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Aunt Josephine is here.

Well, she was, but Servant Season 2 Episode 10 gave us some much-needed answers before killing her off.

Did anyone expect that to happen so quickly?

Who's on the Monitor? - Servant

Josephine was a decent enough villain, parading around the shadows of the Turner home and pulling strings in her desperate attempt to pull off the reunion ritual that would leave Leanne dead.

The surprise from the get-go was how warm Josephine was to Dorothy. She sympathized with the cause while simultaneously plotting the downfall of Leanne.

But, as a season finale, it should have had more.

What Fate Awaits Them? - Servant Season 2 Episode 10

The Turners locked up in different sides of the house as Josephine played a cat and mouse game with Leanne was fun, but it took up way too much of the episode.

Aside from Leanne starting a war with the Church of the Lesser Saints, we knew Jericho would make his triumphant return before Servant Season 2 wrapped.

Without the kid, there is no plot. Dorothy would have killed herself, Sean would be picking up the pieces, and Leanne would probably be watching the world burn.

Sean's motive for telling Dorothy the truth appeared to be that he thought it would help her grieve Jericho's loss, but you would think he would have read the room beforehand.

Evil Arrives - Servant Season 2 Episode 10

Dorothy was suicidal, and knowing she was a part of her son's death would have tipped her over the edge. Are we to assume Sean was tired of the scheming and the false promises about Jericho's return?

Probably. But that aspect could have been handled much better because Sean wouldn't have 'fessed up right after his wife attempted to kill herself. Sheesh.

Josephine giving the onesie deemed "The Truth," which gave Dorothy some clarity, was cruel, but it was probably the easiest way to get the message across.

Leanne has been trying to search for meaning in this world, and now she's a full-fledged member of the Turner family.

Surprise Visitor - Servant Season 2 Episode 10

Who would have thought that the Turners would be a family of four by the end of the season?

We went from Dorothy trying to murder Leanne to welcoming her with open arms at the final hurdle. Sure, Leanne had a pivotal part in bringing the family magic back, but there was a part of her that always truly felt connected to the Turners.

With Jericho back in the mix and Leanne back to being has nanny, it's likely Servant Season 3 will begin with the Turners moving on with their lives.

That will include Dorothy returning to work, but I suspect they will all come together for meals and such.

Dorothy is Shocked at Josephine - Servant Season 2 Episode 10

I appreciate the dark cloud hanging over them in the Church of the Lesser Saints because, let's face it, they're going to come knocking when they realize Josephine is dead.

While the church supposedly prided itself in being about forgiveness and helping people, they sure go to extreme lengths if someone loses their way.

The Betamax video was bone-chilling. The man was so enthusiastic about killing people and making sure they're dead. It was nauseating to have him show off the methods of the reunion ritual.

The big takeaway from Servant Season 2 is that both the church and the Turners wanted Leanne's powers to aid their respective causes, and there's probably going to be a big battle down the line.

Dorothy Goes Up the Stairs - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

Leanne's darkness is intensifying. The good news is her powers are growing stronger by the day, but it's hard to imagine her consistently using them for good.

She has a family in the Turners, but she will probably be jealous of anyone that could build a connection to Sean, Dorothy, and Jericho.

Then again, the Turners will probably grow tired of Leanne using Jericho as a bargaining chip when the family has squabbles.

Every family argues, but with the darkness rising in Leanne, this is a recipe for disaster. We also don't know what happens to the magic Leanne has used if she perishes.

Sean is in Pain - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

It would be quite the scene for Leanne to have to be killed and for everything she's done to be undone, including bringing Jericho back. It's also possible that her "magic" is more of an illusion and that only people who believe in her will be able to see Jericho.

There are plenty of possibilities as we head into Servant Season 3, but the series would be wise to map out an endgame.

The Turners vs. The Church of the Lesser Saints can't be the plot for the next two seasons. There needs to be some movement on the mythology of the series, enough to get the sense the series is building towards something big.

We don't know how big the Church is, but I dare say Dorothy will want to use her journalism as a mouthpiece to take them down.

A Mysterious Arrival - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

What are your thoughts on Jericho's return? Do you believe that Leanne is too far gone? Did you expect Aunt Josephine to die so quickly?

Do you think the Turners -- including Leanne -- will be able to carve out a happy family dynamic?

Hit the comments.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Josephine: Dorothy Turner. The Warrior.
Dorothy: Who are you?
Sean: Aunt Josephine.

Dorothy: Where's Jericho?
Josephine: May we sit together. I want to be by your side.