A Million Little Things Round Table: Eddie Lives! But Who Did It?

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The chosen family is back, and everything picked up where it left off on A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1.

Eddie survived the hit and run, but he's paralyzed and using a wheelchair, but he and Katherine renewed their vows. Meanwhile, Rome and Gina's relationship is on the rocks after missing out on a baby.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Berea Orange, Meaghan Frey, and Jack Ori as they discuss the premiere.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Eddie survived, and unfortunately, he's paralyzed. React! Also, what are your theories about who ran him over and them watching him?

Christine: I'm guessing the man who ran him down has something to do with the ex-girlfriend who drowned in the lake, but the man did call 911, which should lead us to believe it was an accident and not done on purpose.

This show loves its mysteries, so they'll probably keep us guessing about this one for a while.

Eddie's paralysis will add a lot of challenges to his life, and the pain meds will probably be an issue since he's an addict. I think Katherine and Eddie are really going to need their friends' support in the coming months.

Berea: This show definitely loves its mysteries, so I’m curious if it’s related to the girl who drowned at all or just a random person who felt bad about what they did. I’m leaning towards it being a loved one of the girl who drowned.

Torn Up - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 19

Meaghan: It has to be related to the girl who drowned, right? Otherwise, that whole storyline almost feels pointless. If the person had just felt guilty about hitting him, then I highly doubt they would be stalking him.

Yes, they did the right thing and called 911, but maybe that is because they have worse things in store for him, or they honestly didn't want to kill him; it was just a crime of passion.

Watching Eddie struggle through the pain because of his addiction is going to be tough, but I do have faith that he will stay strong. Katherine and Eddie have overcome so much. I would hate to see him go back down that dark path.

Comforting Katherine  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Jack: I hope Eddie doesn’t abuse the pain meds. I’m glad that he realized it could be a problem.

It seems like the accident and getting paralyzed has caused him to reevaluate his life and decide to be honest about his shortcomings and commit to doing better. I hope to see that continue.

I’m also wondering how his paralysis will affect his music. He obviously won’t be going on tour for a while, but he should still be able to play, and that might be a good escape for him.

As for the person who ran him over, it certainly looked purposeful, and I’m guessing it has to do with the girl who drowned. But other than that, I have no clue.

On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy the Savilles' vow renewal ceremony? Do you think they've finally hit their stride as a couple, or will all of these new challenges affect their relationship?

Christine: I give the renewal ceremony a 7. It was sweet but felt a bit rushed. And there are definitely challenges ahead. It will take a lot of time and effort for Eddie to come to terms with being paralyzed, which will add a lot of stress for him and his family.

I see some tough times ahead for him, Katherine, and Theo. I'm wondering if Theo will spend more time with Delilah's family as Eddie tries to find his footing, so to speak. Theo comes across as so innocent, and I think that might change in the months ahead.

Trying to Stay Strong  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Berea: I’ll give it a 7, also. It was sweet, and I’m glad they renewed vows in front of Delilah, too. They might be stronger now, but they will definitely have challenges coming ahead.

Charlie and Theo, the disability, and pain meds will all be challenging ahead. I’m curious if Eddie will become addicted to opioids, which will be another addiction Katherine will have to help him through. Katherine is so great and deserves so much, so I hope this will last this time.

Meaghan: 8. Like Christina, I thought it was too rushed, but I can put that aside because I love Katherine and Eddie so much as a couple. They deserved that moment to reaffirm their love and commitment to one another and their family.

Hugs and Tears - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Jack: I’ll give it a 9. It didn’t seem rushed to me. I thought it was well-done and pretty romantic.

Right now, they are happy, but I’m sure Eddie and Katherine will have a lot of challenges related to Eddie’s paralysis and everything that happened between them before his accident. Plus, there is a risk of Eddie abusing the pain meds still, so there’s that.

Was the possibility of taking in a new child on the same day they lost out on Eve's baby too soon? Did this adoption fiasco put a strain on Rome and Gina's relationship?

Christine: I felt so badly for Rome and Gina. They'd just suffered a devastating loss, and I can understand why Gina couldn't shift emotional gears that fast. It would feel like replacing one child for another, and that's not fair to anyone.

But Rome is right in that they have no idea how long they may have to wait for another baby to be available for adoption. Some people wait for months or even years.

This is definitely going to put a strain on their marriage, especially if Gina continues to blame Rome for her pain. That isn't fair, and I hope she finds a better way of coping because putting all the blame on Rome could cause irrevocable harm to their marriage.

Rome: I can't believe you are saying no to a baby again.
Gina: That's not fair! When have I ever said no to a baby? When we got married we both said no to kids. The adoption was my idea, and the only reason I paused on Eve was because I was afraid she would do exactly what she did, and now just hours after losing a baby that we held that we thought was ours, I can't just erase him with another child. That's not fair to you, that's not fair to me, and most of all, that's not fair to that baby in Lennox. Baby, I know you want this. I want it too, but not like this.
Rome: What if we never get another chance? 

Berea: I really don’t like Gina blaming Rome. He lost the baby, too.

When it comes to the new child, I understand both points of view, and they are both valid in their feelings. It’s too soon for Gina because she already got attached to the last one.

But Rome is right, too. You don’t know how long it would be before getting another baby available. This was a miracle. I mean, Jack and Rebecca did it on This is Us. Rome and Gina could have, too.

Rocky Marriage? - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Meaghan: I'm glad they didn't rush into it. The whole process has already been a lot for the two of them, and I think they need to cope with the loss of the baby they did not get before they push forward onto the next one.

Yes, it might be a long time before they get another chance, but it will happen exactly when it is supposed to.

