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Did the ghost take over George's body?

On Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 8, things took a deadly turn went the ghost threatened to keep the body.

Bess - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 8

With the Aglaeca a distant memory, Nancy started to wonder whether they were going to be continually pursued by new demons.

Meanwhile, Bess and Nick shared a moment in the diner, but what did it mean?

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Ryan: Nancy's here? Right now? Did she say anything about me?
Nick: Uh, no. Hey, but that just means she's still working through her feelings about you being her father. Okay? She'll talk when she's ready.

Nancy: I'll tell Nick that we need the morning off.
George: Wait, no. Don't tell Nick, please. I haven't quite looped him in yet.
Nancy: About the murderous French ghost that's time-sharing your body ever since we defeated the Aglaeca?
George: It hasn't come up in conversation.
Nancy: Okay.
George: Look, it's for his own good. Okay? He just got over his nightmares of me dying in his arms. I'm not gonna send him on an anxiety spiral.