Superstore Series Finale Review: Thank You, Store 1217

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The Superstore Series Finale is one for the books.

The double-episode feature of Superstore Season 6 Episode 14 and Superstore Season 6 Episode 15 has many laughs, tears, jaw-dropping moments, and sentimental goodbyes -- exactly what a series finale should have.

The Cloud 9 employees venture on one last crazy experience. They all walk away from Store 1217, anxious about their futures, but they recognize how their years at Cloud 9 shaped them into who they are.

The Analyst - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

One of the most exciting parts of the finale is the return of Amy Sosa. She arrives on "Perfect Store," determined to help her former co-workers save Store 1217 from closing.

Amy returning to help her former co-workers is nothing short of who she is. At the heart of her character, Amy will always care more about her Cloud 9 family than any corporate job.

Now, with Amy to keep them in the loop, The employees of Store 1217 are ready to take on Zephra and save their store. They are determined to be part of the five percent of Cloud 9 stores that will remain open.

We keep trying to show everybody that we're the perfect store, and the truth is, we're not. Okay, we're just us. But we're here every single day. When it rains, when it snows, when it tornadoes. When there's a plague, and you're all safe at home except for when you come here to cough, we're here! Just trying to get you what you need, and all we want is to keep doing that.


But they can only do so much, even with Amy on their side. Despite a strong effort, Zephra plans to convert Store 1217 into a fulfillment center, leaving everyone's futures up in the air. Well, everyone except Amy. 

Amy's Back - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

But if there is one thing we know about Amy, she is fiercely loyal and protective of her Cloud 9 family. So, it is entirely in character when she quits her executive job at Zephra.

Everyone is officially unemployed, so the entire finale revolves around the characters reflecting on their plans while reminiscing on their time at Cloud 9. 

However, it is not easy for many of the characters since their futures are hazy, particularly for Mateo. 

Glenn: You know Mateo, it's funny. You're undocumented, and I'm over sixty, and America doesn't want either of us to work anymore.
Mateo: Right, but I'm under constant fear of deportation, and you get discounts at movie theaters, so.
Glenn: Not new releases.
Mateo: Wow. Must be awful to live in terror of spoilers.

As an undocumented immigrant, he has very few work options because of possibly being deported. He tries his best to secure a job as Carol's assistant, but it turns out her settlement was only enough for Mateo to work eight hours. And as the clock ticks closer to closing, Mateo is running out of options. 

His situation is a cruel reminder of what it is like for undocumented immigrants in America. They come here in search of a better life, devoting themselves to work and this country. Yet, the government considers them to be criminals simply because they wanted a better life.

The Bad News - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

And while Mateo may not always be the kindest person, he is a hard worker, arguably the hardest worker at Store 1217. He has always taken his job seriously, applied himself, and tried his best.

Mateo deserved the Floor Supervisor promotion on Superstore Season 4. He has excelled in every venture -- a floor worker, the floor supervisor, an employee at the eye center, and the manager's assistant.

Mateo's storyline intertwines with Glenn, who does not have a bright future since Store 1217's closing forces him into retirement. But as Mateo points out, no one is forcing him to retire -- he can find a job elsewhere. 

While Glenn may not understand why Mateo is annoyed with him, he recognizes good employees when he sees them. So, when Glenn decides to reopen Sturgis & Sons, his father's old hardware store, he hires Mateo.

A Video Conference - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

Hiring Mateo reminds us precisely of the kind of person Glenn is. Glenn may be slow most of the time, and he can be uncomfortably religious, but he has the biggest heart. He always has, and Superstore could not have demonstrated it better when he asks Mateo to join the Sturgis & Sons team.

When you think about it, a store like this is actually pretty incredible, you know? You help people do their homework, and find their styles, and feed their grandchildren. You know, there's... there's magic in that. I don't know, people -- people always talk about going out and finding something special, but maybe -- maybe we don't have to look that hard, you know? Maybe everything is special.


Things are looking up for Dina, who becomes the fulfillment center's new manager. However, it is at a price -- she can only take five current employees with her.

