A Wild Year on Earth Exclusive Clips: Frogs and Whales Hog the Spotlight!

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BBC America's thrilling A Wild Year on Earth airs its penultimate episode on Saturday, and we have some exclusive clips if you can't wait for the new episode.

The series, narrated by Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey), airs as part of the weekly programming event Wonderstruck, celebrating the elegance and power of our planet.

The fifth episode, titled “A Time of Activation,” is set in September.

A Frog on BBC America

"Seasonal swings activate change across the natural world. The heat rises in Southern Africa as the dry season deepens," reads the logline.

"A hungry pride of lions attacks animals desperate for water and stressed hippos are forced into ever decreasing pools."

Produced by Northern Pictures, the series chronicles the planet’s most spectacular events of migration, rebirth and transformation over the course of a year.

A New Turn of Events for Frogs

Throughout the series, Carmichael reveals how the natural world and its creatures are connected to the Earth’s seasonal patterns, from melting icebergs in the Arctic, to one of the largest Asian elephant congregations in India, and across the seas to the annual coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.

Below, we have clips of Dart Frogs Singing in the Rain and Humpback Whales meeting in a Polynesian paradise.

We must warn you, however, that these may be the cutest scenes you'll see on the internet in quite some time, so be prepared.

Dart Frogs Singing in the Rain

Humpback Whales Meet in Polynesian Paradise

What did you think of the clips? Were they as cute as we led you to believe?

Hit the comments below.

Catch the penultimate episode of A Wild Year on Earth Saturday, February 20, and don't forget the finale airs one week later.

Humphback Whales

If you've missed any of the action to date, then the series is available on-demand, so get yourself caught up.

It's the perfect escape during these trying times!

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