All American Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Teenage Love

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That explosion was bound to happen.

Most of the secrets that everyone kept spilled out into the open on All American Season 3 Episode 6.

Poor Spencer gained some closure concerning Corey only to have other parts of his life torn apart.

Alone Time -- Tall - All American Season 3 Episode 6

No one should be surprised. This day has been coming.

Spencer really should have known better than head to the family cabin by himself for the first time since he found Corey dead there.

No wonder he was ready to bolt before he could even go inside.

Floating Around  - All American Season 3 Episode 6

Fortunately, Layla and Olivia were thinking straight about that, at least.

Everyone was willing to pile into their cars for a road trip away from their parents and responsibilities.

And with J.J. on board, there was bound to be a party. How big is his vehicle, anyway?

Better yet, how long will Vanessa continue to hang out with that fun-loving but clueless oaf?

Dropping By - All American Season 3 Episode 6

I suspect not long, especially if Asher is back on the market as it appears.

It was a day of discovery for Spencer that turned into an evening of discovery for everyone else.

Spencer found what he needed, a big box full of Corey.

Which left him even more conflicted. To read or not to read, that was the question.

Layla voted no, for now. Olivia voted for yes, come what may. It turned out that Olivia was correct.

Talking Summer - All American Season 3 Episode 6

Spencer got a much-need window into Corey's soul through those letters. Hopefully, they will be equally beneficial for Dillon as well.

Will Grace ever see those letters? They also could be healing for her.

That was about the only positive that came out of the day for Spencer, so far anyway.

What happened in Vegas between Spencer and Olivia couldn't stay in Vegas. It was intruding on both of their relationships, which were in trouble even before this.

The truth is that Spencer feels more for Olivia than he does for Layla. They may try to convince themselves it's love between siblings, but it's more than that.

Supportive Girlfriend - All American Season 3 Episode 6

It's hard not to feel bad for Layla. Since she came out of rehab, she's been the series' most stable character. (Spencer has a mental block that is causing phantom arm pain, so he's disqualified.)

She's not stupid, and when Asher planted those seeds of doubt, they grew and fast.

And now that she's asked about Vegas, the other shoe is about to drop.

On the flip side, now that Spencer and Olivia aren't living under the same roof, maybe they can be together. Not without a ton of fallout, but it would be less, shall we say, icky.

What also didn't get resolved was the rift in Spencer and Coop's friendship.

Seeking Counsel - All American Season 3 Episode 6

Coop made a good point. What Spencer saw as standing up for his friend, he saw as not having the faith to handle her own problems.

Also, Coop was happy that Spencer had found a way out of Crenshaw and took the selfless stand that he should keep going and never look back.

Of course, Spencer is too much of a standup guy ever to forget where he came from and the people with whom he grew up. Hell, he's back in Crenshaw trying to save a community fixture, to the detriment of his college football career, it seems.

They both need to get over themselves, say "My bad," and move forward together. But that isn't nearly as dramatic, is it?

Not only has Coop lost her best friend at least temporarily, but she may also be losing Patience when she needs her most.

Life of the Party - All American Season 3 Episode 6

Those packed suitcases seem to indicate that Patience is about to take L'Il Jewel up on her offer to record the song that J.P. stole from Patience.

That might be best for the two of them. Patience has set her music career on the back burner to support Coop. Coop needs some time away from the Spencer drama. It seems like a win-win situation.

But it's never that easy on All American, is it?

Olivia and Asher finally crashed and burn, to no one's surprise.

Theirs was a rehab romance that should have ended with recovery.

Home Handyman - All American Season 3 Episode 6

So far, Asher has been a screwup, and Olivia has kept having to bail him out. 

It appears that he's finally ready to attempt being an adult. Yet, he had the gall to blame Olivia for not letting him fall.

She cheated on him once, which drove her to drink. He had a platonic relationship with Vanessa then hid it from Olivia. So neither was innocent.

But that's why things had felt wrong since the summer. Duh!

Does anyone doubt Vanessa is going to swoop in and continue her campaign to improve Asher?

Odd Couple - All American Season 3 Episode 6

Finally, shockingly, Jordan and Simone were still together afterward.

With Simone getting a spinoff, that relationship has to end sooner or later. Or does Jordan follow her to wherever she ends up?

So she's a tennis prodigy who got detoured by burnout and pregnancy. That definitely makes her more interesting. She has needed more back story.

And what was the throwaway storyline about Billy and Laura fixing the garbage disposal all about? To show a relationship without all the teenage angst?

To follow Spencer's rough road, watch All American online.

Which of the results surprised you the most?

Why can't Spencer catch a break?

How did we get no football during the season?

Comment below.

Teenage Love Review

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All American Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Spencer: What are y'all doing here?
Layla: We're here for you.

Grace: I'm sorry, Tamia. Spencer went to the cabin.
Coop: To get away from me?
Grace: To get away from everything.