Coroner Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Fire Part 2

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Kelly is NOT Katie. We knew Kelly was dangerous, but finding out she wasn't, in fact, Jenny's sister, was the biggest surprise on Coroner Season 2 Episode 8.

She may not have been Jenny's sister, but Katie did make an appearance. Even before the scene in Dr. Sharma's office, it was pretty clear whose voice Jenny heard in her moment of peril. All roads lead back to Katie.

As much as Kelly being Katie would have worked in a full-circle kind of way, it also would have been contrived. It would have left us with more questions than answers.

Kelly Crowdfunding - Coroner Season 2 Episode 8

I know I just met you, but I kind of feel like I've known you my whole life. Like you're the sister I never had.


Better for Katie to have been a loving sister than this horrible person. Because Kelly is a horrible person; there is no way around that. She killed innocent people for insurance money. Then she tried to kill Jenny to cover it up.

It stinks that her childhood was so screwed up, but it doesn't excuse her behavior. She doesn't have to become Batman after seeing her parents die, but she doesn't have to become a murderer either!

(Actually, sometimes Batman is a murderer.)

There is a clear juxtaposition between Kelly and Jenny. Jenny's childhood was screwed up. She's suffered multiple traumas, which have caused her to sleepwalk and hallucinate.

However, she never intentionally hurt someone. She never tried to justify harmful and selfish behavior with her traumas.

Jenny Exhumes The Baby Corpse - Coroner Season 2 Episode 8

Jenny: You did this. You poisoned my father. You set the fire. You killed Ed. You killed all of those people. You did ... You ... My ...
Kelly: I knew if you saw your pills you'd take them.
Jenny: Those weren't my pills.
Kelly: It didn't need to be this way. I got a call that you were exhuming Robbie's body.
Jenny: It's not Robbie.
Kelly: You got me. It's not. Too bad you won't be able to prove it. All right. You'e probably getting sleepy and feeling great. Just give into it. Just give in. Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come here. Hey. I love you, and sweet Ross, and Gordon. You have no idea how lucky you are! My parents were murdered in front of me when I was a kid. I hid under the bed. All I ever wanted was a family. And you have one. And you are so obsessed with your work and with death that you don't even appreciate them. Yeah. Just give in, sweet girl. It's okay. Yeah, okay, there you go. Just let it go. You're tired because you've been sleepwalking. Remember the time you set the kitchen on fire. You just need to get some sleep. You will be better off. Everyone will be better off.

Kelly chose to hurt people. Nothing justifies that.

Even Liam, with all his PTSD issues, didn't really hurt Ross. Those scenes were terrifying, though. I was sure he was going to shoot Ross by accident.

According to the National Center For PTSD, "Individuals with PTSD are not dangerous.

Although PTSD is associated with an increased risk of violence, most Veterans and non-Veterans with PTSD have never engaged in violence."

This seemed relatively true of Liam until recently. However, he and Mal had a rather violent confrontation on Coroner Season 2 Episode 7.

Alison And Jenny 2x08 - Coroner Season 2 Episode 8

Liam: I was, uh, gonna patch the bathroom but uh, it's too far gone. So, uh, I have PTSD.
Jenny: I wanna fight for us.
Liam: I don't know how to get better if I stay here.
Jenny: I love you.
Liam: I love you too. Look at me. I'm sorry.
Jenny: It's okay.

We know Liam would never hurt Ross on purpose, but he didn't seem entirely aware of his surroundings. He was having flashbacks. And he had a gun!

I'm not sure whether I wanted to hug Ross or slap him for tackling Liam the way he did. He could have gotten killed! My heart was in my throat the whole time. Let's be grateful they both came out of if relatively unscathed.

Liam has finally admitted that he needs help. We're glad about that but sad that he's leaving.

I've never been sure what to make of his relationship with Jenny, to be honest. Sometimes it seems like the feelings are genuine. Other times it seems like they are using each other to numb their pain and process their traumas.

