be reviewing this one, so drop by!

Thursday, October 8

8/7c Supernatural (The CW)

Supernatural returns for its final run of the series.

There are only seven episodes left to air leading up to the end of this long-running fan-favorite.

According to the official CW synopsis and photos, on Supernatural Season 15 Episode 14. "Last Holiday," we'll be treated to a little Halloween treat when Sam and Dean discover a wood nymph living in the bunker who is determined to protect her family, at any cost.

We're going to miss this classic and the Winchesters, but I'll be here with you counting down to the series finale on November 19.

10/9c Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 (CBS)

Starfleet's First Mutineer, Michael Burnham finds herself aboard the U.S.S. Discovery with its many secrets and enigmatic captain, Gabriel Lorca.

In this midst of the war with the Klingons, the Discovery holds the key to the Federation's victory... if they can manage to figure out how it works.

Friday, October 9

The Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix)

The highly anticipated return of The Haunting series from Netflix drops today.

With Victoria Pedretti at the helm instead of at the side this time, she's called on to carry the weight of the series. And, well, it doesn't work.

There is some underlying emotion at play, but the hard-driving wallop of love and loss that drove The Haunting of Hill House is missing from this adaptation of stories by Henry James.

There's too much going on, very little by way of chills and thrills, and a leaner, less magnetic cast.

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