The Stand Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Fear and Loathing in New Vegas

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Details are important. We're not getting them in this adaptation of The Stand, and it matters.

Then again, maybe The Stand doesn't stand up in 2021. I'm open to that being the case despite my love of the novel.

The Stand Season 1 Episode 5 had very little drama because actions were so predictable that nothing surprised. And when the predictable actions come from characters' stupidity, it's not fun to watch.

The Second-Hand Man and His Sweet Buns - The Stand

Let's start on home turf in Boulder. Frannie had a gut feeling that Harold was up to something.

Wrangling Larry to search Harold's house wouldn't have been a bad plan if Frannie wasn't so stupid. Why did she think that inviting Harold to her house would be a good idea?

Lloyd Living Large - The Stand Season 1 Episode 5

If she can't read that situation, how did she manage to read that Harold might be up to something? I was mortified for Frannie as she flashed her insincere smiles at Harold from the moment he entered until he left.

She was awkwardly carrying on a conversation with Harold without a genuine recollection of the time they shared in their hometown. She was never his friend, so pretending to be interested in Harold didn't do her cause any favors.

Even Larry failed to read what was going on with Nadine.

Given everything they've experienced with dreams about both Mother Abigail and Flagg when Nadine asked for him to sleep with her so that "he" didn't have a hold over her anymore, he should have listened.

Mirror Image - The Stand Season 1 Episode 5

He's had some reservations about Nadine. Surely, he has. She's never fully bought into caring for Joe or the all-powerful Mother Abigail.

It was a conversation with Mother Abigail that made Nadine realize there might be hope for her to escape Flagg's clutches.

Hell, if she is willing to let go of a man who has influenced her since the age of 12 and literally makes her legs buckle in anticipation if you catch my drift, then she might have been redeemed had Larry taken her up on the offer.

Larry thought he was doing the right thing by staving off her advances, but it was his inability to consider the nexus of her appeal that loses him points.

Disappointed - The Stand Season 1 Episode 5

It's no surprise that Mother Abigail is pissed at Nick, either. They arrived in Boulder at her urging. They trusted her implicitly until they decided that she doesn't know enough to keep them safe, apparently.

How did they not consider that Flagg would know their every move outside of Boulder? He can infiltrate the town, too, or else he couldn't communicate with the people inside.

The only way that Tom Cullen has escaped his clutches is because he's slow. There is something about his mental faculties that keeps Flagg in the dark.

But Dayna didn't do Tom any favors by leading Julie and Lloyd to his location. What made her think Tom could read? Was it the M O O N spells I can't read that made her use a friggin' note to warn him away from New Vegas?

The Grand Tour - The Stand Season 1 Episode 5

Argh. It's as if all of the novel's worst moments are accentuated since the details are overlooked. The Stand was definitely worthy of further exploration on screen, but I have to disagree that it should have been done in another limited series.

This story deserved a longer format that would have allowed the story and the consequences of good and evil to unfold at the same rate readers enjoyed it and in the same linear fashion.

And why, oh why does every post-apocalyptic scenario of ne'er do wells always include rampant kinky sex, people with bad teeth, and bodies being ground up before our eyes? Rock music and a love of sex mean you're evil? Well, shoot, ya know what I mean?

Some of this story should have been updated to allow it to stand apart from other, similar works. It feels dated, and not in a fun, walk down memory lane way.

The Main Event - The Stand Season 1 Episode 5

The Boulder committee needs to think smarter. They might be a little too impressed with themselves to achieve that any time soon.

Harold gave them the lift they needed by urging Boulder to appoint them a permanent council. They should have put up more of a fight and considered others to join them, but they rode the wave.

But if they're conceited and naive with good hearts, Flagg's followers are conceited and stupid with black hearts, so Boulder will triumph as soon as they get out of their own way.

For now, Mother Abigail seems to have abandoned them. She probably figures if they're not going to heed her advice, advice direct from God, mind you, then she doesn't need to stick around.

Mother Abigail Has a Thought - The Stand Season 1 Episode 5

Maybe she wants them to sink or swim. God is a vengeful being, so why wouldn't Mother Abigail want them to rise without her or potentially meet their demise instead?

What are your feelings on The Stand so far? Have you found enjoyment in watching it?

What are your thoughts on New Vegas? Was it too reminiscent of other debauchery and douchebaggery post-apocalyptic fare?

Drop me a line below!

Fear and Loathing in New Vegas Review

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