Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14 Review: A Red Pill, A Blue Pill

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Of COURSE, Will is going to help Natalie get pills illegally.

On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14, it looked like the beginning of the end for her scheme to steal the experimental drugs for her mom, but then Will had to bend the rules again.

In six years, he has learned nothing, and the consequences could be disastrous.

Natalie  EWorries / Tall - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14

Will has never been above throwing the rules out the window if he thinks that's what's best for his patient, so this was no surprise.

It's frustrating, though. This kind of behavior could not only blow up in his and Natalie's faces but could derail the entire drug approval process.

Veroni had impressed upon him five minutes before he made this decision that any adverse effects need to be reported ASAP, and Will's already in hot water with her because he unblinded a patient and nearly messed up the trial once already.

So this might be a good time to be extra cautious, not throw caution to the wind.

Will's Suspicions - Chicago Mefd - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14

For now, Carol seems to be doing great, but what's going to happen if Will can't get her more pills?

The trial is closed, and those pills were supposed to be sent back to the manufacturer. So it's unlikely Will can get any more for her, and Veroni is likely to get suspicious of him if he tries, especially considering that Natalie aroused his suspicions with similar behavior.

And Will knows the risks, too, or at least he did until he got so excited about the drug appearing to work that he decided it didn't matter.

This is an untested clinical trial drug and you're giving it to her without supervision. We don't know how it interacts with an LVAD. You could kill her! You need to come clean now.


The scene where he confronted Natalie was one of the most powerful, not just because Natalie's secret was FINALLY out but because he told her exactly what she was risking.

Natalie In Trouble - Chicago Med  Season 6 Episode 14

Now that we know that Torrey Devitto is leaving Chicago Med, there's little doubt as to how this story is going to end, at least for Natalie.

She'll probably either be arrested or be forced to resign when this all comes out, leaving behind a devastated Marcel.

But what will happen to Will? As far as we know, he's staying, so he'll have to survive this somehow. Yet it would be nice if he suffered some consequences for his sixth straight year of ignoring the rules when it suits him.

Speaking of people breaking the rules, could this also be the beginning of an exit for Dean?

New Students - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14

I certainly hope so. That guy has been nothing but trouble, and if it weren't for his long-standing friendship with Choi, he would have been gone a long time ago.

He breaks the rules as he sees fit and causes trouble for other doctors to get back at them for not going along with his plans.

He reported Natalie and Marcel's relationship to Choi just to get back at Natalie, he messes with April every chance he gets, and now he gave a patient too much morphine to undermine Dr. Charles after failing to get Choi to help force the psychiatrist into submission!

Plus, he doesn't take mental health seriously, either his own or his patients'.

Starting Her Internship - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14

There are no redeeming qualities to this guy, and someday he's going to kill a patient in his quest to be the supreme authority in the hospital.

This is the second time he's put a patient's wellbeing at risk as part of a power play. Giving Neal that much morphine was dangerous, as was delaying giving April assistance when a patient needed it on Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13.

And Neal was a wreck psychologically afterward. There's no telling what he might do in his precarious state.

Yes, his appendicitis needed to be treated, but Charles was making headway before Dean interfered, and now this patient is at risk for suicide or God knows what else.

Keeping a Close Eye - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14

Charles and April have already brought their concerns to Choi, but at this point, it may be worth going to Sharon with, as something needs to be done to get Dean under control.

Elsewhere, Maggie and Vanessa's first day together was as much of a disaster as I thought it would be.

It's a shame because Vanessa genuinely liked Maggie and had a connection with her until Maggie started stalking her and giving her bad advice.

To be fair, the fallout is partially Vanessa's fault as well. She knew that doing an extra procedure herself instead of consulting Choi right away was a bad idea but went along with Maggie's suggestion anyway.

The Daughter She Never Knew - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14

However, Maggie was the one with more experience at the hospital, so it's understandable that Vanessa trusted her and put her opinion over the voice in her head suggesting she not do this.

And Choi was unnecessarily harsh. Vanessa's behavior wasn't any more reckless than anything April has done when she's supposed to be a nurse and not a doctor.

Sharon: I should have known. Vanessa is your daughter, isn't she? Does she know?
Maggie: Knows. And I'm not going to tell her.
Sharon: Maggie. What if these three weeks turn into something more permanent?
Maggie: I can handle it. It's not a problem.
Sharon: Oh Maggie. It already is.

That said, this was a disaster waiting to happen, and Maggie will probably push way too hard to fix it and make it worse.

Brand New Interns - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14

Vanessa's feelings toward Maggie did somewhat turn on a dime.

Maggie was her favorite person until this whole mess happened, and now she wants nothing to do with her.

It's possible that if Maggie would just leave her alone, she'd calm down, but Maggie probably won't do that.

I also wondered if Vanessa had an inkling that Maggie was her mother, or maybe already knows, and was waiting for her to say something first.

If there was one weakness in the hour, it was that Marcel's storyline was more or less a sideline rather than a fully developed drama.

This is a guy whose loss of his young daughter has defined his life for years, yet he wasn't allowed any big reaction to having to save an infant who had been shot.

Not only was there no dramatic fallout from this for him, but there was no explanation of why father and baby had gotten shot in the first place to give Marcel an ethical dilemma to sink his teeth into.

It was a non-story. A plot and nothing else. And that was disappointing because it could have been so much more.

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A Red Pill, A Blue Pill Review

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Neal: There's nothing you can do.
Dean: Nothing we can do? Okay.
Neal: Yeah, nothing, because...
Dean: Because? Level with me, Neal. I can take it.
Neal: None of this is real. It's all a computer simulation.

Welcome and congratulations. You've all done well enough to get this far. But Med only accepts one med student per year from this audition. No pressure.