Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 5-17-21: Lani Learns Some Secrets

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Lani's going to have quite a week!

After Chanel manipulated her into allowing her to stay with her and Eli, it was inevitable that there would be fireworks, but Lani probably doesn't expect what's coming.

According to spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-17-21, Chanel will confide in Lani about her same-sex attraction to Allie... just before Eli informs Lani that Kristen is again on the loose!

Spoilers For the Week of 5-17-21 - Days of Our Lives

For months there have been subtle sexual overtones to Lani's friendship with Kristen, and some of her behavior makes more sense if she's attracted to her.

So could Chanel's revelation get Lani thinking about her own feelings?

Kristen is dangerous right now. She's kidnapped Sami, Lucas, and Chloe and has plans to kill at least two of them to ensure she doesn't get caught.

So Lani pursuing her as a cop would be just as risky to her health as pursuing her romantically!

The Kristen stuff has gone way over the top, too, and clips from the spoiler video suggest that it's going to get even crazier.

Among other things, Sami is going to fall off Lucas' shoulders while trying to punch a hole in the ceiling.

I could do without these goofy antics, but more Lucas/Sami is always a good thing.

Not into all this Kristen craziness? Don't worry; there are a ton more Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 5-17-21 below. Scroll on!

Rushing Kate To The Hospital - Days of Our Lives

Jake and Gabi rush Kate to the hospital.

They should have done that right away, but better late than never.

Will Jake's feelings for Kate come to the surface again now that her life is in danger, or will he insist he is only there as a friend?

Let's hope that Gabi doesn't try to eliminate her rival permanently just in case Jake's still lying to himself about his feelings.

Chanel Confides In Lani - Days of Our Lives

Chanel confides in Lani about her surprising kiss.

As discussed above, I hope this leads to Lani exploring her own sexual orientation.

That could be a moving story if written properly, despite the less than stellar beginning to this whole thing.

And maybe Chanel will settle down and stop acting out if she doesn't have to hide her sexuality anymore, too.

Lani Learns Kristen Is On the Loose - Days of Our Lives

Eli informs Lani that Kristen is on the loose.

Lani's going to have to make some decisions.

Whether she has romantic feelings for Kristen or just a deep loyalty to her friend, Kristen is unhinged and has kidnapped five people!

Lani may be tempted to help Kristen escape again, but Eli's certainly not going to appreciate it if Lani is on the wrong side of this a second time, so her marriage could be at stake.

Nicole Shares Her Secret - Days of Our Lives

Nicole shares her secret with Ava.

I don't get why this has to be a secret. Besides Sami, no one is eager to call Eric in Africa and tell him that Nicole cheated on him.

(And if they did, it might actually get him to come home!)

There were zero reasons for Nicole not to tell her good, non-judgmental friend Rafe, but at least she's telling someone, though it's anyone's guess what Ava will do with this information.

Trying to Make a Deal - Days of Our Lives

Sami and Lucas attempt to strike a deal with their would-be assassin.

According to spoilers, Kristen will hire Xander to kill Sami and Lucas, but Sami will offer Xander more money.

It's disappointing that the loss of Sarah has sent Xander down this unnecessarily dark and destructive path, but chances are Sami can outmaneuver Kristen here.

Too bad she wasn't this strong when Kristen was blackmailing her in the first place.

Chloe Is Missing - Days of Our Lives

Marlena and Brady worry about a missing Chloe.

At least it won't take a million years for anyone to realize Chloe is in trouble.

But has anyone thought to inform Belle that her brother is in the hospital yet?

In any case, let's hope Chloe is found quickly and that it doesn't lead to a Sami/Lucas/Chloe triangle on top of Chloe suddenly having feelings for Brady!

Kristen Pleads With Lani - Days of Our Lives

Kristen pleads with Lani to turn a blind eye.

The only question mark here is whether Lani will listen to her.

Lani seems to be easily manipulatable, as her encounters with Chanel have proven, and doubly so when it comes to Kristen.

She'll have to be careful if she does plan to bring Kristen in, too, because her former friend has an endless supply of sedatives and is kidnapping and impersonating one person after another.

Ben Confides In Claire - Days of Our Lives

Ben confides in Claire when he gets upsetting news from Ciara.

Spoilers say that Ciara will send divorce papers from South Africa.

This is hardly surprising. After all, Ciara went to South Africa because she wanted to be as far away from Ben as possible.

Further spoilers suggest that Ben and Claire will share a kiss after this and then regret it because we haven't seen that a million times in the last couple of weeks.

Trapping a Killer - Days of Our Lives

Shawn comes up with a scheme to entrap Jan.

Shawn will probably pretend to believe that Belle is guilty and that he is into Jan now.

At least, in this case, there's no risk he'll fall for Jan for real, as so often happens with these fake relationship stories.

But this will probably send Jan's obsession into overdrive and end up being extremely dangerous for everyone.

An Emotional Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

Chad and Abigail have an emotional goodbye.

Abigail is going to leave Chad and Salem.

This is probably temporary -- Marci Miller (Abigail) recently had a baby in real life, so she probably went on maternity leave shortly after these scenes were filmed.

But in any case, I'm not sorry to lose her for a while. Abigail has been intolerable recently, and I'm looking forward to a break from her continual tantrums.

Dr. Snyder Blackmails Gwen - Days of Our Lives

Dr. Snyder blackmails Gwen.

We can add poor hiring practices to the problems at the hospital since Snyder is the third hospital employee and the second doctor in recent years to turn out to be a bad guy.

Hopefully, he'll eventually be exposed and removed from the Chief Resident position so he can stop harassing Tripp.

In the meantime, I'm curious as to whether he will be blackmailing Gwen about knowing her baby died earlier than she claimed or something else.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! Which of these spoilers are you most looking forward to? What are you dreading?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know!

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