Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Heroes of Patience

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To quote Harry, "This is some bullshit."

No, Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10 didn't live up to expectations. But what were the expectations, exactly?

It was the least funny episode of the lot and almost wrapped up the season entirely. Well, until that last second.

Armed with the Law - Resident Alien

But was the wrap-up what we wanted? It wasn't what I wanted. What about you?

Let's start small.

Awww Hell No - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

D'Arcy took Sheriff Mike and Deputy Liv to Harry's place to look for Dead Harry. They didn't find him because they didn't bother looking anywhere but in the freezer.

We learned later that Dead Harry wasn't even out of sight up in the loft, which is rather disappointing considering how astute Liv has been so far and how quickly Mike has caught up with her.

It was also uncool that they pretty much sloughed off D'Arcy as the town drunk or something. They could smell booze on her breath. Or was it on her clothes since she's a bartender? She swore she was sober but for edibles and a pill. They don't smell like booze.

Liv didn't apologize when she found the boot moments later, and D'Arcy is unlikely to be on their list to visit for such now that they're both on the same page when it comes to Harry. Something is fishy about all of the evidence, from D'Arcy's accusation to the foot to the doorknob to the boot.

Killing Humans During the Warmth of Spring - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

The best thing to come from them during the finale was their embarrassment watching Ben and Kate and Liv's excitement over Mike purchasing an espresso machine.

Everyone who thought D'Arcy and Ben would eventually get together can now rest easy knowing that D'Arcy made a pass at him as she seems to do every man she meets. They kissed! That was good enough to send that story packing.

If Ben wasn't sure whether he was in love with his wife, that sealed the deal.

I don't blame D'Arcy for kissing Ben. He was practically slobbering all over her, telling her she's brave and fearless and opining how he'd like to be like her. I think he piles it on a little thick there, but she has done a lot to make most in a small town jealous.

Our Favorite Little Investigators - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

What she hasn't done is found lasting happiness or love, and that's what she wants most of all. She tests the waters every time testosterone wafts by her nose. Hell, she is kind of brave in that regard. The rest of us sit back and hope. At least she takes the bull by the horns.

Ben needed the kick in the pants from D'Arcy's kiss, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Boring Lisa and 'too easily persuaded to do bad things' David were hot on Max's trail. It all amounted to very little. The idiots failed to recognize how clever Max and Sahar were, and they believed them when the kids pointed the alien finger at Dr. Ethan.

That poor, unassuming guy.

RV Lurking About - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

But that was after a beatdown for the ages from Ben and Kate, who finally connected over the violence, er, the passion that ignited in them when their family was in danger.

D'Arcy moved on from her embarrassment to helping Jay. Jay hasn't had anyone to talk to about her lot in life, and with D'Arcy by her side, she's taking control.

D'Arcy thinks the big secret Asta was keeping was knowledge of Jay as her child. We know that's not true, but it shook off her anger. Personally, I would have preferred that she didn't make such a poor role model for Jay, though.

Jay confronted Jimmy, promising to kill him if he hurt Asta again. That was all they needed there. She and D'Arcy should have walked off happily after that.

Asta Looks Confused - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

Sure, it's funny for a nanosecond that D'Arcy set his truck free to roll down the hill, but when it put others into harm's way, that was super uncool. I hate messages like that. It's not OK to bring others into your world like that.

Through all of this, Harry was working away inside himself, trying to understand what has happened to him in the last five months.

Inexplicably, Dead Harry killed Sam. Why? What was the purpose behind that reveal?

Just when it seemed that useless storyline was done, it's revived. Perhaps just to allow Alan Tudyk to play two characters again on Resident Alien Season 2.

Bigger Than Expected - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

It's interesting how much Harry has learned, though. He carried on deep conversations with a dead body, requiring him to play both sides. It's a unique way to counsel yourself, I guess.

Dead Harry's description of love (or Harry's) led him to realize that he loves Asta. They subsequently talked about friendship, so I don't know if that's a stone unturned or if Harry loves her deeply as a friend, likely the first he's ever had.

The lack of resolution in that area allows for deeper exploration next season.

Harry waffled back and forth about killing humanity, ironically choosing annihilation when Asta walked away from him. Feelings, and all that.

Scaredy Cat - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

At first, I thought he was doing it so that he didn't have to live without love. But no, he did it so that he wouldn't have to think about all of the humans he left behind. If he completed his mission, it would be a clean break.

Somebody will have to tell me how Asta and Max wound up at the hangar, but they inadvertently found themselves being used as hostages. None of that really made sense. Did those soldier types really think shooting at the spaceship would make a difference?

And why did they think that holding Asta and Max with guns to their heads would sway an alien? It's not like anyone had any indication that Harry had made strong connections with anyone, let alone them.

But, Harry flew off quickly after offering Asta his frozen pizzas so that he could go home and leave earth alone. I guess until he reached home and got chastised for not finishing the job and another alien returned in his place to it themselves.

Harry Lashes Out - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

But it never got that far. Harry was blathering on about love, essentially patting himself on the back for all that he learned about humanity (Oh! Maybe he intended to fight for humans once home?) when Max popped up.

Harry's not going home, and he'll probably crash again. He wasn't good at landing with all of his alien qualities, and now that he's partially human, it will be even harder to manage. Right? Who knows.

It was nice that Harry decided to leave earth as he found it. He'll be coming back to Ethan's kidnapping, himself under suspicion of murder, David on the run (no doubt settling in Patience), and the reality that he shared a lot of feelings with Asta.

And, of course, the general and psycho Lisa will still want to find him once they realize they've got the wrong guy.

Screaming for Harry - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 10

So, it all comes down to a rather unimpressive finale. Did anyone expect Harry actually to destroy humanity? Even when he pushed the button, it wasn't with determination.

It's hard to imagine Resident Alien can swing back to its initial glory if the second season will be another whodunnit and myriad people after Harry. If they can keep the comedic moments flowing and insight into humanity that forces us to look within ourselves, it's possible.

To circle around to the beginning, I don't know what I expected, but this wasn't it.

Your turn! After you watch Resident Alien online, sound off below and share your thoughts.

Heroes of Patience Review

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