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What happened to Kate Kane?

On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1, the gang scrambled when Gotham's protector went missing.

Probation - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1

After some digging, they realized that a new person had taken on the mantle and stole the costumed donned by the hero.

Meanwhile, Ryan Wilder was introduced, and it was clear from the jump that she had a big reason to be in Gotham City.

Elsewhere, Alice made a startling decision that put many lives on the line.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ryan: You make it sound like these are all my choices.
Stevens: They are your choices, Ryan. You have the power to turn this around.
Ryan: You want to know why I haven't paid my fines? Because I can't find a job. Because I don't have a home. Because no landlord wants to rent to an ex-con who's post-release. You see how this works? No one cares that the dope wasn't mine or that the Crows were dirty or that I'm actually a decent human. I am a file in your cabinet. That is not having power. That is the very definition of powerless.

Luke: It's been four years, Bruce. Where have you been?
Bruce: If only the answer were as simple as the question, Mini Fox.