A Million Little Things Round Table: Will Katherine Have an Affair?

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Katherine kissed Alan once again, leaving us wondering if she's done with Eddie and ready to move on, while Gary's need to save his friends brought him to the brink. 

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, and Meaghan Frey as they do a deep dive into this hour of A Million Little Things...

A Million Little Things Round Table

Katherine kissed Alan again. Is she about to carry on a full-blown affair?

Christine: I hope not. Katherine is in so much pain right now that any new relationship will only be a band-aid. She may see it as a distraction, but it will only make her feel guilty and miserable.

Alan seems like a great guy, and if Katherine chooses to end things with Eddie, I wouldn't mind seeing her and Alan eventually find romance, but this isn't the time.

It will be a disaster for everyone involved, including Theo, who will likely see Eddie as the victim and Katherine as the person ruining their family.

Protective Mom - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 8

Jack: Good God, I hope not. I think when Katherine asked Eddie why he had the affair with Delilah, she was trying to figure out what was going on with her and Alan and which way she wanted to go.

But I agree with Christine. This is not the time, and with Theo already lashing out at her, an affair is the last thing she needs.

Meaghan: I feel like they've been trying so hard to make it seem that way that I'm doubtful it will actually happen. Alan is just a supportive distraction from the dumpster fire that is her life right now.

I genuinely could not see Katherine jumping right into a new relationship after Eddie. She isn't Eddie. She is far too analytical to make that kind of impulsive decision that would have a huge impact on her family.

I agree with Christine that if Eddie and Katherine really do end things, I would be fine with Alan being a future romantic partner for her -- just not yet. She needs time to heal, and so does Theo.

Eddie Confides in Jackie  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 11

Does Eddie appear to be making progress in rehab? What were your thoughts on his conversation with Katherine about Delilah and honesty?

Christine: Eddie's progress is slow, which is probably realistic. He still thinks of himself first most of the time.

Eddie and Delilah liked being with someone who didn't see all of their faults and was willing to blame their spouse for all of their problems. But I do think Eddie and Delilah saw their affair differently.

Eddie was willing to leave Katherine for Delilah, but I don't believe Delilah ever really would have left Jon for Eddie.

But Katherine understood the appeal of starting over with someone new because things at home felt too complicated and unhappy. That's a feeling that doesn't bode well for her and Eddie's future.

Card playing - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 10

Jack: I think Eddie is making a bit of progress. The fact that he told Jackie he wanted to leave rather than just signing himself out was a big change in and of itself, and he is trying to learn how to shift his thoughts from himself to the people he cares about.

And yes, Eddie and Delilah saw their affair differently. That was what was driving me nuts during A Million Little Things Season 1. Delilah seemed to be stringing him along while he was unable to decide what he wanted. Thank goodness we're past THAT, at least.

Meaghan: Yes, he is making progress, but he still has a long way to go. I think it is a big step in the right direction to have a conversation with Katherine about his affair. It always did feel like the issues with the affair blew over quickly, and no one really had time to process the fallout, mostly because of the baby.

Eddie is still coming at things from a selfish perspective, though. You could see a hint of anger and annoyance when he found out Katherine wasn't coming, but Katherine doesn't owe him anything. She is doing her best.

Eddie is the one who continually makes decisions that have a negative impact on their marriage. It is his job to make an effort to fix it. Realistically he should be focusing on his sobriety first. Once he is sober, then he can work on healing the damage to his marriage.

Unplanned Parenthood - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 11

The Howards have officially taken Tyrrell in with his mother's blessing. React.

Christine: Thank goodness Regina was the adult in this situation. I know Rome saw things through the eyes of someone who just lost their mother, but did he really think allowing a teenager to run off to Haiti with no information and no plan was a good idea?

Rome was also more stuck on their "plan" to adopt, where Regina understood the need to be flexible and how much Tyrell needed them. I love the idea of them being foster parents, and I can't wait to see where this leads them.

Jack: I'm glad that Gina and Rome talked and realized that they could take Tyrell in and that Gina got Rome off the idea of their "plan." I loved what she said about the world having no plan right now.

Tyrell Awaits News -tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 11

I also was glad that Tyrell's mom was okay with this. Even though she felt it was best for Tyrell to stay in America, she could have had mixed feelings about other people taking care of him, but it didn't seem like there was anything but pure gratitude.

