The OC Is Not Getting a Reboot, But Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke Have the Next Best Thing

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While it seems like every TV series under the sun is getting a reboot, The O.C. has conspicuously been left out in the cold.

Thankfully, two of the stars of the show are reuniting for the next best thing:

A podcast!

The OC Podcast

It has the best title, you guys.

"Welcome to the O.C., Bitches."

For those unaware, that's a play on the "Welcome to the O.C., bitch," line Luke (Chris Carmac) yelled at Ryan (Ben McKenzie) on the 2003 pilot.

Rachel Bilson Attends Event

The podcast will be all about the series, delving into what made it so big, and this might be the perfect time to start that rewatch.

"Welcome to The O.C., bitches. Grab your bikinis, your Juicy jumpsuits, and your flip phones because every Tuesday we're going back to the early 2000s," Bilson told listeners, adding that she and Clarke will rewatch an episode of the show every Tuesday, dissecting the "the love triangles, the fashion, and the teenage angst."

The podcast will also see the return of former cast members, writers, and musicians who took part in the show. It will span over 100 episodes.

Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke

"This is an O.C. rewatch podcast, as only the two bitches who were there could do. We're starting from the beginning, back from when we were just guest stars. Every week we'll go through an episode, as we rewatch from the very beginning," Clarke explained.

Indeed, both Bilson and Clarke were never meant to be big characters on the show, but the fans were vocal about wanting more of their characters, and they became some of the biggest cast members.

Kast Media joined forces with the actresses to launch the podcast, according to Deadline.

“I’m so excited to be doing this podcast with Mindy. I think everyone could use a little light and laughter after the year we have endured. Going back and watching all of these episodes has been so fun and I can’t wait to talk about it all, my own personal experiences as well as others involved with the show," said Bilson.

Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke Attend Movie Premiere

"From behind the camera, to the makeup trailer to the faces on screen, I hope you will all tune in and come with us back to the OC,” she added.

The OC was an undeniable cultural milestone, and this show is an opportunity to look back at that moment in time alongside two of the most iconic personalities from the original series. This will be the watch-party we could only have dreamt of,” added Colin Thomson, CEO of Kast Media.

OK, The OC fans!

What are your thoughts on the news? Should we play along and post a review of the series every Tuesday?

Sound off in the comments!

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