Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9 Review: Mommy Boy

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We can all admit that Linda and Gene are a little too close, right?

Sometimes their relationship is cute, and other times it's a bit cringeworthy. Thankfully, Bob's Burgers finally addressed their rather uncommon closeness on Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9 when Linda joined a women's business group.

The mother and son relationship was on full display as Gene got possessive of Linda's time, and Linda learned how to stand up for herself.

Gene - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9

Linda is her own person, whether Gene likes it or not, and she deserves to have one day to herself. It's not fair of Gene to hog his mother's attention all the time.

Plus, it's definitely not healthy for Linda and Gene to spend every waking moment with one another.

Louise: He's supposed to be trying to teach us how to fight, but all we're doing is hitting beef chunks.
Teddy: Is beef chunks what you're calling Gene now?

Gene is just a child, but he will have to learn how to be independent if he wants to grow as a person. And Linda is not just a mother; she's a human being who needs to take care of herself every once in a while.

These obsessive qualities of their relationship have been sprinkled into multiple episodes of the show. It was about time that both Linda and Gene recognized the unhealthy state they were living in.

Bob and Gene - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9

Of course, Bob's Burgers made the outlandish nature of their relationship funny by leaning fully into the bit -- AKA them sharing a bathtub on their weekly spa day.

But, in the end, Linda and Gene came to a compromise that brought them closer to something that resembles a healthy mother-son bond, and I hope to see that continue on episodes to come.

I know all sequels are good, but this is amazing.


There are two sides to Bob's Burgers. One is the funny and outrageous bits that leave us holding our stomachs as we relentlessly laugh. And the other is the side filled with lessons learned and heartfelt moments between the characters.

This half-hour had a little bit of both, but it leaned more towards the latter side, thanks to the understanding between Linda and Gene during the last scene.

Tina and Louise - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9

Gene learned an important lesson that will hopefully stay with him for years to come, and that's the reality of change that all of us have to face when we grow up.

We need to change to grow. And Gene needs to change his stance towards not wanting to share his mother's time. Otherwise, they both cannot grow as individual people.

Linda is not just a mother, and Gene is not just a son, and now that they have both accepted that fact, we will hopefully see them have storylines outside of their relationship.

Gene has school and his music, and this women's business group is great for Linda and has the ability to create massive growth for her character.

It's easy to associate the burger restaurant with Bob, but Linda owns it as well, and it would be great to see her come into her own as a businesswoman.

Shirtless Bob - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9

Let's talk about Linda, the Belcher family's matriarch, and someone who does not usually get the credit that she deserves.

She runs a business and is a mother of three kids -- that is a lot for anyone to handle, but she does it all so well. Of course, Linda does have her freak out moments when it all gets a little too much for her, but who could blame her?

Bob: Anyway, I was just saying, I think it's important for your mom to get to do her own stuff. She's not just a mom, she's a person.
Gene: If she's not just a mom, then why is her name "mom?"
Bob: Well, she's also Linda.
Gene: Sounds weird, but I believe you.

She dealt with Gene's aversion towards losing some of his quality time with her with a lot more understanding than most would.

While Linda was ready to give it all up to make Gene happy, she realized her worth and stood her ground. She made her son understand why she needed her own thing and did it all while wearing a beauty mud mask.

Feminism for the win!

Tina - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9

While Linda and Gene were dealing with Gene's abandonment issues, Tina and Louise looked to Bob to learn how to fight because, obviously, he is a master of boxing -- note the sarcasm.

The boxing side storyline was much better than the previous "B" stories on Bob's Burgers Season 11, thanks to incorporating the fictional movie -- "Don't Count Out the Ham and Egger."

The movie hilariously ripped off "Rocky," which infuriated Bob as he watched Tina and Louise become obsessed with it.

Their obsession led them to want to learn how to fight themselves, which obviously did not go so well because, well, they're the Belchers.

Louise - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9

It was fun to watch Bob, Tina, and Louise try to teach one another how to fight because they have all clearly never been in a fight before -- not counting the time Louise slapped Boo Boo.

While it was obvious that at least one of them would hurt themselves, the cliche boxing montage that followed as they tried to make Teddy a burger was iconic.

Louise: He's supposed to be trying to teach us how to fight, but all we're doing is hitting beef chunks.
Teddy: Is beef chunks what you're calling Gene now?

In a way, it was inspiring to watch Bob, Tina, and Louise come together to support one another and finish their mission.

And what more could you expect for an ending to a boxing story?

What did you think, Bob's Burgers Fanatics?

Are you glad that the show addressed Linda and Gene's unhealthy relationship? Do you want to see more of the women's business group?

And how badly do you want to watch the whole movie about Ham and Egger?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Bob's Burgers online right here via TV Fanatic!

Bob's Burgers airs Sundays at 9/8c on FOX.

Mommy Boy Review

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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

Teddy: Just do yourself a favor, watch it tonight. Love, loss, blood, revenge.
Louise: You had me at blood and revenge, Teddy.

I know all sequels are good, but this is amazing.