Meaghan: I am enjoying every aspect of this storyline. Rome and Gina obviously still need to work out the kinks in their parenting style (like realizing getting hip to the games teenagers will play with their parents real quick), but they are off to a great start.

Tyrell's mom giving her seal of approval was such a nice touch. Tyrell's mom clearly just wants the best for him and him staying in America with Gina and Rome instead of being with her is what is best for him right now.

Explaining Matters - tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 10

Did Sophie make the right choice going to Paris to be with Delilah?

Christine: Yes! Sophie needs time to heal, and she needs her mom. Being with Delilah will give her the safe, secure place she needs to emotionally process everything that's happened, and a change in location might help her find some perspective.

This might just be an even better scenario for Sophie than Delilah coming home.

Jack: Yes, I think so. She's surrounded by well-meaning people who are overly concerned about her well-being, and she needs space.

Plus, Delilah was having a hard time getting a flight home, and Sophie apparently was able to get one to France more easily. So this allows her to be with her mom and take a break from feeling like there's a house full of people worried about her every move.

Meaghan: I hadn't even considered that as an option, but it is the perfect thing for her right now. Sophie can't begin to move forward while living in her trauma, which is exactly what is happening while being at home.

Getting away and getting support from her mom will give her the time to process everything that happened.

Protective Uncle - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 10

Is Gary starting to unravel a bit? How did you interpret that final scene of him punching out his window? Do you think he's due for therapy?

Christine: Gary definitely needs help. He internalizes everyone else's struggles and makes himself responsible for their well-being.When things go wrong, he's convinced that he has to fix it for everyone else.

In Gary's mind, this happened to Sophie because of his actions, the same way Maggie is still alive because of him. And the guilt of believing he's failed both Sophie and Jon is crushing him.

I'm really hoping that perhaps he can open up to Darcy, or she'll realize how much he's suffering and encourage him to see a therapist who isn't Maggie.

Happy During Bleak Times - tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 8

Jack: I think so. He can't control any of what's happened, not to Sophie or to anyone else, and I think the stress of trying to live up to whatever it is he thinks Jon would have been able to do is too much for him.

Meaghan: Absolutely. Gary has a savior complex and what happened with Sophie was too much for him to handle. He can't see right now that none of this is his fault. In his eyes, instead of protecting her, he brought this upon her.

For someone with a complex like his, that is devastating. I agree that he is in desperate need of therapy to help him overcome his incessant need to save people from situations he has no control over.

Given that we saw Gary try to go after Peter and stopping himself during the last episode, and then seeing his reaction to Sophie fleeing the country to escape the pain of what he did to her, I'm concerned that Gary will make a big mistake.

I'm really worried that Gary is going to go after him and end up arrested.

Work Date - tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 8

Is there anything else you'd like to address?

Christine: As much as I loved Scott, the cat, why didn't anyone seem to think that he could have belonged to a neighbor?

And although watching Katherine and Alan try to catch Scott was cute, anyone who has had to wrangle a cat knows it was also completely unrealistic.

Jack: I was totally distracted by the fact that Scott the cat looks just like my cat, Ernie. I didn't think of the possibility that Scott could be a neighbor's cat either.

Meaghan: OMG, Christine, you're so right on that one. It is basically impossible to catch a cat that doesn't want to be caught.

Jackie the Card Shark - tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 11

What was your favorite moment?

Christine: I loved Jackie with Eddie. "I was wondering when we'd get to Mr. Deep Dish." Everyone should have a Jackie in their life to call them out on their crap and keep them on track.

Jack: There were a lot of great moments in this one. I have two favorites.

One was when Katherine told Theo in the car that this sucked for her too, and she loves him enough to let him lash out at her.

The other was the compilation of voicemails from Renee that Rome made for Walter. That was a beautiful moment that brought tears to my eyes.

Meaghan: Rome going with Walter to the graveyard and "meeting" Florence was great. I loved that Walter wouldn't let Rome drive because he was the designated driver. I also loved watching the sweet flirtation between Walter and Florence.

Rome and Walter  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 11

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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Maggie: Rome told me you went to Peter's house.
Gary: God this friend group likes to chat. Remember when you were just the girl who everyone was pissed that I brought to Jon's funeral?

Rome: I think I got it. The reason Florence was at my mother's grave is because she's an undertaker.
Tyrell: Yeah, she's an undertaker who's trying to bone your dad.