Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Mid-March 2020

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There is such joy in the opening of Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2 that it's almost painful to watch, knowing what is headed their way. 

Remember our real-life "Mid-March 2020," when we all thought that if we stood home for a couple of weeks, things would be back to normal? That seems like a lifetime ago. 

But for now, Darla and Ralph Angel are swooning over their "small but stylish" wedding plans and a honeymoon in New York City. It all sounds wonderful, and it's an event I desperately want to see, which is why it's so difficult to know the odds of the event happening any time soon are slim.

Planning a Wedding - Queen Sugar

Ralph Angel: We get to choose how we deal with things. You hear me?
Darla: They can’t steal our joy unless we let them.

They will have to hold on to that mantra with both hands to make it through the next year with their sanity intact. 

But Darla has other worries as she tries to prepare for her job interview without letting her insecurities get the better of her. 

Darla has survived so much, but it must be challenging to have to hold her head high while knowing her past was put out there for all to judge, thanks to Nova's novel. 

That Darla was able to forgive Nova for that was huge, but I suppose Darla has had to ask for forgiveness a lot in her life, so she might find it best to offer it in return when she's able. 

Over The Moon - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

Charley's advice about the interview was spot-on, and the fact that she gave it shows how much of the rift between Darla and the rest of the Bordelon family has healed.

An interview is about the future, theirs and yours. You want to tell them that their future will be better if they choose you. It’s all subtext, of course, but sometimes you have to be fierce out loud.


Parker completely blew off her meeting with Charley without so much as a phone call or a message to cancel. That shows a level of disrespect that doesn't bode well for their future. 

But Charley was excited to finally see Micah at college, although Micah seemed more eager for his father's appearance. Was that because Davis hasn't been around much or because Micah wanted his friends on campus to see his famous father?

Charley was right; if joining the fraternity was no big deal, Micah would have mentioned it in passing. But Micah knew Charley wouldn't approve of this fraternity which has me wondering if that's half the reason he chose it. 

Charley Questions Parker's Motive - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

I’m almost 20 years old. I don’t need to consult you every time I want to make a decision like some little boy.


Charley is most comfortable when she's in control, and Micah has rebelled against that for quite some time. Charley seems to be working on giving Micah more space, but Micah may not be mature enough to realize it just yet. 

I worry for Micah. He's old enough to make his own decisions, but I fear that deep down, he still expects his parents to come to his rescue if those choices turn out badly. 

Micah and KeKe are in that awkward long-distance relationship, college freshman stage.

Micah danced with that girl because he was jealous when all KeKe did was talk to the guy at the smoothie stand. That type of petty reaction doesn't bode well for their future. 

Micah's Fraternity - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

Finally, we get to Nova meeting Calvin's family, and it was dramatic in ways I didn't expect.

Just breathe, stay calm, be the queen that you are no matter what they try to throw at you.

Charley [to Nova]

I assumed that Calvin's racist grandfather would say something uncalled for to or about Nova but that never happened. 

As Charley said, Calvin's youngest was easy enough to charm, his teenage son was quiet but surly, and his oldest was a no-show off at college. 

But who foresaw Hailey, the ex-wife crashing the party?

A First Meeting - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

Hailey must have been waiting and planning for this moment for a long time because she had a lot to say, and venom dripped off of every word.

Hailey: Oh, Nova, you didn’t know that Calvin has a very specific type. He’s always had a thing for the exotic: the blacker, the better, and all that. Really likes the dark-skinned girls, and actually, you’re skinnier than most. He likes them thick. You know, the girls with the big butts that jut out like so.
Nova: Watch yourself, Hailey.
Hailey: Oh, I’m sorry, Sugar. Did you think you were the only one?
Calvin: Yes, she is the only one. The only one I ever loved. Everybody else, and I do mean everybody else, to me was just passing time until she would have me.

That Nova held her tongue and her ground as she did says a lot for her self-control. She desperately wanted this first meeting with Calvin's family to go well, and she wasn't about to take the bait and help Hailey cause a scene. 

But what Hailey said had to hurt. 

Calvin's explanation for the other women he had been with before Nova made some sense. He's always loved her and was looking to fill the void when he couldn't have her. It certainly wasn't fair to anyone, but psychologically, it is understandable.

Calvin's In Trouble - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 1

What I disliked was Calvin implying that he never loved Hailey, his wife of many years and the mother of his three kids. I know he was furious, and Hailey gave him a reason to be, but that seemed cruel in a way that was unnecessary and not something you'd want your kids to overhear.

But that Calvin and Nova got through it all and were able to talk about it openly afterward gives me hope for their future as a couple.

And then COVID-19 made its way to Louisianna, and Nova's observation about its seriousness was spot on.

The NBA is canceling their whole season. That can’t be nothing. Follow the money. That’s a billion-dollar industry. Something’s going on.


The coronavirus disrupted Hollywood and Violet while recreating their first date, which was a shame because these two are so much fun to watch. And it was good to hear that Hollywood loved Vi's strength and sass right from the beginning. 

Recreating Their First Date - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

All these years later, through good times and bad, and these two are probably more in love than they've ever been.

But little do they know of the bad times headed their way and how this virus will do more than shut down Vi's Pies and The Spot for a couple of weeks. 

What worries me most is the scene with Prosper. I suddenly feel like I'm bracing myself for Prosper's demise due to COVID.

That's not something I want to see, but it would be all too real. 

Hollywood's Date Night - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics!

  • Should Nova have told Hailey off, or was she right not to cause a bigger scene?
  • Was Calvin's reveal that he's only ever loved Nova the truth or just a cruel jab at his ex-wife?
  • What is Parker up to in New York?
  • Is Micah headed for trouble with his new fraternity?

Worrying About Covid - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2
  • Will Darla and Ralph Angel get married this season?
  • And am I right to be concerned for Prosper with COVID headed towards St. Jo's?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to tell us what you think, then check back in for our review of Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3. 

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Mid-March 2020 Review

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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Just breathe, stay calm, be the queen that you are no matter what they try to throw at you.

Charley [to Nova]

Ralph Angel: We get to choose how we deal with things. You hear me?
Darla: They can’t steal our joy unless we let them.