Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Late-April 2020

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When Violet asked, "How long is this going to go on?" during Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3, I wanted to answer back, "You have no idea."

Because in "Late-April 2020," we really didn't. 

In some ways, watching this pandemic play out in St. Jo's parish hits a little too close to home as we see Darla fight for groceries and Prosper hearing about refrigerated trucks being called in to hold all of the bodies. The history is a bit too recent not to be painful. 

Darla and Ralph Angel Stock Up - Queen Sugar

Yet, it is almost cathartic. We've come so far and endured so much. It feels like there may be a light at the end of this dark tunnel. 

For the Bordelon's that light is a long way off, and they don't realize that yet. 

But this is a resilient family. They have a lot of experience getting knocked down and then getting back up. 

Take Darla and Ralph Angel. 

Remember the Ralph Angel we met on Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 1? The guy was so desperate and reckless that he left his kid in the park and robbed a convenience store.

Not Going Stir Crazy - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3

He has grown so much since then. Not only is he more responsible, but he's gained the confidence to know he can weather the hard times. 

A couple of years ago, Ralph Angel would have panicked over losing a crop, but now he's rolling with the punches. It probably helps to know it's not just him; that this is happening to everyone. 

Even when both he and Darla had lost their sources of income, Ralph Angel remained calmer than I expected.

Ralph Angel: I guess it comes with the territory. My daddy struggled, and I ain’t no different. Shit, the last thing I’m going to do is let my pride get in the way of me supporting my family.
Darla: I don’t feel good about you selling off pieces of yourself just to support us. I don’t feel good about that. I’m going to get another job.
Ralph Angel: Well, I am too.

When he put on that suit to interview for the janitor's job, it showed his true character...it also showed how fine the man looks in a suit!

Ralph Angel's Job Interview - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3

But I was downright proud to hear how well Ralph Angel handled himself in that interview. Someone was obviously listening to Charley's advice to Darla...

Ms. Thompson, my father’s Ernest Bordelon. He was a farmer. He also pushed a broom for a living, waxed floors, scrubbed toilets. Did what he had to do for his family, but he did it with his head up. You know, growing up, he taught me to do the same. Checked his ego at the door. So I take pride in making sure folk live in dignity. I admit, my money is kind of funny; in fact, it’s hilarious, but being here is a choice, and I know what it takes, and I understand what this is. As you also said, I am a boss, so I know what a good employee looks like. I’m here to solve your problems, Ms. Thompson.

Ralph Angel

And he didn't look too shabby in that janitor's uniform either.

But enough of admiring Ralph Angel's many attributes.

Charley struggled to get the council members on the same page when it came to protecting their community, and even Aunt Vi was questioning how long people would be willing to remain in lockdown.

How long is this going to go on? I mean, people are not going to stay at home forever. People need people, you know, to touch and feel each other. It’s supposed to be two weeks. It’s been a lot longer than that.


Keeping Safe - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3

But Charley's bigger issue may be Micah.

Charley was so thrilled to have him back home. She was really trying to heed Aunt Vi's advice and treat him like an adult, but that gets difficult when you see your kid making reckless choices like going out to hang with their friends when you know the ICUs are overflowing with Covid patients. 

Micah and Keke are done, and according to Micah, it's because Keke had moved on with someone else, although Keke may have her own version of that story that we're not hearing.

As much as I enjoyed them as a couple, teenagers breaking up during their freshman year of college are not unusual. It's not fun, but sometimes it's part of growing up, moving on, and becoming who you're meant to be.

What I didn't like was Micah sounding like a player on the phone with his new girl. Micah rebels against Charley most of the time, yet he has no problem using her fame to his advantage when it suits him. 

Micah's Home - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3

I fear Micah has no idea how lucky he is. Yes, being stuck at home during quarantine is lousy, but he's got a big, beautiful home and never has to worry about money. There are plenty of people out there really suffering through this, and Micah may be too young and too privileged to grasp that.

Nova and Calvin delivered supplies with Nova's Tru Papers Neighborhood Action group, but it was like a honeymoon under quarantine at home. 

In some ways, it's good to see these two so happy, but I couldn't help but consider whether they were over-compensating after Hailey accused Calvin at the party.

I'm also curious if Nova and Calvin can remain this close even once the rest of the world intrudes once again, and it's not just the two of them the majority of the time. 

But it was good to see Nova taking an interest in Prosper. I'm worried for him. 

Worrying About Covid - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

I'm grateful that his issues seemed to stem from loneliness instead of illness because hopefully, that will be easier to cure. Not that Prosper can hang out with friends again, but Nova can do her best to make sure he feels connected to something besides the horrible news he sees on TV. 

Hollywood's mother may not be so lucky. 

I can only imagine the worry of knowing a loved one might be in danger and not being able to check on them right away.

I'm relieved Hollywood is headed to check on his mother himself, even after her neighbor checked in. If he didn't, and his mom was genuinely sick, he'd never forgive himself.

But if she does have the virus, I'm also concerned about him getting it from her and perhaps bringing it home to Violet. With Vi's underlying health issues, that could be a death sentence, and this show would lose its heart and soul if it lost Aunt Vi.

Hollywood Worries - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3

So what do you think, Queen Sugar fans? 

  • Are we destined to lose one of the Bordelons or someone close to them this season, and if so, who?
  • Am I too hard on Micah by calling him a player in the making?
  • Will Calvin and Nova survive as a long-term couple?
  • And has Covid-19 derailed Parker's plans for St. Jo's, or is she still working to push that highway through the cemetery?
Happier Than Ever - Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 1

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