Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Would You Watch An Amelink Spin-off?!

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Meredith woke up!

It was one of many surprising moments onGrey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 11 as Link and Amelia talked about marriage and addiction, Jo opened up about her new specialty, and much more.

Join Jasmin Pettie, Meaghan Frey, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

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Did you think Mer briefly waking up was anticlimactic?

Jasmin: Yes and no. I thought we were going to see Meredith and Derek reunite one last time on the beach, and then Meredith was going to wake up dramatically, and we would get some big dramatic scene.

I now think that that's going to happen later. I like that they showed that she was getting better but that the challenge now was to get her to wake up and stay awake.

While it wasn't super dramatic, it was probably more realistic to how the disease actually works and affects people in real life.

Meaghan: Very much so. There is no way that the beach is over until she says bye to Derek, so we know she will continue to drift off into the in-between for at least one more episode.

I was happier that she woke up for everyone else involved. They all needed a win, and her coming to gives that to them. It also must be comforting for them to know that she is listening to them, even when she doesn't seem to be present.

Jasmine: Yeah, it was. They hyped it up so much, and then it was barely any screentime and a blip on the radar. Nothing she said was of interest beyond bonding with Richard, and we know she has to see Derek at least one more time.

Owen and Bailey, Jackson and Mama Ortiz, and Maggie and Hayes worked in case-heavy storylines. Which duo did you enjoy the most?

Jasmin: Maggie and Hayes were my favorite pair, followed by Jackson and Mama Ortiz.

I love that Hayes is finally getting his moment in the sun. He's played a bigger role in the second half of the season so far, and I'm really happy about that. He's one of my favorite new characters, and they really underutilized him in the first half of the season.

I loved seeing his interactions with Maggie and watching them find a solution for his young patient. I loved the scene where they're all in the OR, and their idea works. The unfettered joy on their faces was palpable, and it filled me with joy!

Mer Improves - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 11

I also really Jackson and Mama Ortiz. They addressed a real issue in that sometimes people try to help because they feel moved or called to do so, but their band-aid fix creates more problems long-term than they solve.

I like that Jackson got what Ortiz was saying and that he called her at the end of the episode and asked for her for ideas for how they could use his money to really help people in their community long term.

Meaghan: I love literally anything that involves Hayes, so his and Maggie's case was for sure my favorite. I love that he can go toe to toe with any of these other stellar surgeons with how innovative he can be.

I agree with Jasmin, though, that Jackson and Mama Ortiz were also a shining aspect of the episode. Mama Ortiz is a superstar, and I wish they had brought on her character earlier in the series.

Hayes Time - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 11

Unfortunately, Owen and Bailey's case didn't really do much for me. It ended up just feeling like a way to call this episode a crossover event with Station 19, which almost left a sour taste in my mouth.

I'm fine with occasional crossover events, but when you start to call random episodes with just a case that carries over one, you're overusing the term. You didn't need to watch Station 19 to get the same impact of the storyline. Alright sorry. Rant complete.

Jasmine: I agree; I loved both Maggie/Hayes and Mama Ortiz/Jackson. I'm thrilled that Hayes is getting more screentime and development on the back half of the season. He and Maggie are a great pairing, and I enjoyed everything about them working together. They give me Maggie/Riggs vibes.

I also love what they were exploring with Jackson and Mama Ortiz. She is a great addition to the series, and she was well-used here.

Are you happy Owen and Teddy finally made amends? Were you surprised by Owen's turnaround? Will they end up together again romantically, or should they just stick to friends?

Jasmin: I am! I was sick of them fighting. That storyline was exhausting, and I'm glad that Owen finally got it and that he made amends, and that they are both starting to heal. It was long overdue.

I wasn't surprised by the turnaround because Owen is such a wildcard of a character. I think he heard what Bailey was saying, and even though it didn't hold true for the couple they treated, it did hold true for him and Teddy, and that's what Bailey was trying to share with him.

As for what the future holds for Teddy and Owen, I'd like to see them become friends again and find a way to co-parent peacefully with Amelia and Link for the good of their kids and themselves.

