Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1 Review: That Unfortunate Dinner

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The world has changed a lot since Dynasty was last on the air, but if there's one constant on TV, it's the heightened level of drama these characters bring to the table.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1 was a refreshing outing that changed the trajectory of many relationships and rivalries and revealed that one character will be dead several months from now.

We know Fallon shows emotion rarely, and the show already baited us with a faux death for Liam, so for this death to hit her, it has to be someone close to home.

Unsolicited Advice - Dynasty

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Steven has been MIA ever since Adam put him into a wicked facility on Dynasty Season 3. With the initial episodes of Dynasty Season 4 being holdovers from last season, we need to check back in on that plot.

With the number of characters the series employs, I no longer believe that Steven fits into the narrative, so it's likely he could return ... only to be killed when Fallon least expects it.

The other possibility is Alexis or Blake, but the chance of either dying and staying dead is pretty slim. It's also possible that Blake's bad deal that put his assets up for grabs will come back to haunt him, with him possibly trying to cash out a life insurance policy.

Blake on the Phone - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

You can't rule anything out on Dynasty, but it's hard to decipher what Alexis and Jeff are truly up to here. Do they want control of the mansion, or merely want to get back at Blake for all of his misdoings over the years?

Blake's a truly horrible man who doesn't practice what he preaches, but he'll scheme his way to the top spot if he realizes people are trying to swindle him.

Blake and Dominique may be on opposing forces now, but something tells me they will work together when they realize they could lose the house.

Dominique is desperate to break free of the shackles of the past, and getting her name back out there with positive press could increase her future career prospects.

A New Scheme - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

That being said, turning to Fallon under the guise of them being a family for handouts is, quite frankly, laughable. Fallon is the least gullible character on TV, and she could see right through what Dom was trying to achieve.

Truth be told, the rehearsal dinner was a disaster. It hasn't been a smooth journey for Fallon and Liam to the altar, and if they thought it was going to get better, they should probably take a look at who they choose to keep in their social circle.

Fallon wants to have this beautiful wedding, but she's scared at the prospect of the event imploding due to bad omens from previous relationships. The positive is that it's giving Elizabeth Gillies a huge platform to show off her impressive acting range.

Seriously, I would pay to have Fallon hurl insults at me. The one-liners are witty as hell.

Dominique Returns - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

Evan being the conspirator was hardly surprising, but he's one character that should have been left in the past. He's a one-dimensional villain who brings little to the show.

Alexis, Jeff, Laura, and Adam are far more convincing villains, so the sooner Evan gets the boot, the better.

Fallon and Liam deserve a drama-free wedding, but they won't get it if they allow their families to bring their respective drama to the big day.

The weakest part of the premiere was the drama between Cristal and Blake. Danielle Alonso is officially the longest-serving Cristal, making it to a second season. That's a big achievement, but the writers need to give her more exciting material to work with.

Cristal's Plan - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

Her tryst with the priest was always going to cause a rift between her and Blake, but the spark is gone from the marriage, and it hasn't been there for some time.

I'm all for the campy drama surrounding how Blake and Cristal will piss each other off, but there needs to be an actual progression for us to care.

Blake bitching about Cristal and the priest while he defended himself for having sex with Laura was peak Blake Carrington. One rule for thee and not for me springs to mind here.

The show needs to put Blake and Cristal out of their misery and have them live apart for good because there are far more pressing storylines to care about.

Fallon's Big Plan - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

Adams's paranoia as Anders searched for answers in his past was a nice change of pace because Adam has had far too much power throughout his short stint on the show.

His lies need to unravel, and he needs to face up to his sins. Why am I not surprised that Kirby didn't really give a crap about all the horrible things he's done?

Much like the others on the show, Kirby is vying for power, and despite genuine development for her character on Dynasty Season 3, it looks like the good will be thrown out the window to keep her with Adam.

"The Unfortunate Dinner" featured a lot for a season premiere, but given that it was trying to set up the conflict for the season ahead, it makes sense.

Liam Talks to Fallon - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

Hopefully, Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2 dials back the number of plots to give us some progression for all involved.

What's your read on Sam's husband? Do you think he's trying to get a nice chunk of change, or is there a genuine bond there?

Who do you think is in the coffin? What do you think Alexis and Jeff are up to?

Are you over Blake and Cristal at this stage?

Hit the comments.

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That Unfortunate Dinner Review

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