Servant Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Love Shack

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Leanne and George's clash was inevitable, but I didn't expect it to be that toxic.

Servant Season 2 Episode 8 was another slow installment, but it successfully peeled back some layers on the characters to reveal more vulnerabilities.

George has been adamant about not leaving the house without Leanne, and it appears that there is a higher power at play here.

Leanne is Shocked at George - Servant

He knew the Turners had not been the best of people, but it looked more like he was preparing a ritual that would either destroy Leanne or hinder her power somewhat.

Yes, George helped to heal Sean's hand, but was he really going to bring Jericho back to them as some sort of Christmas miracle? I doubt it.

Rupert Grint as Julian - Servant Season 2 Episode 8

Much like Leanne, George has struggled to rationalize the Turners' actions, and bringing Jericho back to them does not appear to be something that the rest of the cult will agree to.

George going into the attic with the knife certainly suggested that he was going to harm Leanne, but is it possible that he also wanted to harm Julian?

George seems to have a connection with Julian, despite the way Julian has treated both him and Leanne.

Is it possible that George thought the key to doling out the cult's form of justice was killing Julian?

Julian Listens - Servant Season 2 Episode 8

It sounds like a stretch, but with so few characters at the wheel, there has to be a method to the madness.

Rosscoe arriving at the house to aid the cult came out of the left-field, but we need to remember that he was missing for several days and could have been brainwashed into agreeing with their cause.

This Rosscoe was completely different from the one who emerged from the darkness, claiming no time had passed.

He was more at ease with the world and the higher calling of the cult.

Roscoe could have exposed Sean in a much bigger way to Dorothy as a means to tear them apart, but he didn't, so something tells me a part of him is still tied to Sean as a friend.

George being knocked down was probably one of the most predictable scenes in the history of TV.

The moment Leanne looked out the window and George was on the road, it was evident what was coming.

But will he really be dead? Is anyone really dead on a supernatural series like Servant?

The Serum - Servant Season 2 Episode 8

George was adamant that she would come looking for Leanne, but he also said this mysterious person is not May.

The only thing I can take from this is that their God is a female and that she'll come after Leanne for turning on the people who are supposed to be tied to her as the healers of the Earth.

Leanne's powers are manifesting into something inexplicable, and the way the power emitted from her when George tried to harm her solidified that.

There have been subtle hints peppered throughout the narrative that Leanne is the root of the evil, but this was the episode that reiterated she is not like the other people in the cult.

Dorothy Pleads - Servant Season 2 Episode 8

I can't shake the feeling that the Turners will find some semblance of peace, only to have it ripped from under them by Leanne when she realizes her full potential.

Julian and Leanne having sex came out of nowhere, but you could tell the both of them needed someone to lean on and to speak about the things they've been bottling up.

Julian ignoring Dorothy's calls as Jericho lay dead for four days finally gave us the reason why he felt guilty from the beginning of the series.

A part of him will always wonder how things would have played out had he not been hooked on drugs and picked up the phone to his sister.

George at the House - Servant Season 2 Episode 8

"Love Shack" moved the puzzle pieces around to give us a complete picture of what is going on, but the series is leaving these reveals for a little too long to care about them fully.

It's hard to believe that we're headed into the final two episodes of the season, and not much has actually happened.

What do you think of Leanne seemingly killing George?

Who do you think this other female is?

Are you surprised about Julian and Leanne getting closer?

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below, TV Fanatics.

Servant airs around the world on Apple TV+. New episodes are available to stream every Friday.

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George: She'll come for you.
Leanne: I'm not scared of her.
George: Not her.

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Dorothy: What are you doing? You said you were helping?
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