The Challenge's Natalie Anderson Reveals Heartbreaking Story Behind Her Shocking Exit

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Viewers of MTV's The Challenge were thrown for a loop on Wednesday night when it was revealed that Natalie Anderson was "no longer cleared" to compete.

While the hit reality series did not shed light on the reason for her departure, Natalie revealed what went down in a new interview with Us Weekly.

Anderson explained that she bowed out of the series after she found that she and Devin Perez, her boyfriend, were expecting a baby.

Natalie Anderson on The Challenge

The reality TV star suffered a miscarriage shortly after exiting the series.

While filming the series, Natalie realized her period was late, and that producers subsequently had her take a pregnancy test.

"It was like this weird wave of happiness, shock, surprise, disappointment. I didn't even process what I was actually feeling," the Survivor alum recalled.

"I was just like, 'How am I pregnant? I want to win this money!' I love my boyfriend, but he's not here. It was just the most awkward way to find out you're pregnant, because it could have been an amazing feeling, but I didn't have the opportunity to feel like that because I was just so confused and torn about having to leave the game, but also was super excited and happy."

Natalie Anderson on Survivor

Upon arriving home, Natalie said that she was able to "breathe and embrace the pregnancy in a way that I hadn't felt while I was out there."

She subsequently learned that she was eight weeks along, but she started experiencing painful cramping shortly after the appointment with her doctor.

"I went through a miscarriage, and it was really difficult because I had just kind of come to peace with leaving the game and saying goodbye to the competition of the challenge, which I love, came back home and changed my mindset into this new journey," she continued.

"And that was then taken away from me. It was hard for me."

Natalie Anderson Instagram Shot

Anderson said that she was "dreading" her episodes of the series hitting the air because of having to relive the experience.

"I did everything that I could in my power to kind of make peace with my journey, and I'm just really proud of where I am right now and where we are together," she added.

Natalie was a force on Double Agents since its December premiere, becoming the first female to earn a skull to qualify her to run in the final.

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