Days of Our Lives Round Table: Chad Cheats on Abigail!

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Chad cheated on Abigail with Gwen, Jake dumped Kate, Eli and Lani named their twins, and all of Salem rung in the New Year!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Stephanie and Kathy from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Chad's behavior, Jake's decision, if Ben should leave Salem, which characters they'd love to see return, and more…

Chad cheated on Abigail with Gwen because he thought Abigail was cheating on him with Jake. React!

Stephanie: Chad deserves to reap whatever consequences are coming his way. He did nothing to further investigate whether his theory about Jake and Abigail was correct and instead, only relied on circumstantial evidence and Gwen's lies as proof.

He also proved that he had no faith or trust in Abigail when he told Gwen that he thinks she uses her mental illness as a way to do what she wants and get away with it. His actions were despicable, and he deserves to end up alone.

Jack: Ugh. This was a super low for me. Between Chad being so distrustful of Abigail and the offensive things he said while he was drunk, I could barely watch these scenes.

I used to like Chad! Now, I'm rooting for Abigail to dump him and never look back. That's how awful this was.

Chad Goes Missing - Days of Our Lives

Kathy: Chad needs professional help so he can sort out his feelings about Abigail. His fear that Abby is cheating with Jake is just the surface of the much deeper misgivings he has about his wife.

Gwen was able to bring all his insecurities to the surface.

Christine: Wow! Who knew that Chad was so distrustful and holding onto such resentment against his wife. Or that he was attracted to Gwen because he wouldn't have slept with her otherwise.

I almost had some respect for Gwen for being able to manipulate Chad so well, but then again, he made it far too easy.

Chad will use being drunk as an excuse, but being intoxicated just removed all of his inhibitions, brought out what he really thought and felt, and let him do what he wanted. I hope Abigail dumps him because he deserves it.

Jake Comes Clean/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Was Jake right to break things off with Kate? Do you think they'll get back together?

Stephanie: I think Jake was right to break things off with Kate. I was actually impressed that he was smart enough to realize that their relationship will most likely never go any farther than just having secret trysts in hotel rooms and at his garage.

I hope they don't get back together because I don't see much of a future for this relationship. If Jake wants to have a real and meaningful relationship, then he needs to find someone whose heart is in it just as much as his is.

Jack: It was so refreshing to see someone have enough self-respect to walk away from someone who refuses to honor their relationship enough to even admit publicly that it exists.

Of course, this is Soapland, so it's probably not going to last. If they DO get back together, I hope it's because of Kate offering a huge mea culpa and realizing that she's been putting too much weight on other people's opinions (which I still think is out of character for her, but anyway.)

Kathy: I think Jake was right to end things with Kate. Who wants to be with someone who is ashamed of you or thinks you are less than?

Jake recognizes that their relationship is not long term, so I'm not sure if they will get back together. It is all up to Kate having a change of attitude, but I'm not sure that will ever happen.

Christine: I was proud of Jake. He admitted his real feelings for Kate but won't put up with being treated like her dirty little secret just to be with her.

Now, will Kate smarten up and admit she wants to be with Jake? I hope so. I think they make a fun couple, but Kate has to be willing to be in a real, honest relationship for that to happen, and Jake shouldn't compromise on that.

Naming the Twins - Days of Our Lives

What did you think of the names of Eli and Lani's twins? Carver Malcolm Grant and Julia Harriet Grant.

Stephanie: While it was predictable that the twins would end up being named after people in their family since that is the tradition on Days of Our Lives, I'm glad that Eli and Lani chose variants of family names instead of just repeating them.

It was better than having the names Alice and Isabelle used for the fifth time. It's also nice that each middle name is also the name of an influential black person like Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman.

Jack: I loved the reasoning behind the names, though their late son is already named after Abe. (David ABRAHAM).

I'm probably the only one who realizes that Malcolm was also Mr. Woods, the teacher that was a big part of the Last Blast Generation's lives, first name. Of course, that's not why the Grants named their son that, but I thought it was an interesting coincidence.

Also, I love the fact that Lani and Eli discussed names that are important in Black history and chose middle names reflective of important Black figures. This is the first time I can think of a soap with an African American couple ever referencing Black history and culture.

Even though Lani is not my favorite character, I like that she and Eli are a Black American couple rather than just another couple that happens to be Black. I'm surprised they didn't consider any traditional African names for their kids, though.

Kathy: The names are fine. I'm glad they chose Jules as a nickname for the little girl. I agree with Julie. Big Julie and little Julie is too much.

Christine: I loved the names and the thought that went into them. Carver Malcolm and Julia Harriet are the perfect mix of honoring their family and their culture. I think Days got this one right.

Abigail's Stunning Revelation/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Kate said Jennifer was "judgmental, unforgiving, and self-righteous". Was she right?

Stephanie: I think Kate is right to a point. Jennifer was pretty unforgiving when it came to Jack's one-night stand with Kate. At the same time, though, she had the right to feel angry and betrayed.

Jack: Jennifer can be those things when she's left to her own devices. LOL. Remember how she was with Daniel?

THAT version of Jennifer was not pleasant, and she was starting to come back around to that with the way she was acting about her "proof" that Jack and Kate slept together.

Of course, this time, she had some help from Gwen to be like that, but that's beside the point.

Kathy: Kate was a little harsh. Jennifer has a more forgiving nature than Kate gives her credit for. Actually, 'judgmental, unforgiving and self-righteous" describes Kate more than Jennifer.

