Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 Review: What to Expect When You're Expecting the Apocalypse

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After a slow start to the final few episodes of Charmed (2018) Season 3, the origins of the Whispering Evil came to light on Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16. And, as we predicted, the Tomb of Chaos was at the center of it all.

But the Charmed Ones had to figure out exactly who the Whispering Evil infected first before they could take it down.

Apocalypse - Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 - Charmed (2018)

The mystery at the center of the hour revolved around identifying the person that the ancient creature from the Tomb of Chaos had possessed because they had attacked the employees at SafeSpace.

The question of whodunit arose suspense and thrill, a couple of things that have been missing from the previous episodes. It kept us on the edge of our seats, and just like that, it piqued our interest in this storyline.

The Tomb has been a major focal point this season, so it's fitting that the final villain is a monster who escaped from the prison.

Mel: It's just, I hate the idea of the two of you saving the world without me.
Maggie: Hey, we're all doing our part. Yours just happens to include stretchy waistbands and Lamaze classes.

When the Perfecti were defeated on Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 14, we were a bit disappointed because it seemed like that storyline was over before it really got the chance to begin.

And then the sisters were suddenly traveling to the future to track down a new threat. Thankfully, the writers have brought the Tomb full circle with the Whispering Evil and will see this story through to the very end.

Jordan - Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 - Charmed (2018)

There were a few characters the sisters suspected were the Whispering Evil. But if you have watched as much television as we have, you doubted Jordan from the moment the attack at SafeSpace happened.

He sent Maggie on a wild goose chase by planting doubt in her head about Antonio, and he was the only one who wasn't unconscious from the assault.

Maggie: Are you the Whispering Evil?
Antonio: My ex seems to think so.

It was also just way too convenient that the moment he returned to Seattle, the Whispering Evil reared its ugly head.

There was reason to doubt his guilt when he passed the truth serum test, but that was just a misdirect. In reality, the Whispering Evil is too powerful to be affected by simple magic.

Whispering Evil - Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 - Charmed (2018)

Using Jordan as a vessel for the Whispering Evil was a genius move. We never would have suspected him before this episode, but now that we think back to before he left town, it makes sense.

A good plot twist should be something that shocks its audience and make sense at the same time. And that is just what the reveal about Jordan did.

We did not bat an eye when he left town because we agreed that he deserved a break from magic.

And we never would have thought that a parasite had latched itself onto him when he escaped the Tomb.

This is just the twist that Charmed (2018) needed to propel itself into this season's final episodes. Now, the stakes are higher than ever, and we are so intrigued to find out what happens next.

Maggie and Macy - Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 - Charmed (2018)

The Charmed Ones need to figure out a way to stop the Whispering Evil from spreading like a plague while also saving their friend.

It's a delicate situation, especially since the Whispering Evil doesn't seem to be affected by the sisters' magic.

How can they stop an all-powerful ancient creature that wants to assemble an army by infecting people's minds? It is not looking good for the sisters.

"Use Allen wrench A to tighten ten-inch bolts B, c, and F." Who's Allen and why does he have a wrench named after him?


If there is one positive note Macy, Mel, and Maggie can take from "What to Expect When You're Expecting the Apocalypse," it's that they finally cured their magical allergy.

Bun in the Oven - Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 - Charmed (2018)

Thanks to Mel's baby and her fetal cells, Macy created a potion that allows the sisters to get within six feet of other magical creatures again.

It felt like the Charmed Ones have always had this allergy, but the time finally came for them to rid themselves of it.

The science behind the cure still escapes our minds. How could Mel's baby from the future conveniently provide them with a solution to their problem?

It doesn't make much sense, and, as a result, the allergy finally being cured was anticlimactic.

In any case, the sisters can finally hug one another and hold hands to perform spells. And, as an added benefit, Macy and Harry can be close to one another again.

Connection - Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 - Charmed (2018)

With Jordan's return, Maggie was forced to face her feelings for both him and Antonio.

It's obvious that Antonio is crushing hard on Maggie, but she is still hung up on Jordan. So, before anything can ever happen between Maggie and Antonio, she has to finally have that talk with Jordan.

I know what it feels like to fear a dark part of yourself, Harry. But it's only one part of you. No matter what happens, at the end of this journey, I'll be right by your side.


It's going to be hard to do that now that he is being possessed by an ancient creature who was deemed too chaotic for this world, but, hopefully, they find some time before the season ends.

Maggie deserves happiness after all that she has been through in regards to her love life. Whether that's with Jordan or with Antonio, though, remains to be seen.

Kick - Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 - Charmed (2018)

While the rest of the characters were trying to figure out who the Whispering Evil was, Mel dealt with her insecurities about motherhood. And it didn't help that a pair of Jameson sisters showed up on her doorstep asking for shelter from a demon.

The story revolving around Abigael and Waverly has been brewing for some time now, and it's nice to see them finally resolve their issues and come together to stop their mother.

Francesca is a truly horrible mother, which was further proven by her hiring a demon to kill her granddaughter.

Mel: It's just...I'm a fighter. I'm not a mother. I slay. I don't swaddle. I wasn't built for this, and I can't help but feel like I'm gonna...I'm gonna let this baby down.
Abigael: Mel, look at me. I know bad moms, okay? I had one of the all-time worst. And you, you have far too much love in your heart to ever be a bad mom.

This conflict nicely tied in with Mel's worries about whether or not she would be a good mother.

It was heartwarming to see Abigael comforting Mel the best she could, but it also, yet again, made us suspect that the writers might be planting the seed for a Mel and Abigael romance to bloom in the future.

A New Leaf - Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 - Charmed (2018)

What did you think, Charmed Fanatics?

Were you shocked that Jordan turned out to be the Whispering Evil? How will they defeat him? Are you rooting for Maggie to be with Jordan or Antonio? When will Harry finally become a full-fledged mortal? Should Mel be with Abigael?

And how amazing was it to see Mel use her freezing time powers again?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Charmed (2018) online right here via TV Fanatic!

Charmed (2018) airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

What to Expect When You're Expecting the Apocalypse Review

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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

"Use Allen wrench A to tighten ten-inch bolts B, c, and F." Who's Allen and why does he have a wrench named after him?


Mel: It's just, I hate the idea of the two of you saving the world without me.
Maggie: Hey, we're all doing our part. Yours just happens to include stretchy waistbands and Lamaze classes.