Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Sarah and Xander Get Married?

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Kristen’s impulses may have derailed Xander and Sarah’s wedding. Chloe realized she has feelings for Brady, Aunt Paulina wrecked a great day, while Abigail became obsessed with revenge on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Sportsgirl and Kathy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate how to handle Paulina, Chloe’s love life, Abigail’s obsession, and if they want to see Sarah marry Xander.

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Do you hope to see Xander and Sarah actually get married despite the obstacles?

Sportsgirl: I absolutely do. They both deserve to be happy no matter what everyone else thinks & says.

Jack: I'm neutral as them as a couple, BUT all of the people thinking they have the right to tell Sarah to dump Xander makes me want to see them get married. It's not anyone else's business, and this is obnoxious!

Surprising News/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Kathy: I hope to see Xander and Sarah get married someday, but they need to have some serious discussions before that happens.

Sarah needs to know all about Xander's past activities in one go rather than finding out in drips and drabs.

Christine: Yes! These two have become my happy place in Salem, which is surprising since I wasn't a fan of Sarah's prior to her getting together with Xander.

That said, I'm willing to wait a little longer for them to get married because I'd like to see them have the wedding they deserve and not one that has no one in attendance and lasts all of one scene.

Extreme Measures - Days of Our Lives

Is Kristen right about Sarah forgiving too much with Xander, or is she a huge hypocrite considering Brady has forgiven her?

Sportsgirl: She is a huge hypocrite. Xander has changed, where she hasn't changed at all. She only thinks she has, but as she said today, "Darn these impulses!"

Jack: First of all, Kristen is not saying any of this out of concern for Sarah. She wants revenge for what Xander did to her by switching the babies and breaking him, and Sarah up is her best shot at doing that.

I think she's being hypocritical, yet she may have a point. Sarah saying that Xander put a beautiful headstone on Mackenzie's grave, so she forgave him does seem silly. That doesn't make up for the year of pain he caused everyone.

Sarah Tries Again/Tall - Days of Our Lives

On the other hand, Sarah decided all on her own to kidnap the baby once the truth came out, so she's not blameless either, and it would be a bit hypocritical for her not to forgive Xander.

Kathy: Kristen is a hypocrite. In my mind, she is far worse than Xander. If Sarah brushed off Chloe's concerns, she would never believe Kristen.

Christine: Kristen stabbed Brady's grandfather, and he forgave her! Yes, Xander's no saint, but somewhere in there is a good heart, and I was happy that Sarah didn't let anyone bully her into dismissing that.

Plus, Xander has actively tried to be a better person. Kristen talks a good game about having changed, but her homicidal impulses seem to pop up when things don't go her way.

Kiss and Tell/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Which couple(s) are you rooting to get together? Chloe and Philip, Chloe and Brady, Brady and Kristen, Philip and Gabi?

Sportsgirl: I am a long-time Brady & Chloe fan. I hated when they came separately as a broken couple when they had left so much in love. Brady will not continue to stay with Kristen when he realizes she hasn't changed at all.

Jack: Out of these options, Chloe and Philip are the only ones that are at all interesting. I don't like that Chloe keeps cycling back through her exes, but Philip is more relaxed and likable around her, and they do still have chemistry.

Philip and Gabi is a ridiculous idea, Brady should dump Kristen now that she's unchanged, and I prefer Chloe and Brady as friends.

Kathy: I don't really have a dog in this fight. Philip and Chloe make the most sense. Brady has too much emotional baggage.

Christine: Currently, I'm not loving any of these options, mostly because I'm not a Chloe fan. But if I had to choose, I'd say Philip and Chloe. It would be nice to see Philip in a happy, loving relationship, and of everyone in Salem right now, Chloe seems to the best option for that.

Aunt Paulina Comes To Town/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Do you find Aunt Paulina amusing or annoying? How should Eli and Lani handle Paulina stealing the Godmother title from Julie?

Sportsgirl: So far, Aunt Paulina is annoying. Eli & Lani just need to talk to her alone and explain the misunderstanding.

Jack: I find Paulina over the top and in some ways annoying, yet I also like her.

I think that Lani and Eli need to learn to stand up to her. They should tell Julie that they intended for her to be the godmother, and then Lani needs to talk to Paulina privately and explain the mix-up and maybe find some other way she can be involved in the babies' lives.

This whole situation reminds me of how people write to advice columnists about some problem that has no solution other than talking with the people involved even though it might hurt someone's feelings. Lani and Eli need to be better than that.

Kathy: At this point, Aunt Paulina is amusing. I hope she develops into a more layered character.

Christine: I know Aunt Paulina loves Lani and those babies, but so far, she's been mostly rude and obnoxious.

Lani needs to find her backbone and explain to Paulina that although she adores her, the honor of being Jules' Godmother goes to the child's great-grandmother and namesake. One uncomfortable conversation is what it will take to get this back on track.