They both admitted to loving each other, which seems to imply the former. However, Liam knows that he needs to be on his own for a while. Hopefully, this isn't the end of their love story. Hopefully, we'll see Liam again.

Noor in Nature - Coroner Season 2 Episode 8

Noor: I feel like, in another world or another time, things would have been different.
McAvoy: It's this world, this time.

Speaking of love stories, McAvoy and Noor's story has come to an end. He seemed to care for her a lot, and she was far from indifferent to him. She still loved her husband, though, which makes sense.

The whole thing was very Casablanca-ish, with McAvoy as Rick Blaine, Noor as Isla Lund, and Noor's husband as Victor Laszlo.

We want Noor and McAvoy to have a happy ending, but it would feel selfish for Noor to leave her husband for this brief bit of Paris she and McAvoy found in the backseat of a car.

Noor's husband is a good guy, based on what Noor has told McAvoy. They deserve to start a life together, especially after losing their child.

Noor Comes Clean - Coroner Season 2 Episode 8

Noor: His name is Tesfe.
Jenny: She's the mother?
McAvoy: Yeah.
Noor: He's my son. I ... I killed my baby.

I did not expect the child to be Noor's, but it does tie up the plots rather nicely. It's a good thing, too, because it looked like Noor was in cahoots with Kelly before that.

Technically, she was, but not how we thought. She was a victim, not a villain, and she did the right thing in the end. Her story had a happy, if slightly bittersweet, ending. Now, she and her husband can start again together.

Sadly, this likely means we won't see Noor again. It's probably for the best. You never know, though. Maybe they'll bring her back at some point.

McAvoy couldn't take her to his sister's wedding, so taking Jenny was no real surprise, much as they tried to set it up as one. Who else would he take?

Jenny and McAvoy In The Community Garden - Coroner Season 2 Episode 8

McAvoy: We can arrest her for what she did to you.
Jenny: Yeah. But don't you want justice for all of her victims?
McAvoy: I'm a murder cop. It's kind of my whole thing. Yeah.

McAvoy and Jenny have a nice friendship. I mostly hope it stays that way. I wouldn't hate a romance, but I think I prefer them as buddy-cops.

The episode did seem to leave a few unanswered questions, the biggest being, why was Jenny sleepwalking?

Yes, this was addressed with Dr. Sharma. She said she was sleepwalking because she feared she was a bad person. Now that she's seen what an evil person is, i.e., Kelly, she knows that isn't her.

More than that, she feels like her sister forgave her. Now she can forgive herself.

It all seems neat, except that she worked out on Coroner Season 2 Episode 7 that she started sleepwalking when she met Kelly. Time passed between her learning the truth about her sister and her meeting Kelly.

McAvoy At The Commmunity Garden - Coroner Season 2 Episode 8

Dr. Sharma: When you imagine someone like that helping you in a moment of crisis, it's called third man syndrome.
Jenny: Third bunny. It's just a joke, it's just uh ... you know sometimes, I have this uncontrollable well of anger inside of me, and um, and it scares me, because of what I did to Katie. But I know now that I didn't mean to hurt her. I was just a kid.
Dr. Sharma: If you could go back now, what would you say to young Jenny?
Jenny: I would tell her, I would tell he she's a good person, and it's okay.

So why did meeting Kelly trigger her? Kelly really was a stranger who took advantage of her. Why would that make her start to sleepwalk?

What did you think of the finale, Fanatics?

Were you surprised that Kelly wasn't Katie? Did you think Liam was going to shoot Ross? How do you feel about everybody being single now? And why do you think Kelly triggered Jenny as she did?

Let us know in the comments, and remember, you can watch Coroner online right here via TV Fanatic.

Fire Part 2 Review

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Coroner Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I know I just met you, but I kind of feel like I've known you my whole life. Like you're the sister I never had.


Jenny: Are you sure there isn't anything I can do? I just, I feel bad not helping.
Kelly: Why do you feel bad when people take care of you?
Jenny: Oh, uh, I don't-
Kelly: No, wait. Don't answer that. That is too personal. You can do the beans.