A Million Little Things Round Table: Will Maggie's Pregnancy Disrupt Gary and Darcy's Relationship?

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Another baby is on the way.

Maggie's pregnancy is just one big development on A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5, as COVID hits Boston and affects the entire gang.

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Christine Orlando, and Jack Ori as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Maggie is pregnant, presumably with Jamie's child. React!

Meaghan: I feel so discombobulated at this point with the timeline. Is there any chance that it could be Gary's? I guess even if it has been a while, it could still be Gary's, and she just didn't realize she was pregnant because she could be irregular from the chemo.

Don't get me wrong, I like Jamie, but we don't really know very much about him, and who knows at this point now that COVID is hitting the show, how long it will be until he pops back up again? It is tough to get invested in the idea of them having a baby together.

Surprising Visit - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5

Christine: Oh please, don't let it be Gary's! Not only do I love Gary and Darcy together, but the last thing I want is Gary and Maggie forced back together due to an unplanned pregnancy.

Assuming it's Jamie's, it's going to be interesting to see how he and Maggie navigate this when they're stuck on different continents.

I can't help but think that after her cancer treatments, it'll be considered a high-risk pregnancy. I just hope Gary doesn't end up being Maggie's de facto caretaker once again. I see lots of drama ahead.

Jack: This will be complicated, especially with Maggie not unable to return to England because of the COVID lockdown. I'm not thrilled with her staying with Gary, either, because I don't want her throwing any monkey wrenches into Gary and Darcy.

Was Darcy's frustration with Gary divulging personal information with Maggie valid? How do you predict Maggie's return to Boston will complicate this love quadrangle?

Meaghan: Darcy had every right to be upset. I probably would be too. She is still new to this group and doesn't understand it. In a normal situation, you wouldn't disclose that kind of information about someone to your ex. With this group of friends, though, it just feels natural to them.

Plus, he was discussing it with her from her professional perspective. I think it will be nearly impossible for Maggie being back not to complicate things. I would rather see Darcy walk away on her own than Gary to do something with Maggie and screw it all up. I like Darcy too much for her to be hurt like that.

Worrying About Darcy - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5

Christine: Darcy had every right to be frustrated, but Gary was trying to help her the best way he knew how.

Maggie is a professional, and she'd know the best therapist to recommend for Darcy, but I can understand why that makes Darcy uncomfortable. She hadn't shared her PTSD with anyone other than Gary. It must feel like he took the control out of her hands, which can be very damaging.

Maggie's return will obviously bring about complications, especially with Darcy feeling so vulnerable and Maggie staying at Gary's home. I'm hoping that Maggie's pregnancy will keep her and Gary apart.

Jack: Like Christine, I see both sides of this. Darcy is frustrated and feels betrayed or, at the very least like she didn't get to decide for herself who she tells about her PTSD. But Gary was consulting Maggie as a professional, not as his ex.

However, Maggie coming back will definitely complicate things, and I just hope it doesn't make it too hard for Darcy.

What are your thoughts on the series incorporating the pandemic?

Meaghan: I have mixed feelings about it. I've seen shows handle it in a way that doesn't make the show too dark and depressing, and I've seen other shows make it painful to watch.

The problem with starting at the beginning of the pandemic is we now have to go through all of the horrible aspects from then. I would rather they fast-forward and skip to the present day.

Christine: I'm kind of liking how they're incorporating the pandemic because we can see what's coming, but we don't know exactly how it will affect each character.

And I'm okay with taking a break from Delilah for a little while as she is stuck in Europe with her injured father.

Table Read - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5

Jack: This is one of the better done COVID story arcs thus far. It's not focusing on the medical aspects but on how the lockdown is affecting everyone's lives.

The last scene gave me the creeps, though. They're at the very beginning of this, where people didn't know yet to quarantine. I kept thinking that someone is going to get COVID from their surprise party for Rome.

Were you surprised to learn that Alan was the person with whom Jon was on the call before he took his life? What was your reaction to him covering for Katherine and Regina in Jon's memory?

Meaghan: To be honest, I didn't really care too much that he was the last person Jon talked to, but I did feel bad for him. I can't imagine being the last person someone speaks to.

The only reason I was even remotely invested in it, though, was that it helped Katherine and Regina out of the mess they were in.

