A Wild Year On Earth Exclusive Clips: Owls and Turtles Make Good TV

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Do you like shows about nature?

If so, then BBC America might have the show you've been looking for!

A Wild Year on Earth is a six-part series narrated by Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey). It launched last week as part of the weekly programming event Wonderstruck, celebrating the elegance and power of our planet.

A Wild Year on Earth Owl

In the premiere episode, “The Year Begins,” the start of the year is a time of extremes across Earth. From the realm of the Polar Bear, the Arctic winds plunge the Northern Hemisphere into winter.

Creatures, miniscule and magnificent, are challenged by the conditions. While in the tropics, animals and humans have a different response to the season. Produced by Northern Pictures, the series chronicles the planet’s most spectacular events of migration, rebirth, and transformation over the course of a year.

Throughout the series, Carmichael reveals how the natural world and its creatures are connected to the Earth’s seasonal patterns, from melting icebergs in the Arctic, to one of the largest Asian elephant congregations in India, and across the seas to the annual coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.

Turtle on BBC America Doc

Here is the logline for Episode, “A Time of Renewal,” which airs Saturday, January 30 at 8/7c. 

In March, a wave of blooming Cherry Blossoms unfolds across Japan signaling the arrival of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

The longer days trigger dramatic events across the natural world. Whooper Swans overwintering in Japan are called northward. In India it’s time for one of the largest congregations of wild Asian elephants known on Earth.

The series offers a unique look at animals in their true habitat and how things change for them. BBC America gave us two exclusive clips to share with readers ahead of the next episode.

California Burrowing Owl on BBC America

Californian Burrowing Owl

This clip focuses on a, you guessed it, owl, but not just any owl. It's a Californian Burrowing Owl, and the clip focuses on him meeting his mate.

Was the video what you expected?!

Baby Turtle Hatch & Dash to Sea

The next clip focuses on a baby turtle hatching and its mad dash to the sea.

Have a look below.

What did you think of that one?

Hit the comments, and be sure to watch the new episode on Saturday. If you want to get caught up on the first episode, it should be available on-demand.

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