The Resident Round Table: Are You Nervous About the CoNic Pregnancy?

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CoNic shippers are rejoicing!

It was a lot to love about The Resident Season 4 Episode 2, but one of the biggest shockers was Conrad and Nic's baby news!

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Meaghan Frey, and Rachel Foertsch as they discuss the hour.

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CoNic is pregnant! Do you think it's too soon or perfect timing? Are you excited? Worried?

Carissa: I'm not sure. I HOPE this isn't a "miscarriage throws a wrench into their relationship" trope because it's overused and offensive. If they write in the pregnancy, then let's have a baby CoNic. That's where I stand, no matter how it plays out.

Meaghan: Like Carissa, I am PRAYING they do not go down the miscarriage route. CoNic have endured so many bumps in the road already, and that would feel like such a slap in the face when they literally just got their happy ending. Give them at least a season before you throw any more obstacles at them.

Rachel: I wish they wouldn't have made Nic pregnant just yet because it would be nice for them to take a step back and have room to breathe. They just got married, and I would've liked them to settle into that for a while.

I didn't even consider that they would make it a miscarriage, but like everyone else, that's not something I'd want to see. The timing of it does make me wonder what their plans are.

Mina and AJ have different stances on whether or not Cain is redeemable. Who do you agree with more? Will this drive a wedge between Mina and AJ professionally/romantically?

Carissa: I stand with Mina. I assume that her upbringing elsewhere ensures she doesn't use the race card as a get out of jail free card. She bases everything on merit, and she recognizes that Cain has none outside of his surgical capabilities.

As for Mina and AJ, I think the idea is to worry us that the wrench has been planted, but I think they'll come through beautifully. They learned long ago to stand tall in the face of adversity between them. That's why they always carried a torch for one another. For anyone else, I'd be worried, but I'm not here.

AJ Conflicted - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

Meaghan: Mina is 100% right in this situation. I'm all for a good redemption arc, but Cain has long passed the point where it would make sense for the character. Cain had so many chances to show us he is more than the vain money-hungry narcissist that we met when he first was introduced, yet he has failed to do so at every turn.

I don't think that it will cause any real problems in their relationship. AJ respects Mina too much from a professional standpoint to let this impact his view of her. Their romantic relationship is so deeply rooted in their professional relationship that I couldn't see it impacting that aspect either.

Unfortunately, I think AJ needs to learn the hard way how Cain isn't the horse to bet on, which he will, and when he does, Mina will be there to soften the blow.

Mina's Secret - tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

Rachel: I absolutely agree with Mina. I was fuming at AJ the entire episode. Even if Cain can be redeemed, which I don't buy into, he should never be allowed to practice medicine again. Cain is essentially killing patients for money, and there's no way to defend that.

I don't think this will drive too much of a wedge between Mina and AJ, but I was pretty underwhelmed with how they're writing their relationship so far.

They spent so much time building up to them, and all within the span of two episodes, AJ and his girlfriend broke up, Mina and AJ fell into bed together, and now they're officially dating? I just expected more fumbling before they reached this point.

Logan is out, and there's no new CEO. What are your predictions and speculation regarding Chastain's future?

Carissa: Given the dude from Dawson Creek's role in the whole thing, I am betting they will try to close Chastain, but our crew will give them a run for the money. I don't have a lot of thoughts on it, but I hope that Cain suffers as a result of it all. Pretty please?

Conrad: Getting fired can be a beautiful thing trust me. Now you and I can have that in common.
Logan: Hey, hang on tight Dr. Hawkins. It's going to be even uglier around here; trust me.

Meaghan: I can't imagine they'd bring Kerr Smith in for a one or two-episode arc, so I think this is going to be a drawn-out battle through the rest of the season.

I can't see how the doctors will get around this one without finding a new backer, though. Maybe Conrad's dad will come into play somehow as he would have more financial connections than anyone.

Rachel: They must be trying to shut down Chastain. Why else wouldn't they bother giving them a new CEO? I am excited because I think this will be a fun story to delve into, so I'm interested to see how it all plays out.