Alan: I hope I didn't seem too caught off guard when you mentioned Jon. Truth is his death really affected me.
Katherine: Yeah, it changed all of us.
Alan: The thing is, the last call Jon made, the one when he negotiated the space for the restaurant. I was the person on the other end.
Katherine: Oh, Alan, you can't think.
Alan: No, no, I don't. But after he died, I thought about that call a lot. I just assumed that he was being a shrewd businessman, and I didn't realize that he ... I didn't realize.

Christine: Yes, I was surprised, and it felt a little too convenient to have him connected to Jon so that he'd help Katherine and Regina.

But what I really noticed was a spark between Katherine and Alan, which is worrisome considering Eddie is struggling once again with his addiction. If Alan pops up again in upcoming stories, I'm going to worry.

Jack: I wasn't surprised that he was on the other end of that call, but I thought John's last call was the call that Eddie didn't answer because he was with Delilah. Or am I getting the timeline mixed up?

How do you think the pandemic will affect Eddie's addiction? After stealing the Vicodin, do you think he'll be able to keep his relapse from his family and friends for long?

Meaghan: Everyone's mental health has been so negatively affected by the pandemic that I don't see any way around it having a big impact on him. Luckily, Eddie doesn't seem like the type that would be very good at hiding a relapse. I think Katherine, Rome, or Gary will immediately pick up on something going on with him.

Katherine: Looks like Jon came through for us again.
Regina: You played a part too, but unfortunately, it doesn't really matter anymore.
Katherine: What do you mean?
Gina: I just found out that restaurants have to go to 50% capacity starting tomorrow. I don't know how long we can survive like that!

Christine: Oh, addicts are great at hiding it when they're using. They can get really creative, and I doubt this will be the last bathroom that Eddie raids before the truth comes out.

But if Eddie can't get in to see his doctor, this will definitely come to a head sometime soon. I just hope someone who cares about Eddie figures it out before he does real damage to himself or someone else.

Eddie's Addiction  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5

Jack: The pandemic is already affecting Eddie's addiction. He couldn't get his cortisone shot because of the lockdown, and his self-medicating and not telling anyone what he's doing is not good.

Plus, soon, he likely will be isolated with Katherine and Theo for a while, and I don't think that being unable to get support from his friends in person will be good for him.

Is there anything else you'd love to discuss that we didn't address already?

Meaghan: Not that I'd love to discuss it, but I'm interested to see how they are going to handle Delilah being away and Europe's borders closing. She and her father are US citizens, so I'm assuming, in reality, there wouldn't be an issue with them getting back into the country, but for the sake of drama, that may not be the case.

Is it weird that I didn't even notice her absence from the episode until right now? I'm also extremely devastated for Rome that they shut down his movie with no intention to pick it back up post-pandemic. The movie has been such a big storyline, and it coming to a grinding halt sucks.

Multitasking Mom - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Christine: I love Gary and Darcy, but Gary spent most of his relationship with Maggie helping her through her cancer treatments, and now he's spearheading Darcy getting treatment for her PTSD. Does anyone else see a pattern here? I'd love to see Darcy be there for Gary because he deserves that in his life.

Jack: I also assume Delilah will be away for a while because of Europe's borders closing. When Gary said she'd be back as soon as she could get a flight, I knew that was going to be a long time.

Unrelatedly, what was with Gary's comment about Sophie getting college credit for playing guitar? He sounded dismissive, and he's been supportive of her dream up until now.

Double Trouble  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5

What was your favorite moment from the hour?

Meaghan: The ending with the group doing a table read of Rome's screenplay. I love all of them so much individually, but together? I can't get enough. Where does one get a friend group like them? Are there any taking applications because I would surely apply!

Christine: I laughed out loud at Gary's quip on the phone, "Gary's Babysitting. You breed 'em, we feed 'em."

And Theo's costume was absolutely adorable, especially with the fringe on top!

Gary's babysitting, you breed 'em, we feed 'em. This is Gary.


Jack: I loved the actress who was supposed to play Gina telling Rome that his story had an impact on her.

My second favorite moment was Alan telling Katherine that he would make sure the eviction wouldn't be valid. I was glad he bent the rules for them even if the pandemic may still hurt the restaurant long-term.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. Sound off below with all of your responses.

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