Abigail's Breaking Point/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Abigail is obsessed with getting rid of Gwen. Is she justified, or is this a sign of her mental illness?

Sportsgirl: It is her mental illness. There was no end game to kidnapping Gwen. A confession would have been thrown out of court. Even I know that, and I am not a lawyer. Abigail got lost and angry, and this was her first strike!

Jack: Sadly, I think we're headed for Gabby with a Y part 2. I didn't enjoy the DID story the last time, and I can't help feeling Abigail's sudden personality shift is the groundwork for another such story.

Kathy: Abigail is justified in not trusting Gwen and wanting her out of her life. I think she could handle the situation more maturely by avoiding her at all costs. I think Abigail's mental illness will be blamed for kidnapping Gwen. Not sure if this is the real cause.

Anna Discovers Gwen - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I had high hopes for Abigail. It had looked as though she was pulling herself out of victim mode and becoming a strong, independent person who could set boundaries that worked for her, like calling out the problems in her marriage and making counseling a deal-breaker.

Now, it seems she's gone off the deep end. Kidnapping, drugging, and threatening Gwen makes her just as wrong as Gwen.

Abigail can't see past her anger. She can't see how hurting Gwen hurts her father. She can't see that kidnapping someone may end with her being taken away from her young kids or that blowing off counseling for her revenge plot is derailing her already shaky marriage.

Is it mental illness or just a selfish, blind desire for revenge at all cost? I wish I knew.

Evan Kidnaps Claire/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Who should win the award for the most melodramatic character in Salem?

Sportsgirl: That is a tough one. I will go with Kristen.

Jack: Normally, I would say Gabi. I know her little rant by heart because she says it every five minutes. But Bonnie acting like Steve and Kayla wanting to sit at another table is the end of the world makes her the most melodramatic/overdramatic person to hit Salem in a long time.

Kathy: Julie is the most melodramatic character, with Paulina coming in a close second.

Christine: Claire! She keeps talking about Charlie, a guy she dated for all of a maybe a month, being her soulmate!

And her soliloquy about Ben and Ciara's love being just too strong and that somehow, someway they will be together again made me roll my eyes so hard it hurt.

Charlie Flips Out/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your biggest disappointment this week in Salem?

Sportsgirl: That whole scene at Julie's Place. What was supposed to be a sweet scene presenting godparents turned into a huge, uncomfortable scene. Paulina ruined the whole thing, tied with the Gwen kidnapping story.

Jack: Where was the murder mystery??? It took up maybe half an episode of screen time while we were treated to day after day of this nonsensical Ciara/Ben story. The ending of that story didn't even make any sense.

Ciara takes a post off a bed, and it turns out to be a gas pipe, and then she does nothing to stop the flow of gas. The place blows up, but she somehow survives being buried under a mattress, and just as Evan is about to kill her and Ben, a brick just happens to fall on his head.

Ben Fears He's Too Late/Tall - Days of Our Lives

And this is what the writers think we want to see? Another thing I don't want to see: this Kristen/Sarah nonsense. Why didn't Sarah just agree to keep her mouth shut, leave, and make her phone calls out of Kristen's presence?

Kathy: The biggest disappointment was Chloe "forgetting" to deliver the wedding dress. She started acting like a teenager when Brady asked her to join him at the Pub.

Christine: All of the above! But I'll add in Rex's return. I've never been a huge fan of his, and if he's only back to cause trouble for Xander and Sarah, then I wish he'd turn around and head back out of Salem.

The guy cheated on Sarah twice! Once with her sister and the other time, he produced a baby, which means he probably wasn't even using any protection. So, no matter how much he claims to care about Sarah, his actions tell a much different story.

Sarah Opens Up/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week's Days of Our Lives?

Sportsgirl: Not the best week, but I am enjoying the possibility of a Broe pairing. Kristen is a mess, and I am hoping that eventually, Brady sees this. Kristen needs to be in solitary when she goes back to jail, and Susan should never be seen again.

Jack: As much as I hate the Ben/Ciara story, I laughed at Evan, saying that they were nothing special because it mirrors my feelings about this ridiculous excuse for a couple.

I also enjoyed all the family scenes with Lani and Eli and their family (yes, even Paulina, LOL). I love family stories. That's what I watch Days of Our Lives to see. And this was such a relatable story to counteract the kidnappings and other assorted nonsense.

Claire Catches Up With Theo/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Kathy: I was happy to see Theo back. Another favorite scene was Claire getting past her fear and helping take Evan down.

Christine: I loved it when Sarah wouldn't let Kristen sway her feelings about marrying Xander. "I don't care what you or anybody else thinks about who I love. I don't have to explain myself, and I don't have to make any excuses. I'm sure that Brady feels the same way."

Now, if she'd just been smart enough to tell Kristen she'd go along with her cockamamie plan, maybe she wouldn't be unconscious on the floor right now.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS down below to tell us what you think.

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