Fall of Logan Kim - Tall  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

Did Devon overstep with Nichelle, or did you understand why he was so vocal after what happened to his father?

Carissa: Devon didn't overstep with Nichelle. She put people at risk and took up valuable time of highly skilled professionals when it could've gone elsewhere to better effect.

Nichelle is an egotistical politician whose first thought was self-preservation. Conrad seems to think she'll be just great for the city and state, but someone like that isn't good for anyone but themselves.

Congresswoman - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

Meaghan: He said exactly what he needed to say.

Sometimes as a healthcare professional, you have to be brutally honest with your patients for their own good. It wasn't just her health on the line, but her driver/lover too. He also wasn't given an accurate diagnosis because of the lie, and he could have ended up heading down the same path as her eventually.

I think it is also a good lesson for viewers to learn. It is extremely common for people to lie or withhold the truth from their healthcare providers for fear of judgment, but in doing so, it prevents them from doing their job properly.

I promise you good doctors/PAs/APRNs, nurses, CNAs, etc., will never judge you, but they need the whole truth to help you.

You lied to us. We have sick people out there who need our attention but we were stuck here wading through your nonsense.


Rachel: I'm with Devon. Nichelle lying to her doctors put everyone in danger. Not only did she take up the time of the hospital staff and send them on a wild goose chase, but she could've endangered them.

What if she had something fatal and contagious? If you don't give your doctors all the information, you're putting them, the other patients, and yourself at risk. She was behaving selfishly.

Brotherhood - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

What is your first impression of Jake? Do you think he and Bell can repair their relationship?

Carissa: I didn't think much of him. Yes, he spent years working through losing Bell, but after everything we've just gone through, it would be nice if people would think of others before themselves just once, you know?

For the first time ever, Bell was doing that. He wasn't making amends for himself but because he finally realized how damaging his inaction was to a boy he loved. It will probably work out in the end.

Seriously, 20 years go by, and you want to see what I'm up to? What do you want, Dolph?


Meaghan: Like Carissa, Jake didn't make too much of an impression, other than the fact that I love him from his How To Get Away With Murder days. I don't think there is a chance that they brought in the storyline just things not to resolve between them, but it'll take time to get there.

Rachel: I'm such a huge Bell fan now that I hate when people are hard on him. On the one hand, I understand that he sometimes deserves it. If we forgot how bad Bell was when the show started, it wouldn't be as satisfying to watch him where he is now.

But, as Carissa said, it would be nice if Jake could just take the hand Bell was extending. People make mistakes; you should let them try and fix them.

Bell's Past - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

Is there anything else you'd like to mention that we haven't discussed already?

Carissa: I'm thrilled that Kit has a stronger presence this season and enjoyed how adamant she was to see the Red Rock guy to get some answers. She has a feeling in her gut that is likely to be right, and she was the only person willing to work for the answers.

Meaghan: I am extremely happy that the writers aren't just blowing past Devon's grief. I think that with so much hurt and anger in the world after the past year, we are going to see a lot more authentic portrayals of grief on television than we have in the past.

We are getting it with Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and now with The Resident. Good writers will always find a way to take inspiration from the world around them and use it to strengthen the writing on their shows, and this is what we see here.

When the resident was rereading his notes he started to cry, and I said to him," look, we all have that patient we know we could've saved," and he said to me, "if only it had just been one," There had been dozens.


Rachel: I'm just happy that Kit is back. She was so in and out last season, which is a shame. She definitely seems like she'll play a major role in this storyline, and I couldn't be more excited for it.

Forever Friend  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

What was your favorite moment or quote from the hour?

Carissa: Mina standing up against Cain, damn the consequences. It's admirable and worthy of accolades.

Deny all you want, but you will be held responsible for this Logan Kim isn't here to protect you anymore.

Meaghan: Conrad's reaction to Nic's pregnancy news. It was so authentically Conrad, and I couldn't help but laugh. Those two truly are the heart of the show!

Rachel: I'm with Meaghan! Conrad's smile lights up a room; it just does. His reaction to the news was funny and heartfelt, and I was grinning the entire time.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Give the questions a whirl below!

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