She spends most of "All Sales Final" attempting to figure out who to take with her when the fulfillment center opens. Dina struggles with this task not because there are no employees she likes but rather because there are too many good employees to leave behind.

Dina's storyline shows how far she has come since Superstore Season 1. At the beginning of the show, she found everyone replaceable. Dina did not care about any of the employees, and she hated most of them, if not all.

An Emotional Moment - Superstore Season 6 Episode 15

Now, Dina recognizes every employee's strengths and weaknesses. She cannot decide because she values and appreciates all of her employees, a sign of her growth. 

It is Sandra who decides for Dina in a bold move that surprises us all.

Sandra has also developed a lot over the seasons.

She was a shy pushover, and people always forgot her because she seems forgettable. But several situations -- Carol and Jerry, Unionizing, her fake pregnancy, to name a few -- prompted Sandra to grow into herself and become who she truly is.

It turns out, Sandra is still shy and quiet. She is a "shadow person," as noted on Superstore Season 6 Episode 12.

But Sandra is proud of it, and she is no longer afraid of standing up for herself.

Now, she will be Dina's assistant manager at the fulfillment center and work alongside some familiar faces -- including Marcus and Justine.

We wonder what a spinoff with this group of characters would be like. While we may never know, we do get a glimpse in the flash-forward at the end of "All Sales Final." Dina, Sandra, Marcus, and Justine are working hard at their new jobs, but they know how to relax and have a good laugh. They seem genuinely happy.

Their Number One Fan - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

We do not quite know what is in store for Cheyenne and Garrett, but the flash-forward provides a few hints.

Cheyenne works with Mateo at Glenn's newly reopened Sturgis & Sons. It makes sense since Mateo and Cheyenne have always been like two peas in a pod, even when they fought.

Naturally, Cheyenne would follow Mateo to Sturgis & Sons, and it seems that she could not have been happier with her decision. We still do not know why she is with Bo, but we hope to gain insight when their spinoff show premieres.

Natalie: Jonah, this is not the first time feet have been found here. In fact, the internet has already dubbed this store "Toe-zark Highlands."
Jonah: Is that -- is that so? That's the first I'm hearing of it.
Natalie: Why do you think he or she -- but let's be honest, he -- sees your store as an ideal dumping ground?
Jonah: Uh, well, Natalie, he probably likes it for the same reason everybody else does, you know? Our fast and friendly service, our convenient parking, and our strong sense of community.
Sandra: I don't think he answered her question.
Garrett: Yeah, that's a tough pivot.

As for Garrett, while we do not know where he works after Cloud 9, one thing is for sure -- he is content with his life. He has a steady group of friends, and he is still with Dina.

Awkward - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

Even though we will always wonder where he works next, it does not matter.

For Garrett, work is just work. It is never about the job -- it was always about the meaningful connections he made along the way. And considering Garrett left Store 1217 with friends for a lifetime and his soulmate, working at Cloud 9 was a success for him.

Amy: You know, when I first met you, I thought you were the most annoying person I'd ever met. With your moments of beauty, seize the day crap like you'd watched Dead Poet's Society too many times.
Jonah: Shows what you know; you can't watch Dead Poet's Society too many times.
Amy: I hated how cheesy you were. I hated how woke you were; I hated how often you used the word “artisan.” But most of all, I hated how you believed that life could be better than it was. And yet, here we are. And my life is so much better than it was. Because of you.

Of course, we cannot forget Amy and Jonah, who meet face-to-face for the first time since Amy left for California. "Perfect Store" does not contain many one-on-one moments for them, but it does remind us of how they are at their best when working as a team.

They take the lead on saving Store 1217, and while it is not successful, this storyline reminds us of why we fell for them in the first place.

Amy and Jonah were always a team, even if she could not stand him at first. They always led Store 1217 in any venture, whether it was boycotting Cloud 9, unionizing, exposing corporate, and more.

The Dream Team - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

However, once they failed to save the store, they both had to question what is in store for their futures, and this time around, Jonah is on the fence.

