Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 2-08-21: A Valentine's Day Surprise!

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Valentine's Day is always special in Salem.

More often than not, there's a wedding... but how often has someone surprised their significant other with a ceremony?

If you're a Stayla fan, be sure to tune in to Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-08-21 when Steve does just that for Kayla.

Spoilers for The Week of 2-08-21 - Days of Our Lives

Steve and Kayla have been through so many ups and downs over the years that I almost forgot they're currently unmarried, but I'm glad Days of Our Lives is fixing that.

They were divorced when Steve thought he was Stefano. In real life, that divorce wouldn't be valid. But then again, in real life, people don't get fitted with microchips that make them think they're someone else.

Anyway, from the clip in the spoiler video, this appears to be as romantic as DAYS can be given its low budget.

Steve and Kayla may be getting married in the Brady Pub instead of a fancy venue, but there are flowers, romantic vows, and family support. So what else do they really need?

And unlike most of Salem's weddings, Steve and Kayla's nuptials will probably proceed uninterrupted, at least judging from the kiss featured in spoilers.

Unfortunately, the beautiful Stayla scenes are paired in the spoiler video with what appears to be a godawful Cin fantasy.

Yes, Ben and Ciara are going to re-enact Romeo and Juliet in their own minds. And to add insult to injury,  Ciara says Juliet's famous line in the most wooden and bored of tones. Ugh!

I could do without this. I'd rather Ben find Ciara already.

I'd also rather they get rid of this couple's sickening co-dependence, which ruins their potential.

If none of this appeals to you, there are plenty more Valentine's Week Days of Our Lives spoilers below. Scroll down to check them out!

Old Wounds Are Reopened - Days of Our Lives

Old wounds are reopened when Kate and Laura cross paths.

Now that Laura has delivered her shocking news to Jennifer and Abigail, she seems to be wandering around looking for trouble... and she's about to find it.

Laura and Kate's rivalry goes way back. Kate slept with Bill several decades ago, leading to Lucas' birth.

Hopefully, they will do something more than rehash that old story, but a verbal battle between these two could be fun.

Jack Conveys the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Jack conveys the truth to Gwen.

Now that Jack knows he is Gwen's father, he's probably going to try to forge a relationship with her.

That's just how he is, and despite Gwen's utterly disgusting behavior, he will not give up on the daughter he didn't know he had.

But Jack telling Gwen about Laura's part in this is a bad idea. Gwen already said she wanted to kill whoever paid her mother off to go away, and she's capable of anything.

Kristen Summons Susan - Days of Our Lives

Kristen summons Susan to the prison and asks for a favor.

I will be surprised if Kristen's favor is anything other than the two of them switching places.

Kristen wants to get out of jail to be with Brady and mess with Chloe, and she and Susan always end up switching places sooner or later.

Plus, the current writing regime is obsessed with doppelganger stories, and we've managed to go a few months without one.

Chloe Offers to Help - Days of Our Lives

Chloe volunteers to help Brady as he recovers.

Of course.

Philip saw clearly on Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-01-21 where Brady and Chloe are headed, and most viewers could too.

The only ones who don't realize it are Brady and Chloe themselves.

If Chloe has to reunite with an ex, a redux with Brady might be interesting. But I'd rather she find someone new instead of reliving her younger years over and over.

Lani and Eli Try to Escape - Days of Our Lives

Lani and Eli try to find a way out of their predicament.

These two should never have been in this situation in the first place.

Trusting Ivan and allowing him to disarm them was stupid, even by Salem standards.

But sooner or later, someone will realize the duo is missing.

Maybe they should do what most Salem people do in situations like this: have sex to pass the time.

Chad is Thrilled - Days of Our Lives

Chad is thrilled when Abigail agrees to move back home.

I don't want to know what those paint stains are. I guess that the kids are running amuck without Abigail or Gwen to keep them in line.

I dislike that sexist trope, but anyway.

I've got mixed feelings about Abby moving back home. Gwen destroyed their marriage, but Chad contributed to that by totally distrusting Abby, disparaging her mental illness, and making it easy for Gwen to manipulate him.

If these two are going to get back together, they need marriage counseling, not Abigail forgiving unforgivable behavior so quickly.

A Surprise Stayla Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Steve surprises Kayla with a wedding.

This is what I'm here for!

Steve and Kayla are an iconic couple, and while it's ridiculous that they've been remarried so many times, I'm looking forward to these romantic scenes.

The only thing that would make it sweeter would be if Joey and Stephanie came back for the ceremony, but since it seems like it's been put together at the last minute, I doubt that will happen.

Learning VIvian is Alive - Days of Our Lives

Jake and Kate learn Vivian is alive.

I hate the way everyone gets shocked by the idea of supposedly dead people coming back to life.

It's especially stupid when it's Vivian since she's faked her death before and was resurrected in the warehouse a few short years ago.

But Jake's bemusement and Kate's fury should be fun anyway.

Trying to Connect - Days of Our Lives

Ciara attempts to connect with Ben.

This Romeo and Juliet fantasy is, well... ridiculous is the only polite way to put it.

The whole story about Ciara being held in a luxury suite and provided with a library of classics to read is over-the-top, and this dream sequence is sure to be too.

There has to be a better solution to Victoria Konefal (Ciara) not wanting to commit to DAYS full-time than this nonsense.

Using Jake - Days of Our Lives

Kate hopes to use Jake to thwart Vivian's scheme.

Just when I was starting to like Kate with Jake, she decides to become a user.

This doesn't bode well for this couple's future, and with Gabi in town, it appears the endgame is a Jake/Gabi reunion.

I wish Kate would rethink this plan before she ruins her relationship with Jake.

Did she really get over herself to go public with their relationship just to destroy it again within weeks?

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