There's been too much drama and heartbreak for them to work as a couple at this point.

Taking Care of Teddy-tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 9

Meaghan: Thank god! The writers have been doing a serious character makeover on Owen these past two episodes, and it has been paying off in a big way. I haven't been able to tolerate him this season, but finally, I actually am enjoying him again.

It shows a huge amount of growth on his end to show kindness to Tom and to forgive Teddy. I think for now, they need to keep things purely platonic.

The damage has been done between them, and it can't just be swept under the rug. Maybe one day down the road, if they both decide that's what they want, they can revisit a relationship again, but I think that day would be far, far away, if ever.

Jasmine: Yeah, I'm happy they've moved on with this. They dragged it on too much, and even though I still have mixed feelings about how they chose to resolve it, I'm glad it's over.

Owen: You tried to tell me the truth about your relationship with Allison and I was awful to you, and I am sorry.
Teddy: I should've told you years ago.
Owen: You told me when you could, and I should've listened to you because every day since we met, Teddy, and every day since, you've listened to me. You have fought for me. ANd that thing that you did on our wedding day...
Teddy: I'm sorry.
OWen:I know, I know you are. We were friends first. We've been friends for years and you've never been anything but there for me so when you did something that was so out of character I should've known that something was going on and you just needed a friend. I can be your friend. I don't know if I have anything else in me, but I can be your friend if you let me.

They need to focus on co-parenting and remaining friends. They shouldn't revisit romance again. At this point, let Teddie continue to work on herself and find a nice woman to settle down with eventually, and let Owen, hell, let him have the same. It's a long time for him to have a healthy, happy relationship.

What are your thoughts on Jo switching specialties and her fear of sharing it with Meredith?

Jasmin: I'm of two minds here. I really loved Jo's scene with Meredith. I thought it was really sweet and touching, and I like that Meredith was supportive and told Richard what Jo had said so that he could help her.

Jo was scared that Meredith would yell at her and not understand if she told her; that was nice to see. I also really liked the scene where Richard came to Jo, and she was worried he was angry with her and would try to talk her out of it, but instead, he told her he wanted to help her, but he couldn't do that if he was in the dark.

Giving Up Surgery - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 11

On the other hand, I'm still not sold on Jo switching to OBGYN because I don't think they've done enough to set up this storyline. They're 3/4 of the way through the season, and all Jo has done is talk about it, but she hasn't done anything to make it happen.

We got more set up for her switching to Urology and being mentored by Catherine in one episode than we've had all season with Jo wanting to switch to OBGYN.

Meaghan: Her being nervous to tell Meredith is understandable. Mer has been a mentor to her and has put a lot of effort into helping Jo become the general surgeon she is today. But Mer has been there before.

She was always going to understand where Jo was coming from. Personally, I just don't care enough about Jo changing specialties.

As Jasmin said, she has been doing a whole lot of talking and not a lot of doing. Also, even though her reasoning makes sense, I personally think before she makes the jump, she should shadow in OB for a little while to figure out if she really wants to do it. She delivered one healthy baby. That is not a great snapshot of what a day in the life of the specialty is.

Bickering Couple - tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 11

Jasmine: I agree with you both. The setup is all talk and little action. But yeah, I don't care enough to have any strong opinions beyond that.

Let's talk Amelink! Where do you stand on the pair getting married? Do you appreciate the series still addressing Amelia's addiction?

Jasmin: I really loved their scenes this episode. They were great! They were emotional and sexy and fun and silly and heartbreaking all at once.

I'd like to see them get married, but not because his Mom keeps pushing it or because they find out that Maggie and Winston are engaged, but because they feel it's right for them.

Link: What if we just do a check-in every few weeks, no judgment to make sure we're still good with our decision.
Amelia: Are we super broken or are we super evolved.
Link: Oh, definitely evolved.

Link is at that place, but Amelia isn't, and I don't want to see her jump into something because of outside pressure. She's done that before, and it always ends badly.

I really appreciate that the series is actively addressing Amelia's addiction and what it's like to live with that.

