Nurses Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Lady Business

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Has it really only been four months? At the end of Nurses Season 1 Episode 10, our favorite group of health care professionals reflects on how long, or rather short, their time at St. Mary's has been. 

So much has happened since the premiere. For some of these five individuals, things are finally looking up. For others, the challenges are just beginning.

Grace and Keon both faced challenges during this installment, but they overcame them.

The Day Was Won - Nurses Season 1 Episode 10

Dr. Banks: It's a negative sign. I'm not pregnant.
Keon: You're not pregnant?
Dr. Banks: No. And neither are you.
Keon: Oh my god.
Dr. Banks: Yeah.
Keon: Wow.
Dr. Banks: And all that stuff you were just saying about the place in the burbs and the minivan?
Keon: Crazy.
Dr. Banks: Absolutely.
Keon: Yeah.
Dr. Banks: But also super hot.

Keon and Dr. Banks' pregnancy scare was just that, a scare. It's great when those two get screen time because they are adorable. However, this new development didn't really progress their story.

They are still in different places. They still want different things. They still haven't decided what that means for them going forward. They aren't going to be parents. Will they still be together next season? It could go either way.

Meanwhile, Grace was dealing with the backlash of coming forward about her assault. Her story about Dr. Hamitlon is out there, and not everybody is on her side about it.

Thankfully, Kabir showed that he wasn't a total tool when he walked out of Dr. Hamilton's lawyer strategy meeting. Even better, quite a few other lawyers (mostly women) walked out as well. The board is not supporting Dr. Hamilton.

Grace Stares Down Hamilton - Nurses Season 1 Episode 10

Dr. Hamitlon didn't want to admit it, but his career is over. He threw a bit of a temper-tantrum in the ER. If it was meant to evoke pity, it did not work. He did this to himself, and he deserves it, and worse.

Not all the doctors see it that way, though. They're referring to Grace as "that nurse."

She's the one who ratted out their hero. She could come for them too! How dare she! A woman, and a nurse, has no right to ruin a great doctor's career like that! The nerve!

They're all horrible, entitled, and vile; they're acting like Dr. Hamilton is the victim in this. Grace was raped! Multiple women were raped! The way they're shaming her now is wrong, unfair, and cruel.

Grace stands up for herself. She's good at that. She has her friend's support, particularly Ashley and Keon. Of course, she also has Dr. Evan Wallace.

Evan Looking At Grace - Nurses Season 1 Episode 10

Lily: When we met, I told him straight up. I just left my last douche of a boyfriend for another woman, me.
Grace: I'm gonna use that.
Lily: Well, actually, I stole that from Cher. But I did tell him I didn't need a thing from him.
Dr. Niven: Are you afraid that's about to change?
Lily: We're used to being on top of the world, not being crushed by it.

Evan was in her corner the whole way. It's no surprise, considering he's been crushing on her since Nurses Season 1 Episode 1, which he admitted to her after she kissed him.

Evan is a good guy, and they could be cute together. However, I'm still not sure Grace is in the best place to be starting a relationship. She hasn't even begun her therapy yet.

She will be seeing a therapist at the hospital now. Dr. Niven made it clear that it wasn't optional. Good for her. She's a good doctor and another good resource for Grace.

She was also a good resource for Lily, played by guest-star Rachel Skarsten from The CW's Batwoman. Lily was a great character, and her role as an influencer and model worked well to highlight Grace's coming forward storyline.

Lili Wants A Hotdog - Nurses Season 1 Episode 10

Grace: You told me how much you needed this, how depressed you were.
Lily: If I cut off my breasts, I don't know who I am. If I don't, I die.
Grace: Or, maybe there's a third option: become a new you.
Lily: No, this isn't about my business, or Cal, it's about me. I have built my fortune on my body and my image and without it, I don't know who I am.
Grace: Lily.
Lily: No. I have airbrushed my life beyond recognition, and it makes it really hard to feel like who I am and what I have is enough.

