All American Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Seasons Pass

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Secrets, secrets, everywhere there are secrets.

It had been a busy summer for all. And now the fallout began on All American Season 3 Episode 1.

Let's start with Spencer because he's the superstar around whom everything evolves on this show.

Publicity Misstep -- Tall - All American Season 3 Episode 1

All American Season 2 ended with Spencer experiencing arm weakness after getting the doctor's all-clear to resume playing football.

That cliffhanger developed after Spence had made the magnanimous gesture of taking his talents back to South Crenshaw, betting that a successful football season would save his former school from being turned into a magnet school by Superintendent Carter.

Trouble at New Post - All American Season 3 Episode 1

Then he convinced Coach Billy, adrift after losing the Beverly post for covering up Asher's slipup, to take over that program since its former coach Corey was, well, dead.

It seemed like a win-win.

So Spencer and Olivia decided to keep his little setback private, not bothering to inform Billy, whose coaching life was on the line.

Was that the right move? No, it turned out.

Spencer must have avoided heavy bottles of beverages all summer since he had no relapse of the weak until he threw that punch at Jordan. That will teach him not to throw his whole weight into some teen angst.

Waiting For Big Event - All American Season 3 Episode 1

That blowup was inevitable, as the tension had been building for both Spencer and Jordan.

What was Billy thinking, letting Spence do an unsupervised interview? Especially after older pro athletes prove day after day that they can't give particularly articulate interviews.

The reporter had a slant in mind, which Spence added to with some ill-conceived quotes. He couldn't claim to be misquoted. At most, he has misparaphrased.

The Beverly team, particularly Jordan, felt abandoned by Spencer, even though he was transferring back to South Crenshaw for all the right reasons, using his fame to right a social wrong.

First, the featured football players aren't profound thinkers. JJ. Need I say more?

Twin Power - All American Season 3 Episode 1

Jordan was feeling particularly forsaken. First, his father leaves the family home, then follows his other "son" Spencer back to Crenshaw. 

And, as Dillon so eloquently explained, Jordan felt left behind by his "brother" Spencer, much as Dillon had while Spencer was playing in Beverly.

Finally, Simone ghosted him on her most important of days, when she was giving birth.

Jordan had been there for Simone right along after her baby daddy refused to take any responsibility. So she should have allowed him to be there at the finish line.

'Sure, Simone had plenty on her emotional plate without being concerned with Jordan's feelings. She was giving birth then immediately handing off her baby to his new adoptive parents.

Torn Between Two Homes - All American Season 3 Episode 1

Fortunately, since she was shutting out Jordan, it's a good thing her father was there to offer her some much-needed perspective.

Seriously, if Jordan hung around through all the turmoil of pregnancy, why did she think he would disappear afterward? She smartened up in the end. But she may have a point. What kind of relationship will they have now that they're not worrying about the baby?

While Jordan was worried about one woman, Spencer managed to get caught between two. But then, when isn't that the case?

Over the summer, Layla apparently got far enough in her recovery that she and Spencer rekindled their relationship in Vegas, of all places.

During the summer, the taboo simmering sexual tension between him and his "sister" Olivia ignited. And they've been avoiding each other ever since.

Project Finished - All American Season 3 Episode 1

Asher returned, and things settled into old patterns: Olivia and Asher, Layla and Spencer. But that moonie look that Olivia was giving Spencer probably will lead to trouble down the road.

Also, if Spencer isn't fully committed to Layla, what will that mean for her sobriety? She went on a rap tour with Coop and remained sober, so she could likely handle things falling apart with Spencer.

As always, Coop and Patience don't seem on that stable of ground. Patience left the tour and finally admitted that her departure had something to do with J.P., but she couldn't give details because of an NDA.

That sure sounds like J.P. might have hit on a woman the age of his daughter. And what will that mean for Coop and Layla's partnership if that comes out?

Back Together - All American Season 3 Episode 1

Coop isn't likely to press Patience much because she's got a bigger worry: Tyrone's lawyer sister Mo.

I don't buy for a minute that Mo saw the light and has forgiven Coop for her role in Tyrone's death. Mo got Tyrone out, but what will he have to do to pay her back?

Coop shouldn't relax for a minute.

Then there are the adults. Billy had no idea what he was stepping into at South Crenshaw. D'Angelo Carter was a former nerd who blamed the football team, especially Billy, for causing him to flee to boarding school.

Annual Tradition - All American Season 3 Episode 1

Now Carter is determined to make Billy's life miserable by imposing tough GPA standards to play football.

At least Billy and Laura are friendly again now that they are exes.

Since Billy and Grace are back in the same orbit, does anyone doubt something might develop between them, especially since she's dumped her barely seen professor boyfriend?

Life's never boring in Spencer's L.A.

Final Touches - All American Season 3 Episode 1

To revisit Spencer's journey, watch All American online.

Is Spencer playing with fire on all fronts?

Is Coop in for more drama?

Can Billy win at South Crenshaw?

Comment below.

Seasons Pass Review

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All American Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Spencer: Y'all gonna see plenty of me. Ain't nothin' gonna change.
Jordan: Except the color of your jersey. And winning the state title this year.

Spencer: Coming back home to Crenshaw after being in Beverly, the city just hits differently. I like sitting here, getting to slowly enjoy it again.
Chris: I'm hot and I'm tired. Whatever nostalgic Kool-Aid you're sipping on, I want no part of that. I just want to get to Beverly before next year.