Nurses Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Friday Night Legend

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We finally have a reason to like Ashley! Watching her with Phillis on Nurses Season 1 Episode 3 was cute, but seeing her fall apart after losing a patient helped us see why she chose to be a nurse in the first place.

Up until this point, Ashley has been a bit of a snarky complainer. She's quick to criticize others, but we haven't really seen her do something.

Now we have. She stayed late for a patient when it wasn't required because the patient wanted her there. Phillis was a hoot, and we get why Ashley liked her.

Ashley and Phillis - Nurses Season 1 Episode 3

Caro: I know that look
Ashley: What, the uh, the look of drunk?
Caro: Who died?
Ashley: Phillis room 309-B. She was, uh, she was funny.
Caro: You lost a patient before?
Ashley: No, and I don't get it, I mean it's not like she was a child.
Caro: Doesn't matter. I was a mess after a house call for a man who fell down his stairs. He was 93. You learn to recognize the look.
Ashley: Yeah, maybe I don't want to.

We get why Phillis liked Ashley too. When she puts her mind to it, she can be very sweet.

As happy as Ash seemed to have the night to hang with Wolf, once she learned Phillis had passed, the night was ruined for her. We saw her really feel and be vulnerable, which we haven't seen much of.

Sure, she coped with grief by drinking, but that's pretty common. So long as she isn't on call the next day, more power to her. She needed something to deal with the sting of losing a patient. Thankfully, Caro came by and cheered her up.

That's right, we've got a new ship to ship, folks. Sure, Caro said she doesn't date people she works with, but I don't buy it.

Meet Caro - Nurses Season 1 Episode 3

Ashley: It wasn't a drunk dare. I mean, I used to, um, talk to God and Jesus in my head all day long. Every day, every decision. It didn't, didn't really feel religious, you know? Until it did. I got gay. And I hated the hate, but that deeper sense of meaning, how do you replace that? Where's Phillis? So that's why no fishbowl.
Caro: Well, it's too bad because you're really good at making a joke out of everything else.

That was a steamy kiss they shared, and if they wanted it to be a random one-time deal, they wouldn't have made Caro Ash's colleague. This story is going to keep building, and I'm here for it.

Interestingly, Ash used to be religious. It's a shame she had to lose that connection when she came out. Maybe she'll find a balance at some point.

She may not know what she believes right now, but we believe in her, as a good nurse, is nothing else.

Naz, it seems, struggles a bit with her choice to be a nurse, and who could blame her? Her life back in India sounds pretty amazing.

Naz Hears The Music - Nurses Season 1 Episode 3

I do get why you don't wanna do the surgery. I mean the risks. The idea of losing your ability to sing when that's what really makes you feel alive. I don't have that. I think I like nursing, I don't know. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here. Back home I had a personal driver. And the food! No winter plus so much attention, which I love. I really loved that life, but it changed after my brother. Then, the parties, the glamour, it all turned. And I was, you know like those music boxes? The ballerina spins around, perfect every time, and then you realize, she's trapped inside it.


We didn't miss the mention of her brother. Hopefully, soon, we'll learn more about what happened to him. It sounded like he died, but you can never assume with these things.

It isn't uncommon for people to go into the medical field after losing someone. Hopefully, we'll learn more about Naz's choice to go into medicine. I have faith. They've done a good job at teaching us about her so far.

I'm still not entirely sure how her story got to that opera singer. It was touching, but it seemed like a bit of a stretch to apply the experience Naz was relating to that particular patient's situation.

It's a good thing Naz could see the patient's point of view. It isn't easy to get why someone wouldn't want to prevent a cancerous growth.

The Opera Singer - Nurses Season 1 Episode 3

Naz: You are so much more likable when you talk. No, honestly, you should keep doing it. Really. You have a great laugh.
Opera Singer: If there's a chance to sing and laugh too, that's the sweet spot. I know I might never sing after tomorrow, like actual singing, but I don't want to be that spinning ballerina.

Losing your voice, your reason for being, livelihood would be terrifying. But cancer is way worse. How many successful opera singers have cancer? You can't succeed at that while you're on chemo.

The story seemed to resolve too quickly, and the patient seemed like an entirely different person after she started talking. It also would have been nice if they delved more into the issue of consent being taken back from a patient.

The doctor was right that she needed the operation, but Naz was right that she was saying no, and they needed to respect that.

She and Dr. Kaplan clashed well, so hopefully, we'll see them butt heads again.

Naz Meets Dr. Kaplan - Nurses Season 1 Episode 3

Dr. Kaplan: She signed the consent form, so.
Naz: But now she's saying no. This isn't consent.

Overall, Naz's story could have been handled better, but it was good to learn more about her.

Keon's storyline was pretty minor this episode, and we barely saw Wolf at all. Hopefully, we'll see more of them on the next episode.

The person we saw most of was Grace. Her storyline was multifaceted.

We got to see some of her relationship with her boyfriend, the engaged one, and we learned he's a lawyer for her old hospital.

Grace Tries To Help "Marco Polo" - Nurses Season 1 Episode 3

We're told not to bring our work home with us. Nor to bring our home to work with us. We're told that we have to set our own turbulent world aside for the day, place it on a shelf with all of our worries and fears, pick it up and dust it off when we get home after a long shift. We're told our private life shouldn't affect the care we give. But who we are, where we come from, this is how we care. The impossible conundrum of caring for others when we don't have the first clue how to care for ourselves.


It's surprising that he wouldn't urge her to seek legal action against the doctor who assaulted her. Unless, of course, he doesn't know. If it turns out he does, and he's the one who told her not to pursue it, then he's an a$$.

Speaking of assault, Grace's patient, Devon, accidentally knocked her into something.

She's no worse for wear, but she didn't react well to people wanting her to report the assault. Clearing, it's triggering for what happened with Dr. Hamilton.

The therapist type person she talked to was awesome, and hopefully, we'll see more of her. It'll be great if she can help Grace. Maybe she can even get her to come forward.

Grace Treats Devon - Nurses Season 1 Episode 3

Grace: A sick patient accidentally hit me. I was scared, and then Security showed up. I got up, and everyone made a really big deal about it.
Rori: Is it not a big deal?
Grace: No! It's not. It's the job. And if I was somebody who couldn't handle it, I would have changed careers, okay? Nurses take crap from patients, they take crap from doctors, and then we make it about the patient because that's what matters.
Rori: Doesn't it all matter? The patient? The doctors? You? Don't you matter?

Grace's past with Dr. Hamilton is not going away, especially now that he's coming to St. Mary's. His hospital, Grace's old hospital, The General, is merging with St. Mary's and one other hospital.

It's horrible that she'll have to deal with that a$$hat again, but at least they aren't just dropping what happened to her as something that happened. With the hospitals merging, you know the truth will come out.

Over to you, Fanatic. What do you think happened to Naz's brother? Do you like Ashley more now? And what will this merger mean for Grace?

Let us know in the comments, and remember, you can watch Nurses online right here via TV Fanatic.

Nurses airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

Friday Night Legend Review

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Naz (After her patient rings a bell for her)

People like to compare nurses to saints; do-gooders selflessly caring for others. Problem with this is, it's just not human. And, I mean, how can you not make a total mess of your personal life when the job takes everything you've got?