Christine: I grew up loving Jennifer Rose, but Kate was spot on. Over the last several years, Jennifer has frequently been all of those things.

She can be quick to judge, slow to forgive, and has a self-righteous streak that rival's Eric Brady's, and that's saying something.

Much like Eric, Jenn is often treated like a saint who can do no wrong, and that's what bugs me most of all.

A Special Gift/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Should Ben leave Salem to find Ciara? If not, what should he do in Salem?

Stephanie: If all Ben is going to do is keep moping around town mourning over Ciara, then yes. He should leave Salem and join Hope in the hunt for her.

If he is going to stay, he should get a job, if he doesn't still have the one at Jake's garage, that is, and find a way to move on with his life.

Jack: I really have no opinion other than that Ben needs to do something besides mourn Ciara. They were clingy enough when she was definitely alive.

It's worse now that she's missing/presumed dead. I'd like him to have a storyline outside of his relationship with Ciara, like figuring out how to move on with his life and what he really wants to do.

Kathy: When the time is right, I think Ciara will find her own way home. Ben should try and build the repair business with Jake. Build a life.

Christine: This is highlighting the weaknesses in Ben and Ciara's relationship; it's that they were each other's only real storyline.

Ben needs to have something, anything, that doesn't revolve around Ciara. Even when she's supposedly dead, she's still the only thing he thinks and talks about, and it's boring.

If Ciara isn't coming back for a while, then Ben needs his own story, or he should hit the road with Hope for the foreseeable future.

Rafe and Carrie Hook Up Again - Days of Our Lives

So many characters have come and gone from Salem. Which characters, including ones who have been gone from Salem for years, would you like to see return permanently?

Stephanie: I would like to see Carrie come back for a while since the show built this whole storyline about her and Austin breaking up the last time she was on, had her have one night of romance with Rafe, and then sent her right back out the door.

I always thought Carrie and Rafe were a good couple, so it would be interesting to see them get together for a while. We also never met her son since she gave birth off-screen, and Carrie has never brought him back to Salem on her brief visits.

I think it would also be interesting to bring back Allie's twin, Johnny, now that she is permanently on the show. I would like to see where he is with his life now that the two of them are all grown up.

Others I would like to see again someday include Theresa, Stephanie, Melanie, and Chelsea.

Paige Pretends She Doesn't Care - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I want JJ to come back for more than a few episodes! I was so excited by the news he was returning, and then it was so short-lived.

And while we're at it, I would rather Paige be resurrected than Ciara, and this time JJ and Paige's relationship be given the respect it deserves.

As for older characters, now that Sarah is back, how about Melissa joins her?

Also, I'm disappointed that Joey disappeared to work with Stephanie in Seattle instead of Stephanie returning to Salem. I wouldn't mind if Chelsea, Max, and Frankie came back.

Finally, my all-time favorite older character: Jo Johnson. I know the original actress playing her died. Still, the character is supposedly alive, and it makes no sense that she never returned for Jack's resurrection, Adrienne's death, or Steve thinking he's Stefano. It's beyond time to recast and rectify that!

Chelsea and Stephanie

Kathy: I would like to see Melissa and Nathan return. Nathan could fill a doctor role at the hospital. It would be interesting to see how Melissa would react to Victor and Xander. Her mother and sister seem to have similar taste in men.

I also like seeing Tony and Anna - maybe not all the time but once in a while. Anna is capable of cutting through Salem bs.

Christine: I was hoping that Stephanie would return instead of Joey. I'd love to see Steve interact with his daughter once again. I wouldn't mind seeing Melanie once again. It could be fun to see her interact with Maggie, Victor, Philip, and Xander.

And Chelsea and grandma Kate could be an entertaining, devilish pairing.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from Days of Our Lives New Year's week?

Stephanie: I liked the fact that Anna was back since she brought us one step closer to finally finding out why Gwen is so intent on ruining Abigail's family.

I also enjoyed finding out what Eli and Lani named the twins. It's always fun to find out what names characters will choose for their new babies!

Jack: Tony and Anna cracked me up several times. I hope these two stay awhile. I loved Tony's sarcastic responses to Anna's suspicions about Gwen and her over-the-top response to it, especially this Days of Our Lives quote:


Tony: Anna, you're not being helpful.
Anna: No, Tony, you're the one who is not being helpful. You want Abigail to stick her head in the sand while this woman takes her husband and her life!
Tony: Stick her head... what exactly are you hoping to find? A file marked 'My Secret Plan?'
Anna: It wouldn't surprise me. I've found weirder things in this house.

I also couldn't help laughing at their response to Kate being annoyed with them. They were positively giddy about having struck a nerve.

Beyond that, I liked Jake standing up to Kate and making it clear that he wasn't going ahead with sneaking around with her anymore.

Kathy: I liked seeing Jennifer and Jack starting to have doubts about Gwen. Anna's doubts leading to a search of Gwen's room. Jake confronting and breaking up with Kate.

Christine: I always love the conversations between Jack and Xander, two sort-of reformed bad boys who will never get it entirely right. And Steve and John agreeing to work together was a definite highlight. 

Jack and Jenn finally having a conversation and putting the pieces together about Gwen's lies was satisfying.

Jake standing up for himself and not putting up with Kate's bs was great, and I loved hearing Eli and Lani figure out what to name their twins.

Steve and John Team Up - Days of Our Lives

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