SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Rearview Mirror

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Bravo is kind of a mess right now, aren't they?

Except in the field, as they proved once again on SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12.

Jason learned an unpleasant lesson about himself when he looked up a former teammate with whom he had lost touch.

Jason Reevaluates -- Tall - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12

It wasn't hard to believe that an ex-teammate had drifted away from Jason. He's really a here-and-now kind of guy, not one to wallow in sentimentality.

Or, as both Theo and Davis pointed out, Jason is all about "the mission." 

Jason had a hard enough time keeping track of what his own family was up to during his pitstops between assignments.

Keeping up with the family was Alana's job. It's a good thing that his kids were older when Alana was killed on SEAL Team Season 2 Episode 2. That way, Emily could largely take over Alana's role, and Jason could keep doing what he'd been doing.

Second Thoughts - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12

No one had ever mistaken Jason for a caregiver. But what made him an indifferent father and husband made him a great team leader. He was focused on the mission and never distracted by the home front.

Yet Jason genuinely seemed shocked when Theo explained that Jason's men accepted that he was never interested in their personal drama. His military tunnel vision didn't allow for that.

Theo dealt with rebuilding his new life outside of Bravo without Jason, and he made clear that he certainly didn't need Jason trying to make up for lost time now.

It would have been easy to brush off Theo's remarks as sour grapes if they hadn't been echoed soon thereafter by Davis, who wished that she hadn't become emotionally attached to Bravo and yearned to be more detached like Jason.

Tenuous Relationship - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12

It was laughable to Jason try to make up for years of neglect by attempting to insert himself in team members' private lives, offering such plum advice as suggesting Sonny switch his death benefits to his unborn child.

He essentially said, "Don't worry about being a good father because you're likely to die first anyway."

While on his voyage of self-discovery, he wasn't even aware that Ray's marriage was falling apart. And Ray didn't want to talk about it, especially to Jason, because, well, what words of wisdom did Jason have to offer from his failed marriage?

This wasn't the episode for Jason since it was all about feelings. That's really Clay's role: emotional intermediary. Want to guess which of Bravo Team is most equipped to make the transition to civilian life?

Home Troubles - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12

The situation with Ray and Naima is most disturbing because they were always the perfect couple and family among Bravo.

But it's totally understandable. Ray hasn't been right since he was rescued from captivity. Maybe the Bravo motto of "Ignore and override" isn't the best solution for someone in Ray's position.

Ray seems to think he's cured since he's told enough people what they wanted to hear. But obviously not if the sound of a power drill drives him into a rage.

As Naima said, those who declared Ray fit to operate don't have to live with him. She's at the end of her rope if she's planning an escape for herself and their kids.

Sighting In - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12

The fact that he's resorted to living in his cage ought to clue in Ray that he needs help. Instead, he's boxing everybody out.

He's only operational when he's in the field. Who does that sound like?

The Perrys' problems filtered back to Clay and Stella's apartment.

Stella only gave her relationship with Clay another chance after watching Ray and Naima enjoy normal family life.

Sending Team on Mission - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12

Stella already spends too much time in her own head. How long before she again questions if her relationship with Clay can survive Bravo?

Clay has been a rock for Jason during his trial and for Ray and Sonny in this episode. How long before his biggest problem is at home?

Poor Sonny. He's a big talker on the field and in a bar. But he's wracked with doubt about things that really matter, such as being in a relationship or being a father to his unborn child.

Clay was right that Sonny can be more than a knuckle-dragger if he could only believe in himself. He was ready to change to be with Davis. Now he's going to have to step up to be a good father to his daughter.

Personal Changes - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12

He took the first tentative steps with Hannah. Now that Davis is out of the picture, maybe he, Hannah, and their child can be a family. Nothing is holding her in Texas.

Up in the air is how long Davis will remain with Bravo. It was a great gesture for Lindell to offer up such a plum opportunity to Davis, who got caught up in Jason's mess.

With Mina popping up again this episode and Davis being reunited with her old acquaintance Alex, maybe there will be a trade in the works, with Mina coming to take over Davis's role with Bravo. How else can all those developments surrounding Davis be explained?

Soto appeared again in the field, and Jason wasn't totally insubordinate. That's progress, I guess.

Torn in Two - SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12

To follow Bravo's problems, watch SEAL Team online.

Is there hope for a kindler, gentler Jason?

Can Ray save his family?

Are Clay and Sonny facing more bumps?

Comment below.

Rearview Mirror Review

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Theo: Ignore and override?
Jason: Ignore and override.

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