EVIL Season 2 Episode 1 Review: N is for Night Terrors

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They're back!!

David, Kristen, and Ben return on EVIL Season 2 Episode 1, and they've got Leland in two.

David is struggling with his visions, Kristen is a murderess who might be possessed, and Ben is suffering from night terrors related to their work. Oh, and Leland? Still annoying!

Leland Pleads His Case - EVIL

Let's start with Kristen and her family because oh, my God. After her crazy journey on the Evil Season 1 finale, she purposefully set about killing LeRoux.

She seems to have no remorse over it, and why would she? The man threatened her family. He's a murderer. He's a monster, possibly possessed by the devil.

Following the Trail - EVIL Season 2 Episode 1

Still, the ease with which she did the deed and how easily she's managed to carry on without a second thought are, to say the least, disturbing.

It was shocking that she told the whole truth to Kurt during a session. The way he took it with a grain of salt, it was almost as if he thought she was having a psychotic break. Still, he was unnerved at how matter-of-fact she was talking about it.

Kristen is also very frustrating (as is Ben) for how little she believes what she's experiencing. If you look at the full picture, she should be scared sh!tless.

Sure, Ben found a possible scientific reason that the cross burned her flesh (A rash, Kristen, really?), but when he provided her the proof, she seemed skeptical. Maybe, just maybe, she's beginning to realize there's something to the supernatural and God and the devil's influence.

Lexie's Got a Problem - EVIL Season 2 Episode 1

She also had a baby through the RSM Fertility Clinic. Assumedly, that child was Lexie with her vampire teeth growing in and the way she took after her mother at the dentist's office, biting off the dentist's finger.

That was another extreme event that didn't even appear to rattle Kristen. She had to play it cool for Lexie, but it was more than that. She didn't even mention it again.

Ben knows something is up with her. Not only did he see the blood on her leg after the murder, but he's a good read on people, and Kristen is acting off.

Unfortunately, the timing of his night terrors means that he's a little off focus himself. And if I'm not mistaken, he's being visited by the female version of Kristen's bedtime visitor.

Night Terrors - EVIL Season 2 Episode 1

They really need to swap notes, but if they do, they could find their best weapon -- their skepticism -- crumbling between them. Sometimes, you need to believe something more than you actually believe it.

In this case, it always feels like Kristen and Ben are teetering on the edge of buying into what they're investigating. They're so eager to prove what their experiencing is bunk whether by science or common sense, but it seems like they'll have to acknowledge there might not be an explanation for all of it.

And then there's poor David, still struggling to recapture his visions. Hurting himself to find the door gives me pause. Why would pain be the doorway to God?

When the team took the fertility stuff to Bishop Marx, he set them up with a good man, a parishioner who is giving the church a lot of money. Of course, it was Leland.

Leland is Back - EVIL Season 2 Episode 1

If Kristen and Ben represent supernatural skeptics, then Leland doesn't seem to believe in the power of exorcism.

From his discussion with Kristen, he's doing it so that he can pull David into his web. David is an important part of his game plan, and he's going to try to make the next two months, as David heads toward taking his vows, miserable for the priest-in-training.

Leland seems pretty happy with how things went with Kristen. Does he know that she killed LeRoux? He got to her through her her children and her mother. David should be harder to reach, but his belief might make it the opposite.

Especially since he's struggling for visions and has only two months left to be tempted. It will be interesting to see what obstacles are tossed into his path to try to throw him off course.

David Takes a Call - EVIL Season 2 Episode 1

Leland remains a super odd duck. There are so many coincidences surrounding him, but it's impossible not to see him as the giant dork that he was.

Leland: Well, of course, I lied! I'm possessed! Did you really think that the spawn of the devil would be honest with you-hu-hu-hu [he chuckles]?
David: Well, we believe the spawn of the devil would at least offer some evidence that he was, in fact, the spawn of the devil.

Lying to them about his past doesn't ingratiate him to their exorcism services, but if he told the truth about how he fell into line under the devil, they'd find that youthful version of him so worthless that it would be hard to take him seriously.

Still, it's not exactly the power of positive thinking that makes so many things occur that are helpful to his cause. He may not have murdered his bus driver as a kid, but his influence could have put his ex into a coma.

And yes, he had a tattoo kit hidden in a crucifix, but how the heck did he tattoo the back of his own ear? Even if he did, other things still sound an alarm.

One of them is how he seems to be able to see Ben while Ben is surveilling him. Again, it could just be that Leland thinks everyone is watching him through the camera at all times and acts accordingly. But following Ben's moving head was a head-scratcher all its own.

Ben on the Hunt - EVIL Season 2 Episode 1

All in all, Leland has earned his exorcism. It's amazing what money will do.

"N is for Night Terrors" is a pretty good reintroduction to the story, but if you jumped in cold as I did, then you might have been a little lost at first.

I had forgotten that Kristen murdered LeRoux. Once I saw the evidence, it came flooding back, but I wish I had taken the time to rewatch Evil Season 1, especially the finale.

What did you think of the premiere? Are you going to continue tuning in for the rest of the story?

N is for Night Terrors Review

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We cannot fall for a word that comes out of that fucker's mouth.


Marx: This came to us directly from the Cardinal. He has a new parishioner, a good man. He's been giving generously to the church, and he finally confessed why. In his youth, he allowed himself to become possessed.
Ben: Allowed himself?
Marx: Diabolical subjugation. He voluntarily submitted.
Ben: Pfft. To the devil?
David: In exchange for...