Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 11-23-20 and Beyond: A Drama Filled Holiday Season

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Who ordered a double helping of drama?

Things are heating up on Thanksgiving week in Salem!

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-23-20, Gabi returns just in time to catch Jake and Kate in bed, while Jack continues to find family doors slammed in his face -- and that's just the beginning.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 11-23-20

According to the official spoiler video, several people return to town just in time for the hoilday. Clips show Rafe and Gabi back in town, while there is a reconciliation between Abby and Jack.

All still is not well for Jack, though, as Julie slams the door in his face!

Leave it to her to be judgmental despite her own long and not-always-squeaky-clean history. Juile might not have had affairs, but she certainly had her share of self-inflicted drama over the years and is the last person who should be looking down her nose at anybody.

The spoiler video also contains clips from Jan's "wedding" to Shawn, in which she threatens to harm Belle if anyone disrupts the ceremony.

Nobody should give in to that. She's standing in a room full of cops, and this stupid story needs to be short-lived.

NBC also released its winter spoiler video after its annual Day of Days celebration.

The winter months promise a ton of excitement. In addition to Gabi and Rafe returning, Chloe is back in town. Could she and Philip finally have their happily ever after?

Considering the video includes flashbacks of this couple's teenage romance, that is a distinct possibility. Philip hasn't grown up much all these years later, but hopefully reuniting with Chloe will give him something more entertaining to do than fight with Xander and pretend to be into Sarah.

Even more compelling: Anna and Tony are back, and Anna appears to see through Gwen's nonsense! Let's hope that she puts an end to this ridiculous storyline.

Anna versus Gwen could be a ton of fun.

Anna is unpredictable, especially when she thinks she's helping rid the world of a troublemaker, so there's no telling what she might do.

According to the video, Joey also gets out of jail, so hopefully that means a quick end to this Ava story, though a clip of Steve stopping Kayla from strangling Ava with her bare hands is not encouraging.

Other high profile returns in the spoiler video include Valerie, Will, and Ciara, though that last one is likely a dream or a ghostly visit, as she appears just as Ben is hanging her ornament on the Horton Christmas tree.

We also have eight spoiler photos for Days of Our Lives for the week of 11-23-20, so don't go anywhere until you've scrolled down to check them out!

A Shocking Demand - Days of Our Lives

Jan makes a shocking demand at Shawn and Belle's wedding.

From the spoiler video, it appears Jan is going to try to blackmail Shawn into marrying her by threatening Belle's life.

The only shock here is if Shawn actually has enough backbone not to give into this nonsense.

It's basic self-defense to presume that if someone is threatening your loved one's life, they will continue to harm them after they get their way, and as a cop Shawn should know that.

Plus, there are more than enough people at the wedding to subdue Jan, arrest her before she can do anything, and then dispatch someone to search Belle's hotel room. From the spoiler video, Eli and Brady go looking for Belle, so let's hope this whole thing is short-lived.

Lani Apologizes - Days of Our Lives

Lani apologizes to Kristen for Eli's actions.

I'm torn between excitement for more of Lani and Kristen's smoldering-hot relationship (even if it is being called a friendship right now) and irritated with Lani's stupidity.

Kristen seems to be the only person in Salem who understands that she wouldn't be in prison if she hadn't stabbed Victor. 

She also is probably going to convince Lani to give Eli another chance when Eli deserves better than Lani and her eternal whining about Kristen. Ugh.

Philip Finds a Surprise - Days of Our Lives

Philip finds a surprise in his bedroom.

I wonder what (or who) that could be.

Since it's too early for Chloe to show up, most likely Sarah is going to slip inside to try to get some intel on Ava.

Xander had said he would break in, but it would make more sense if Sarah did, since she's pretending to be interested in Philip.

Of course, Ava could also pay another visit, but what would be the fun in that?

Charlie Comforts Claire - Days of Our Lives

Charlie comforts a distraught Claire.

Claire thought Jan was her friend, so it's natural she would be upset about this entire violent plan.

This is a perfect excuse for these two to get closer, but do we want that?

We know next to nothing about Charlie so far, and Days of Our Lives has this habit of bringing "nice guys" on canvas only for them to turn out to be stalkers, kidnappers, and/or murderers.

The odds are that Charlie is the guy who raped Allie, and he may turn out to be Tripp's long-lost brother than no one knew about, too. How weird a coincidence would that be?

Happy Thanksgiving - Days of Our Lives

The Hortons gather to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I love the holidays on Days of Our Lives!

Thanksgiving has taken a back burner to Christmas in recent years, sometimes barely being depicted on-screen.

But this year it looks like we're getting a full celebration, complete with a lot of Doug and Julie time, and of course, Julie slamming the door in Jack's face.

Let's hope the family time outweighs the petty drama as Salem kicks off its holiday season!

Nothing to Hide - Days of Our Lives

Jake insists to Kate they have nothing to hide.

Good. So stop hiding.

There's no reason for it, and Kate should know better. Didn't she just get in trouble because of another one-night stand that "no one will ever find out about?"

As a general rule, whenever someone says there's nothing to hide, trouble is lurking around the corner. Often literally, since people like to stand in hallways and behind bushes spying.

And we already know that Gabi walks in on Kate and Jake, so this secret is not long for the world anyway.

Gwen Manipulates - Days of Our Lives

Gwen manipulates Chad and Abigail.

This isn't much of a spoiler, since that's what Gwen has been doing for the last month or so.

She told Rolf the next phase of her plan is to trick Chad into thinking Abby is cheating on him with Jake and then make her move.

Chad SHOULD be smarter than that, but since the winter spoiler video shows him asking Abby point blank if she's sleeping with Jake, clearly this is going to work.

Hurry up and get back to Salem, Anna and Tony! We need to put a stop to this ASAP.

Jack and Abigail Reconcile - Days of Our Lives

Jack and Abigail reconcile.

It's about time!

While Abigail shouldn't have drank champagne while on medication and then read the letter in front of everyone, this is hardly a unique nor an unforgiveable offense.

In fact, it's standard operating procedure at Salem parties.

And Abby and Jack are both beating themselves up over the whole thing, too. I can't wait for them to reconnect.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

What are you most looking forward to during the Salem holiday season?

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