Industry Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Notting Hill

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Tensions keep rising for the graduates and their supervisors, and Industry Season 1 Episode 3 is no exception.

Many relationships become strained on "Notting Hill," from co-workers to roommates, to supervisors, to graduates. The graduates also make some risky decisions that will undoubtedly have future consequences.

Pierpoint & Co. also losing one of their biggest clients definitely adds to the heat.

Work Dinner - Industry Season 1 Episode 3

Perhaps the most nerve-wracking, yet exciting, disagreement this time out is the heated argument between Daria and Eric.

Daria had invited Harper to a meeting with her client, but things go south when Eric asks Harper to pitch during their session, putting Harper in a difficult situation.

Should she listen to her supervisor, Eric? Or her mentor, Daria? 

Ultimately, Harper tries to pitch to Daria's client since Harper answers to Eric at the end of the day. He is responsible for her, despite Harper finding an unexpected mentor in Daria.

But Harper overstepping in Daria's meeting at Eric's request leads to quite an argument that garners the attention of everyone around them. 

Daria's Client - Industry Season 1 Episode 3

Eventually, things simmer down, but Eric really puts up a big stink about how Daria deals with her clients. He continues to raise his voice even after she walks away, and executives begin staring at him. 

However, despite Eric's mini tantrum, he seems to have an excellent boss-employee relationship with Harper. He believes in her, even when she does not quite believe in herself. Eric pushes Harper to her limits regardless of her confidence.

But despite Harper's insecurities at times, Eric knows what she is capable of bringing to Pierpoint, which is why he encourages her to accomplish things graduates usually do not. 

Harper: Is that like a punishment?
Eric: Or an opportunity, it's up to you.

Eric and Daria's professional relationship may be strained, and Daria and Harper's might be too. But as long as Harper has Eric on her side, she will accomplish great things at Pierpoint & Co., even if she butts heads with others along the way.

Coming to an Agreement - Industry Season 1 Episode 3

Another conflict that occurs is between roommates Gus and Robert, which is certainly unexpected, given that they seem to be close friends.

However, we learned on Industry Season 1 Episode 2 that Pierpoint dissolved Gus's department and transferred Gus to the trading floor. Furthermore, Eric assigns Gus to Clement's team, where Robert happens to be.

We learn more about Robert and Gus and their drastically different work approaches. While Robert is eager to please Clement and has been trying since day one, he clearly does not know how. Every tactic he tries backfires, seemingly because he is not familiar with the business. When things do not go well for Robert, he resorts to partying.

On the other hand, Gus knows more about trading despite his reluctance to work in the department. He takes his assigned position in stride, and he immediately begins studying Clement's current projects.

Gus thinks the best way to be successful is to learn the business, research the projects, and follow instructions. But Robert struggles to adapt to Pierpoint's methods when he attempts to prove his worth using his hardworking ethic.

Listening to a Pitch - Industry Season 1 Episode 3

Gus clearly finds Robert's work ethic utterly bizarre. Robert is not interested in learning about the clients or details about Clement's work. In fact, Gus gets angry at Robert when Robert decides to connect with a client through partying, throwing Gus's acquired information into the trash.

Gus becomes so upset that he abruptly leaves Robert at the club, refusing to answer any of his queries. This action suggests a tension has been brewing between the two roommates, and now it seems like that tension will topple over and explode if Robert and Gus do not communicate with each other.

Robert and Gus seem to have a strong friendship, but now it is jeopardized because of their work relationship. Who knows how their friendship will change, but one thing is sure -- the longer they go without talking about their work-related issues, the more their jobs will affect their bond.

So, how do you actually make money? I know that's a naff thing to say, but the idea of people actually making money doing something they love fills me with pain, so.


Yasmin and Harper are in the opposite situation. Their work relationship becomes strained because of issues they are experiencing as they adjust to living under the same roof. 

New Opportunities - Industry Season 1 Episode 3

It seems that their friendship becomes strained when Harper insists on paying rent, and Yasmin keeps indulging in a co-worker's crush on Harper.

They have so much tension that they embarrass Daria when meeting with her client.

Daria did not even know that they were roommates, but she quickly picked up on their agitated dynamic.

I expect you to have expectations of yourself.


It is unfortunate that Harper and Yasmin's friendship went south so quickly, but that is something to expect when two friends who do not know each other well move in together.

A Favor - Industry Season 1 Episode 3

However, things begin looking up at the end of "Notting Hill." Yasmin finally agrees to Harper paying rent, and she sets a price. They smoke a joint together, which seems to act as a peace offering. 

Yasmin and Harper's relationship has the most potential to bounce back since Eric and Daria do not resolve their argument, while Gus and Robert still have to communicate with each other. 

If our guys don't have conviction, it's because we're not being convincing. Simple as that.


Your turn, Fanatics!

What did you think of the episode? Do you think things will cool down between Harper and Yasmin? Will Gus and Robert have it out with each other? Would you side with Daria or Eric in their conflict? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Notting Hill Review

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Industry Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

So, how do you actually make money? I know that's a naff thing to say, but the idea of people actually making money doing something they love fills me with pain, so.


Harper: Is that like a punishment?
Eric: Or an opportunity, it's up to you.