Amelia and Link don't have a lot of story options available to them because of Meredith's COVID storyline this season, so I like that they are taking the opportunity to explore that more.

I liked the comparison to her relationship with Owen where Link said I love you, and I want to marry you, but I'm not Owen, so I'm not here for the drama, and if us getting married could cause you to relapse, then we should wait.

Plate of Doughnuts - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 2

Meaghan: Oh my God; I would have watched a whole episode based around this day in their lives. The openness and honesty between the two of them was beautiful to watch.

They have become one of my top five couples of the entire series. Link is the exact type of man that Amelia has needed in her life. He understands her and accepts her in all her messiness.

I'm also ecstatic that they aren't jumping into marriage. While yes, they have a baby, they are still only a year or so into their relationship. They are still getting to know each other.

I have no doubt that they will be in it for the long haul, but by waiting, their relationship will be much healthier.

Also, shout out to Link's parents for being willing to take on ALLLLLLLL of those children to make their day possible.

Link Smiles - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 2

Jasmine: LOL. Link's parents are lowkey the MVPs for taking all of those kids out for the day. It's the found/blended family goodness I live for, and they delivered.

I echo everything you both said. Amelia and Link are easily one of the best parts of the season. I, too, could've watched an entire episode of just them talking and having a good time.

I love that they touched on Amelia's addiction and how honest and raw that discussion was, and goodness, she's come such a long way. They'll get married when they're both ready, but what they have now, it's working for them.

I'm in love with their love.

Is there anything else you'd love to mention?

Jasmin: I loved seeing Tom back in action! His lines in the trauma room were great. Bailey had some great scenes in this episode as well.

I got the impression that Maggie hasn't told anyone about her engagement yet as no one commented on it, so I'm interested to see when that will come out and people's reactions to it.

They're focusing more on the characters I really like or find interesting in the second half of the season, so I'm really enjoying that.

Hayes Deep In Thought  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 11

Meaghan: I hadn't even realized until reading your answer Jasmin, that Maggie didn't tell anyone about the engagement.

I get the feeling that she is waiting for Mer to wake up so she can be the first person that she tells, similar to Cristina with Mer's drowning.

This episode continued to be a vast improvement from the first half of the season, and I really hope they continue down this road.

Jasmine: Yeah, now that you mention it, Maggie not sharing the engagement is odd. I was struggling to get through most of the episodes this season, so I'm glad they're back to giving us more of this type of content.

Maggie Getting Her Groove Back  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 11

Bailey was hilarious when she was getting under Owen's skin with all of her comments. I love when they put her sense of humor on display.

Also, I'm in love with Link. I've enjoyed Chris Carmack in things before, but I want an Atticus Lincoln in my life.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Jasmin: I had many! I loved the moment where Meredith woke up, and Richard said, "Hey there, sleepyhead," and Meredith said, "I'm glad I chose you."

Richard: Hey, sleepyhead.
Mer: I'm sorry.
Richard: For what?
Mer: You had to put me on a vent. You had to make that call.
Richard: I'd do it again if I had to.
Mer: I'm glad I chose you. We need to talk about Wilson.

Then Meredith said she was sorry he had to put her on a ventilator because she knows how hard that must have been for him, and he said he'd do it again.

I love their father-daughter relationship, and that scene warmed my heart.

Other moments I enjoyed were when Maggie said it was time to let the patient go, and Hayes looked at her and said, "aren't you some kind of genius or something? Figure it out." I also really liked Teddy's line about the tea. That's a meme waiting to happen.

Meaghan: Every scene between Amelia and Link. Their relationship has been so compelling to watch develop, and I would be fully on board with a spin-off centered around them if they wanted to end the series.

A lot of people panic on their wedding day. I know I did. Dr. Hunt knows.


Jasmine: I am not mad at a potential Amelia and Link spin-off with some Maggie thrown in, Meaghan. I don't hate it! You know, there was a lot of humor sprinkled throughout the hour, and I enjoyed all of that.

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics! Do you agree with us? Do you disagree? Sound off below!

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