Coyote Season Finale Review: Reaching For Help

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It took Ben a long while to find his way back to the right side of the law.

After Coyote Season 1 Episode 5 and Coyote Season 1 Episode, the question was whether Ben would survive in his role as a mole inside the Zamora cartel.

Poor Ben has yet to figure out that his every move is being watched when he's out and about, mostly by Sultan.

Back in Uniform -- Tall - Coyote Season 1 Episode 5

That wasn't the case when Ben was at the crappy trailer on Javy's cabin site since Garrett could walk right in without causing any fuss. At least Garrett knew enough to park a ways away then hike in.

A year previously, the opening scene, with Ben rescuing a Tonk from drowning, then arresting him, was informative about their relationship.

First Impressions - Coyote Season 1 Episode 5

A rawer Garrett hadn't been taking his BP job that seriously. It took an encounter with a hard-ass mentor such as Ben, who had decades of experience to share, to put him back on the right path.

Garrett's frustration with Ben finally boiled over, which was only fair.

Ben knew that only one of his former coworkers would be there for him -- Garrett. Everyone else treated Ben as a dinosaur.

That was accurate since Ben was hardly a politically correct animal in the modern Border Patrol.

Still, Ben had been working Garrett's last nerve lately.

Renewed Threat - Coyote Season 1 Episode 5

First, Ben had him racing all along the border, only so Ben could hand off a pregnant illegal woman seeking asylum to her.

Then Ben ran back at El Catrin's command to protect his family. He ducked and ducked and ducked Garrett, who had to stash Maria at Ben's apartment.

Also, Frank was missing, and Ben wasn't there for Jill and Katie.

Finally, Garrett got an unfriendly visit from Holly, the HSI agent, who filled him in on what Ben may have been doing.

Ben had been trying to keep Garrett ignorant for his own good. But not knowing had put Garrett's career in jeopardy.

Cartel Brain Trust -- Tall - Coyote Season 1 Episode 6

So Garrett rightfully went south to confront Ben, interrupting him during one of his periodic attempts at cabin resurrection.

Now Ben was right to attempt to get Garrett out of the danger zone. If rundown gringo Ben stood out, how much more obvious would talking toothpaste-ad Garrett be?

Of course, Garrett's friendly questioning would appear to be interrogation to Ben. Garrett was too green to have the finesse to probe such as a wily warhorse as Ben.

I don't think Garrett was there for Holly. He just wanted to understand what he had stepped in.

He also needed to take Ben's advice when Ben told him to leave, quickly, following Mazo's arrival.

New at the Table - Coyote Season 1 Episode 6

Was anyone else surprised that Garrett survived?

It was clear Mazo didn't like the arrogant gringo who had invaded his territory uninvited.

The only thing that saved Garrett was that Ben introduced him not as his former migra partner but as his daughter's boyfriend (Garrett should have told Ben sooner).

Then again, Ben has been holding out big time on Garrett.

The scene with Ben and Mazo swapping teen tales was fascinating; two men who had been bypassed by time.

Son's Ultimatum - Coyote Season 1 Episode 6

Ben also discovered that Javy had been involved in running guns for Javy, creating a jumping-off point for the final episode.

These final two episodes painted a more nuanced portrait of El Catrin, aka Juan Diego.

El Catrin is a character from the Mexican board game Lotterias, symbolizing a well-dressed man with sophistication and high class. He is called that behind his back.

Juan Diego was on his way to a normal life, attending college in the States when he got called home to take over the family cartel when his impetuous older brother Mazo got imprisoned.

His forward-thinking has been good for the family and business. Mazo resents the hell out of him for that.

One Night as a Kid - Coyote Season 1 Episode 6

Dante was another victim of Mazo's blunders. He was a good-hearted boy who wasn't allowed to experience the world by Mazo, who also resented Dante's close relationship with Juan Diego.

On the upside, he has become heir apparent thanks to Mazo's being yanked from possible ascension. 

Dante still cared enough about his father to allow Mazo to confess to Juan Diego about the gun-running. After all, El Catrin already knew that Mazo was doing something off the books that got him thrown in detention.

He still seemed to be in a relationship with artist Esme, which is an intriguing pairing for any future season.

Unexpected Leader - Coyote Season 1 Episode 6

Sultan seems to know which side his bread is buttered as he reported Ben's movements to his because Dante, not to El Catrin.

Ben may not be a big-picture thinker, but he is dogged. Helping Val with her yard sale gave him access to Javy's paperwork, which led to the map that allowed him to locate that tunnel at the junkyard.

What was that tunnel all about? The guns are likely stashed behind that locked door. But whose body was embedded in the wall?

Ben finally asked for help way too late in the game, negotiating with Holly like any skel that has gotten caught.

Should Ben have brought Garrett in sooner?

When will Frank's fate be revealed?

Since the season ended on a cliffhanger, do you want more of Coyote?

Comment below.

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Coyote Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Garrett: Clemens, he's swimming back to Mexico. Let him go.
Ben: None of these fuckers can swim.

As long as you're working with me, your sole job is to make my life easier.

Ben [to Garrett]