Amy now knows what she wants. As we suspected, she broke up with Jonah on Superstore Season 6 Episode 2 because the move to California was scary, life-changing, and risky. It was a big decision, and Amy could not handle deciding anything else, including marrying Jonah.

But as Amy quickly found out, an executive job in California means nothing if she left behind the person she loves most, other than her children. This brings us to the conundrum on "All Sales Final," where Amy questions whether rejecting Jonah's proposal and leaving for California was the right choice.

We were always pretty confident that these two would end up together, but we were on the edge of our seats when Jonah rejects Amy after she tells him the truth.

But it is not out of character for Jonah to initially reject Amy. She hurt him badly when she left. Amy made it seem like their breakup was a breeze, and she had no problem moving past their relationship.

One Last Name Tag - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

Jonah was the one who struggled to pick up the pieces of their relationship when it fell apart. So how could he jump back in just because Amy says she changed her mind? He needs more proof than that.

And then, possibly the most beautiful moment on the double episode besides the flash-forward at the end. Amy delivers a romantic speech on how Jonah changed her life, circling back to their moment of beauty on Superstore Season 1 Episode 1. 

There have always been people who believed that Jonah loved Amy more than she loved him. "All Sales Final" threw that hypothesis in the trash when she tells Jonah just how much he means to her.

Jonah was never the reason all her days were the same, not even close. Jonah is the reason Amy's days started being different. He gave her life meaning, just as she gave his.

Back in Town - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

And Amy demonstrated just how much she loves Jonah with her passionate speech, swearing to wait for him as long as he needs. Thankfully, she does not even finish her sentence before Jonah decides she does not need to wait and kisses her.

And their lives in the flash-forward are better than we could have ever asked for. Jonah and Amy are married and continue to raise Parker together. They even decide to have another child, named Carter.

They certainly are not original in naming children, but does that matter now that they found their way back to each other? Definitely not.

We only hoped that they would get back together, but Superstore went above and beyond. We do not have to imagine what Amy and Jonah's future is like because they showed us.

But then again, that is what they have done since Superstore Season 1 Episode 1 -- showing us the countless ways Amy and Jonah are meant to be and why they always made sense together.

More than anything, the flash-forward -- along with Garrett's voiceover and the montage -- brings us to tears. Cloud 9 employees are not the only ones reminiscing on Store 1217. We certainly are, too.

The Superstore Finale was everything we could want and more. It is rare to see a finale done so well, but Superstore pulls it off.

The double episode is funny, heartwarming, riveting, and the perfect way to say goodbye to Store 1217 and this show.

Amy Arrives - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Superstore, Cloud 9, and Store 1217. You have changed our lives forever.

Attention shoppers, please bring your final purchases up to checkout, 'cause this store is about to close forever. On behalf of everyone here at Cloud 9, I'd just like to say, BUH-BYE! Sorry, that shouldn't be the last thing I say. Twenty years of announcements. I mean, I'm not a sentimental guy; that's not my thing. But it did just occur to me that this is... this is the end. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a job. I mean, if jobs were fun, they wouldn't pay us to do it, but occasionally there were moments that weren't so bad. Memories are the only things I can remember right now. You know, most jobs suck ninety-nine percent of the time, so you really... you really gotta enjoy those moments that don't. Those bits of fun you have during downtime. Or an interesting conversation with a co-worker. Or something happens that you can laugh about later. Or you do something that you're actually proud of. If you're lucky, maybe you even get to be friends with a co-worker or two along the way. Not sure what else you could want at a job. At any rate, thank you for shopping with us. Cloud 9 is now closed.


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Superstore Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Glenn: You know Mateo, it's funny. You're undocumented, and I'm over sixty, and America doesn't want either of us to work anymore.
Mateo: Right, but I'm under constant fear of deportation, and you get discounts at movie theaters, so.
Glenn: Not new releases.
Mateo: Wow. Must be awful to live in terror of spoilers.

Amy: I thought I'd show up on the last day and surprise everybody.
Nia: That's so nice! What's the surprise?
Amy: Um, just me.
Nia: Oh. I thought it would be like, donuts or something.