Grace is finally in a better place, though there is still work to do. Still, she and Keon were both pretty happy when they got on that elevator. 

Wolf was not so happy. Red just beat the snot out of him. Poor Wolf! How dare Red touch our cinnamon bun?

Wolf did the right thing by Roy and Sol, who, for the record, were the most adorable elderly couple.

Euthanasia has been legal in Canada since 2016. Roy's doctor thought he qualified, and it is what he wanted. Wolf wanted Roy to choose life, for Sol's sake if nothing else.

It wasn't his choice, but it also wasn't his right to take the morphine from Roy, which he knew. It ate him up because Wolf cares so much about people. It's why he's a nurse.

Wolf With The Gang - Nurses Season 1 Episode 10

Shame on Red for trying to deprive a sweet man like Roy of relief. He seemed decent in the beginning, but he's the worst!

Now that Wolf has turned of Red, he's in danger. He could lose his license and go to jail. Or Red could kill him. None of these things are okay, in case you were wondering. What can Wolf do, though? 

Wolf isn't the only one to end the episode in less than ideal circumstances. Sinead is struggling with her alcoholism again. 

We knew she started drinking again on Nurses Season 1 Episode 8, but it wasn't really addressed on Nurses Season 1 Episode 9

Sinead Has A Problem - Nurses Season 1 Episode 10

Detective Walker: What is is?
Ashley: Uh, nothing.
Detective Walker: Ashley, I'm a trained interrogator. You just scratched your nose and looked down. Tell me. please.

The show finally followed up, and they did a good job of it. Sinead is a good person and a good nurse, but that doesn't mean she doesn't struggle with the basic things all alcoholics struggle with.

She was lashing out, lying, and she nearly blinded a patient. Ashley handled it very well, though. She stuck her nose in just enough, stopping Sinead from making a terrible mistake and taking the heat for it too.

To think we didn't like Ashley in the beginning. She's come a long way in our eyes, and what she did for Sinead spoke volumes. 

Sinead: What you just did for me now, I don't know if I can ever --
Ashley: Don't. It's okay. You don't have to.
Sinead: The thing is, I might need one more favor.
Ashley: Okay.
Sinead: I need someone to walk with me.
Ashley: Where?
Sinead: City General. Rehab. I'm old mates with the charge nurse, she'll fly me in under the radar.
Ashley: That's amazing. That's a brave decision.
Sinead: Don't give me that much credit. I almost blinded that young man.
Ashley: But you didn't.
Sinead: Because of you! There would have been no coming back from that.
Ashley: But you can. Sinead, you can come back from this. This is nothing. This is just a slip.
Sinead: How did you get to be so good at caring?
ashley: I trained under an excellent charge nurse.

Naz wasn't very active. We did hear that she and Dev are going strong, and she did her best to stay out of Keon's business. 

Naz Tries To Stay Out Of It - Nurses Season 1 Episode 10

Keon: Just girl trouble.
Naz: I think Dr. Banks is all woman.
Keon: Wait, you know?
Naz: Oh my god! You guys! If a howler monkey crashed through the ER doors on a motorbike blasting Nicki Minaj, he would be more discrete than you.
Keon: How do you come up with this shit?
Naz: I don't know, It's my brain. It just sort of, you know, flows out.

There wasn't the heart-stopping, jaw-dropping conclusion you usually see when a season ends. Still, looking back, it was a good mix of closure for some and open-endings for others. 

So what did you think, Fanatics? Will Sinead be back next season? Will things get better for Grace now that everything is out in the open? And how do we protect Wolf?

Let us know in the comments, and remember, you can watch Nurses online right here via TV Fanatic.

Lady Business Review

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Nurses Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Detective Walker: What is is?
Ashley: Uh, nothing.
Detective Walker: Ashley, I'm a trained interrogator. You just scratched your nose and looked down. Tell me. please.

Naz: Does Keon know?
Dr. Banks: You know about Keon?
Naz: Everybody knows about Keon.