Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5 Review: When Your Heart Rules Your Head

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Putting Choi in charge of the ED was doomed to be a disaster.

Even before he had any power, he was constantly sticking his nose where it wasn't wanted, ruining patients' lives, and calling it having a moral compass.

And on Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5, he proved that he still puts his rigid standards above compassion, empathy, and patient care, creating an unnecessary problem for Noah and April.

Stuck in the Middle/Tall - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5

Choi does this sort of thing so much that it took me a minute to remember the similar decision he made on Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 4.

In that case, he was even more arrogant and stupid, thinking he knew better than an actual psychiatrist about what the criteria were for having a patient committed against his will.

And clearly, he learned nothing from that experience, since he spent the better part of the hour insisting that justice consisted of him calling the cops on an elderly man who had just lost his wife to ALS because "that's the rules."

Choi: We have a confession. If we don't report this to the police, we're obstructing justice.
Noah: This was not a murder. It was an act of mercy.

There's room to debate whether Choi was right that he needed to call the cops. But even if he was, it's hard to support him because he ALWAYS does this, and it ALWAYS messes everything up.

Butting Heads - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5

And Noah had more of a point, anyway.

Even if what Dr. Coleman did was illegal, he was an old, dying man who didn't know how to cope with the loss of his wife.

Not only was some compassion in order, but so was a referral to Dr. Charles or another member of the psychiatry team.

Choi made a huge deal out of how Noah left a loaded syringe within reach of a suicidal patient who knew how to use it. But what did Choi do about Dr. Coleman's suicidal ideation?

Nothing. He was too busy trying to get him thrown in jail for euthanizing his wife.

Backing Her Brother - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5

He wasn't concerned about whether Dr. Coleman might commit suicide until the man succeeded. Then that became a convenient excuse for castigating Noah.

That's disgusting.

And leaving the suicide issue aside, there was still the fact that Dr. Coleman was following Phyllis' wishes.

Surely Ethan has heard of an Advance Directive. If Mrs. Coleman had come into the hospital with one, would he have forced the doctors to ignore it?

Ethan being Ethan, he probably would have -- even though Will got in major trouble for doing just that during Chicago Med Season 1

April Disagrees - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5

Technically, neither Noah nor Dr. Coleman followed an Advance Directive since Phyllis communicated her wishes only to her husband rather than writing them down.

But still. As nice as it was for Atwater to visit Chicago Med, this was a waste of his and everyone's time.

It's beyond time for Choi to face some consequences for his constant meddling in patients' lives instead of demanding everyone else does when they're forced to go behind his back to fulfill their Hippocratic Oaths.

If there's any silver lining to any of this, other than Noah getting a great goodbye scene with April, it's that Choi has probably alienated April even further with this nonsense.

Hopefully, she stays FAR away from him for at least the rest of the season.

Clinical Success - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5

April's been spending a ton of time with Will, and it's making my soap opera spidey-sense go off.

While under normal circumstances, these two would be co-workers and friends, when dramas shove two people together constantly, it's usually a good bet they're going to end up together.

Unlike Ethan, Will respects April and listens to her point of view. While Ethan sticks dogmatically to the rules, Will almost always breaks them in the name of morality.

Ironically, Will sometimes makes the same mistake as Ethan -- his rule-breaking often imposes his will on reluctant patients -- but in this case, bending the rules made things a bit more equitable for at least one patient of color.

After a while, April may find that to be an attractive change from always butting heads with Ethan.

Purposeful Work - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5

One couple that seems destined for permanent will-they-won't-they territory is Nat and Marcel.

These two need to learn to communicate, or they're going to end up being nothing at all.

It's mostly Nat.

Maggie: So what were you and lover boy talking about over there?
Nat: Crockett? I was just asking him about a patient. [after going in a private corner] I slept with him last night.

Nat is worried about being another notch on Marcel's bedpost, convinced he can't commit to her, and afraid to talk to him about her concerns.

Gossiping with Maggie and running away the second Marcel's ex-wife shows up won't cut it. If she wants a relationship with Marcel, she needs to talk to HIM about where they're going and what she wants.

I wasn't originally a Marcel fan, but he's grown on me. However, this on-again-off-again crap, because Nat can't find it within herself to open her mouth, has got to go.

More compelling is Nat's role as Anna's doctor.

Anna's pregnancy complicates things, and she needs to talk to both her parents.

Life-Changing News - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5

Her reluctance to talk to Susan is understandable, given the tantrum that Susan threw about Charles daring to suggest that he should have a right to spend time with his daughter too.

But her ability to get pre-natal care should be a factor in the decision about where she lives, and unwanted pregnancy is a difficult burden for a teenager to bear alone.

It's a shame that Anna overheard her dad talking to the family lawyer, but that's another example of inadequate communication. Dr. Charles could explain the situation without badmouthing Susan and find out how Anna feels, after all.

Relatedly (sort of, anyway...), can I say how much I adore Sharon?

Her friendship with Dr. Charles is one of the best parts of Chicago Med. I love how supportive they are of one another, and Sharon's struggles with her adult son make her so relatable.

Absorbing Shocking News - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 5

Now, if only Sharon would reign Choi in. That's the only flaw in her character as far as I'm concerned.

Your turn, Chicago Med fanatics. Am I too hard on Choi? What do you think is going to happen with the custody battle over Anna? Do Nat and Marcel have potential as a couple?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts!

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When Your Heart Rules Your Head Review

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