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Did Cloud 9 change forever?

The founder's son arrived on Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 and made quite the impression when he proposed a list of changes. 

Sandra's Relaxation - Superstore Season 6 Episode 12

Meanwhile, Garrett helped Dina navigate a tricky situation with Brian. 

How did Brian feel about all of the drama in the store?

Elsewhere, Jonah and Sandra worked together to secure the future of the store. 

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Cheyenne: Lowell was just saying that he wants the store to be more “hands-on,” and I just worry that his ideas might be slightly fully wack.
Glenn: Okay, look. Lowell's methods may seem strange, but that's because we're not on his level intellectually. I mean, this morning, I watched a squirrel unwrap a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for an hour.
Cheyenne: Glenn, you have to get TikTok. That's like, literally all it is.

Glenn: Mr. Anderson is not your typical heartless businessman. My father had a hardware store, Sturgis & Sons, and Cloud 9 undersold us and put us out of business, but my dad said that you were always a gentleman about it; even took him out to dinner on the night that the store closed for good!
Marcus: Wow, mensch alert!
Jonah: I'm sorry, did we not hear the “put him out of business” part?