With how Gina reacted towards Rome, they need to heal as a couple too before they bring a child into the home. A baby is only going to increase the strain on their marriage, so they need to be in a good place before they take on such a huge commitment.

Fed Up  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Jack: I think they made the right decision. Gina especially was in no place to take care of a baby, and they both needed to grieve and process, not to mention, get back on the same page.

I agree with everyone else that Gina blaming Rome was unfair and that she needs to find a better way to cope. Otherwise, it will not only make it hard to adopt another baby, but it will damage their marriage.

Do you think there is enough room in the chosen family for Darcy and Maggie without one feeling threatened by the other? How about in Gary's life?

Christine: I think it's just too soon for Gary and Maggie to see one another in happy relationships with other people and not have it hurt. They can get there, but that will take time. I mean, if Delilah and Katherine can learn to happily get along, then I think anyone can!

This is going to be very awkward for a while. I liked Gary and Maggie, but now I really like Gary and Darcy! This is so hard, even as a viewer!

Arriving in England  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Berea: This whole group’s dynamic is very strange, or maybe they are just much more mature than most. If Delilah, Katherine, and Eddie can all get along, then Darcy, Maggie, and Gary can, too.

I really like Darcy, so I’m not sure I want Gary and Maggie back together. Although I think it’s inevitable.

They’ll all think everything is good, and they are one big happy family, but eventually, I’m sure Gary will be at a point where he’ll have to choose.

Meaghan: Absolutely. This group is incredibly welcoming, and given the chance, I truly believe Darcy and Maggie will be great friends. The only problem is I feel like we all know that no matter how much we all appreciate Darcy right now, Maggie and Gary will find their way back to each other, so for me, I just really don't wanna get too attached to her.

Darcy is In - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Jack: I think it will take time. Maggie still has feelings for Gary, and it’s always hard to see your ex with someone else, especially soon after a breakup.

After a time jump and a COVID-19 mention, how do you think AMLT is going to tackle the pandemic? Would you have preferred it if they didn't?

Christine: I think they need to incorporate it into the storylines because not doing so feels inauthentic to what we're all going through right now. Like it or not, it will only add to the drama.

Berea: I really wish every single show wasn’t addressing it. People look to television for escapism. The medical shows mentioning it makes total sense, but these other shows I wish we didn’t have to go there.

But as Christine said, it would probably feel inauthentic to leave it out, especially if they have to follow certain COVID filming guidelines.

A New Bond  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Meaghan: This is a hard one for me. I feel like it is important to depict a reality that is an accurate depiction of the world we live in, especially on medical shows and shows like AMLT and This Is Us, which are so grounded in reality.

However, they have to do it accurately, and I think some shows are doing a great job at that, and others are phoning it in. So unless they are willing to display the social distancing, mask requirements, and everything else that comes with the pandemic, then they would be better off leaving it out.

Because of the seriousness of this moment, I'm not going to make a threesome joke.


Jack: I was curious about how they were going to handle it. I think it should be a part of the show going forward. Eddie left the hospital right at the beginning of the pandemic, so I’m sure we’ll see everyone dealing with it soon. I just hope that it isn’t depressing.

There are a lot of dramatic possibilities, especially with Maggie being overseas while the whole world goes through the pandemic. It’ll be interesting if she has to quarantine with Jamie, and not being able to come back to Boston will be hard for her.

And for the rest of them, they’re such a tight-knit group that social distancing requirements will be very tough for them. Plus, Theo is already so anxious, and Katherine won’t be able to depend on the rest of the friend group to help while they are quarantining.

I also wonder if they will be thinking about Jon during the pandemic. His problems stemmed from 9/11, which was the last tragedy as big as the pandemic, so it would be natural to think about him during this, as well as wonder what he would have said to keep everyone calm.

What was your favorite scene or quote from the hour?

Christine: My favorites were the hospital scenes. Even with her prodding them to go, I couldn't believe that everyone was going to leave Katherine at the hospital as she waited to hear news about Eddie.

So I was relieved when Gary stayed behind. It made perfect sense because Gary is always the one who takes care of his friends, and Katherine should not have been there alone, especially if she ended up getting bad news.

Can't Afford To Lose - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1

Berea: Gary is my favorite person in this friend group, so I am agreeing with Christine here. He is such a good friend and is always there for them.

The friendships on this show are unmatched. I love it when we get to see these moments.

Meaghan: I'm with Christine and Berea. Gary is the unsung hero of this friend group. He is there for every single person no matter what personal struggles of his own he is going through.

Alright, look dude, here's the deal. You're fighting for your life. I've seen you throw a punch, it's not great. I know a true friend is supposed to give you permission to stop fighting, but just so we're clear, you do not have that permission. You hear me? You cannot leave us. You can't leave Katherine. You can't leave your son.  You can't leave your daughter. You can't leave me.


Jack: I liked Gary being there for Katherine as well, but my favorite scenes were all the Theo scenes -- from everyone discovering he already knew Eddie was in the hospital to his visiting Eddie and discovering Eddie was paralyzed.

These were tough things for a little kid to deal with, and I thought these scenes were super authentic and touching.

Over to you AMLT Fanatics! Do you agree with our Round Table? Do you disagree? Give the questions a go in the comments below. 

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Gary: Where is Lindsay anyway?
Delilah Katherine kicked her out.
Darcy: Good. Sorry, but as soon as Lindsay got back into town, Eddie went to a bar. I don't blame Katherine for kicking her out.

Gina: I can't do this right now, Rome. I can't.
Rome: Eddie has been in an accident, and they're airlifting him to Boston General. 
Gina: My God.
Rome: It doesn't sound good.